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By Carly June Haase a senior majoring in history and medieval and early modern studiesIt’s a beautiful Wednesday evening during spring quarter. For the most part, the hallways of the Chemistry Building are fairly empty. One exception lies in room 179. The “classroom” for tonight transcends the boundaries of the chemistry building and that of a “traditional” classroom. Tonight, Chemistry 130B (Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2) is hosting an international event with guest lecturer and UC Davis alumnus Dr. Sundeep Dugar (Ph.D., Chemistry, ’84). The lecture is held in structured around guest lecturers in the conjunction with Quarter Abroad students pharmaceutical and business industries to how they can use their degrees in the “real the popular anti-cholesterol drugs ZETIA® as professors, don’t,” says Sheila David, Plough, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Scios, and Johnson and Johnson). He has also played lecturers from the industry come in, they an integral role in the creation and future give students a different perspective that of the pharmaceutical chemistry major at isn’t rooted so much in scientific theory. We’re especially lucky to have a lecturer Originally the brainchild of Professor of like Dr. Dugar, who gives so much back to series is a product of the combined efforts trickling in as time gets closer to 6pm. A large white screen hangs at the base of hG professors Dean Tantillo, Sheila David, the lecture hall; a technician fiddles with
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upcoming conference call. David welcomes “Dugar’s first-hand experience with Dean Winston Ko and a delegate of exposure to the pharmaceutical industry is here to attend a collaboration meeting the invaluable information for our students,” said David in response to Dugar’s lecture. “Whether or not they decide to work in a pharmaceutical company, they’ll need viewers a live feed of UC Davis students this experience as doctors or pharmacists interacting with pharmaceutical companies associate professor of chemistry. All eagerly or in other pharmaceutical-related jobs assembled for Dugar’s lecture. Turning to the delegation of students and scholars, David introduces Dugar and greets the students watching from Taiwan. Dugar smiles as he is introduced, acknowledging in Taiwan is certainly a special component the applause only briefly. Eager to move of our department,” says David. “There into his purpose for being with the class are sixteen students that went to Taiwan that evening, he launches into a discussion this quarter. I think it makes the students of the practice of medicinal chemistry.
realize the global endeavors available to them in their major, all while receiving a at multiple sets of data to design new molecules for specific targets and create both student and staff in the pharmaceutical for these targets and hopefully to treat associated disease(s),” explains Dugar.
classroom tonight. Students and faculty in Taiwan and Davis span across a fifteen hour time difference to discuss chemistry, between future and present pharmaceutical chemists alter the chemical structure of molecules in specific ways to target these enzymes and create new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. He provides a description of the process of creating drugs like ZETIA® and VYTORIN®. He emphasizes the innovative capabilities and opportunities available to students hoping to enter the pharmaceutical industry.



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