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A Growing Problem
How Do You Say That in Science-speak?
As environmental pollution increases we become Toxic metals alter pro-oxidant / anti-oxidant bal- more and more vulnerable to the chronic, low-level ance, and are directly antagonistic to essential exposure to toxic metals in our air, water, food and trace elements for binding sites on transport and teeth. Teeth?!?! Yes, the person you see in the mir- storage proteins and receptors. Mercury inhibits the ror may have a killer smile! In a recent report on formation of active thyroid hormone (T3) presuma- environmental mercury (criteria 118), the World bly by binding to and “wasting” selenium which is Health Organization concluded that the single an obligatory co-factor for the iodinase enzyme. greatest source of mercury exposure for the gen- Progesterone uptake by cells is inhibited when eral population is dental amalgam, and in amounts mercury binds to an important free sulfhydryl group almost ten times that of all other dietary and envi- on the progesterone receptor. The list of symptoms of mercury toxicity alone, published by Dental Amalgam Support Groups (DAMS) includes almost Factor in the conclusion by the National Institute of Health study of 1127 military men that the major contributor to human mercury body burden was Heavy metals have always been around, and don’t dental amalgams – it gives a whole new mean-
automatically harm the body. Genetic susceptibility ing to the phrase Killer Smile!
sets a baseline, and toxic levels are reached when that baseline is exceeded and the body cannot eliminate them fast enough. It could perhaps be Who’s the Baddest Metal on the Block?
more easily understood in terms of alcoholism. Scientists have proven that trace amounts of mer- Even if one person is genetically more susceptible cury can cause nerve damage characteristics simi- to alcoholism, they still must start drinking before lar to those of Alzheimer’s Disease. Research con- they can ever become an alcoholic. And regardless ducted at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medi- of whether someone has no genetic marker for al- cine found that mercury exposure caused the for- coholism, constant drinking will eventually ruin their mation of “neurofibrillar tangles” — one of the two diagnostic markers for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Even if environmental pollution were the same eve- Boyd Haley, department of chemistry, University of rywhere (which it certainly is not) it would not im- Kentucky said, “seven of the characteristic markers pact everyone equally. Brain cells tend to absorb that we look for to distinguish Alzheimer’s disease toxic metals more readily when diets are low in cal- can be produced in normal brain tissues, or cul- cium, iron, zinc, Vitamin D and other critical nutri- tures of neurons, by the addition of extremely low ents. But it’s not as simple as taking a supplement. The deficiency can be due to gastrointestinal disor- Consider this: OSHA requires every dentist to
ders like “leaky gut” and “mal-absorption.” So toxici- place unused amalgam in a sealed container under liquid glycerin. This is required because the mercu-ry vapors from the amalgams can contaminate the 1. Environmental levels of toxic substances dental office making it an unsafe place to work. Paradoxically, the U.S. Public Health Service states, “There is no solid evidence of any harm for millions of Americans who have these fillings.” Okay, uhmm, if it’s alright to keep it in your mouth, how come it’s hazardous when it’s not? The truth is mercury is an insidious, dangerous and pervasive poison that still remains largely unregulated. Dr. Mitch Hopkins   |   Newport Beach Tennis Club   |   2601 Eastbluff Dr.  Newport Beach, CA 92660   2012 Dr. Mitch Hopkins. All rights reserved  Your toxicity is first determined by the degree of Experimental Solutions
exposure to heavy metals from a multiplicity of In the past, many healthcare providers encouraged sources. How your body deals with this toxicity a vigorous detox program, prescribing “chelating” depends on the unique mix of ingredients in your pharmaceuticals like DMPS, EDTA or DMSA. “Che- “physical package.” Limiting exposure is the sim- lating” pharmaceuticals are powerful agents that plest preventative measure, but optimizing diet and bind to the metals and are later purged from the lifestyle habits can readily support the body’s pri- body. The downside is quite drastic: when taking mary systems for protection against heavy metal these agents, if any metals are still in the mouth exposure and insuring detoxification. Our digestion, they draw the toxic metals right out of the amalgam, detoxification, and immune systems are the basis dangerously furthering the toxic load on the body. of our body’s ability to protect itself in a toxic envi- To make matters worse, these agents also chelate out many good nutrients such as calcium, magne-sium, and zinc. Help! What do I Do Next?
When you are already compromised with a disbiotic The human body was designed to detoxify itself. condition (which means you suffer an inability to Many have not succumbed to the effects of toxicity absorb nutrients well), the last thing you want is to because their bodies are able to eliminate enough exacerbate the situation. But that is exactly what heavy metals to maintain health. But the current happens. Once on this regimen you are chelating environment has pushed the envelope of what the out necessary nutrients at the same time your body human body can endure, and increases in auto- is struggling to absorb the nutrients you are feeding immune diseases have paralleled that of heavy it. For this reason, they all recommend that you first metal pollution. If you’re symptomatic, how can you remove the amalgams! Seems a bit like the cart safely detoxify heavy metals from your body? It’s a bit of a paradox. Heavy metal toxicity makes the At least the natural chelators claim not to bind with body unhealthy, but the body must be relatively good nutrients. But they still have the same prob- healthy before amalgam removal of heavy metals! lem of chelating the metals from the teeth and in- If the overwhelming majority of people who want to creasing the toxic load on the body. No surprise, have their amalgams removed are not healthy the manufacturers also recommend that the amal- enough to be candidates for safe removal, then gams should be removed first before using their Please, don’t just head down to the local dentist BEWARE: both pharmaceutical and natural chela-
and ask them to yank out your fillings! You could be tors move the toxic metals out of the body at a rate jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! If you that is “dose dependant.” Someone must assess are symptomatic, it means your body has lost the what the rate should be. If this is just someone’s strength to detoxify. The process of detoxification educated guess, an improper dose can cause you necessarily and temporarily introduces higher toxic sever reactions, resulting is what has been inaccu- levels, and you must be relatively healthy to sustain rately termed "healing crisis." However unintention- the shock. Sound like a paradox? It is, but we have al, it is more like sloppy medicine. The chelators recently made great headway in functional treat- grab the heavy metals just like they’re supposed to; ments of detoxification. The key phrase here is but the body can’t eliminate them, so the toxins are “functional treatments of detoxification”. Symptom- redistributed in the body, sometimes with drastic oriented, fractionated therapies for detoxification symptoms. To avoid this danger, even a healthy are dangerous, and must be integrated and individual should prepare their body for the stress grounded into functional and effective methodolo- gies and treatments. The stakes are very high, and because of the transitional high levels of toxins, Never forget — removal of amalgams actually in- dysfunctional treatments can do more harm than creases your toxic load — at least until your system is able to move the metals out of your body. So be Dr. Mitch Hopkins   |   Newport Beach Tennis Club   |   2601 Eastbluff Dr.  Newport Beach, CA 92660   2012 Dr. Mitch Hopkins. All rights reserved  sure your body systems which are responsible for The Right Way: Preparation!
It is far, far better to use your own, internally gener-ated, “chelators” rather than chemically induced substitutes. Every cell in your body is capable of generating chelators that bind to heavy metals for elimination. Internally generated chelators have ab-solutely no side effects, and a healthy body can eliminate heavy metals at a rate that avoids the so-called, "healing crisis". In order to “self-detoxify”, there are two systems in your body that must be healthy and fully functioning: The good news is that there is a safe, effective, all natural process for the detoxification aspect of amalgam removal. And it works for everyone. The two essential components to preparing yourself for detoxification are: 1. Specific, targeted laboratory testing to eval-
uate and establish markers for gastrointes-
tinal and immunological status.
This allows
us to identify areas of weakness and preferred
treatments, and then serve as a way to meas-
ure if appropriate improvement is being
2. Specific, targeted nutritional modifications
and supplements to bring gastrointestinal
and immunological systems into equilibri-
Nutrition and supplements allow us to “fine
tune” the gastrointestinal and immunological
systems, and additional tests show what is
working and what needs further attention.
This solution is essential to preparing you for an
easy and safe removal of your amalgams. Pearl
InfoTech, Inc.
specializes in preparation for amal-
gam removal, so please contact us for a referral to
a qualified detoxification specialist in your area, or
ask your dentist. Our network of qualified detoxifi-
cation experts is nationwide.
Dr. Mitch Hopkins   |   Newport Beach Tennis Club   |   2601 Eastbluff Dr.  Newport Beach, CA 92660   2012 Dr. Mitch Hopkins. All rights reserved 


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