Camp dreamcatcher

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your interest in the Camp Dreamcatcher Counselor-in-Training and Leader-in-
Training Programs.
Enclosed you will find the 2013 CIT/LIT application. Camp will be held from Sunday, August
to Saturday, August 24th ,2013. Camp Dreamcatcher will be held at CAMP SAGINAW,
located at 740 Saginaw Rd., Oxford, PA 19363.

In order to become a CIT/LIT, you must:
Complete the CIT/LIT application packet ENTIRELY. Participate in Camp Dreamcatcher as a full time CIT/LIT (which means you will spend the entire week at camp). Your completed CIT/LIT application packet should be returned as soon as possible, as we are accepting a limited number of CITs/LITs. Please send your application to: Attn: Chantal Whitehead
Camp Dreamcatcher
617 West South Street

or FAX to (610) 925-0403
Kennett Square, PA 19348,

When we receive your completed application, we will cal you to set up an interview.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the camp office at (610) 925-2998 or email us
. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to
make Camp Dreamcatcher a success!
Chantal Whitehead
Program Director
You are receiving this packet because you are 16 years old and you are eligible for either the CIT (Counselor in Training) or LIT (Leaders in Training) program. The CIT program has been developed for future counselors who are 16 years of age. As a CIT, you will participate in a variety of experiences, which include: HIV/AIDS & diversity education, team building exercises and the opportunity to work as a counselor. The spaces are limited and are based on your level of maturity and ability to work as a counselor in a supervised setting. The LIT program has been developed for teens, age 16, who have a desire to remain involved with Camp Dreamcatcher. As an LIT you will be involved in leadership and skill building training, as well as other workshops and recreation activities. You will also have an opportunity to practice those skills as you plan and lead an activity for the whole camp. Enclosed is the application packet. Although we have the deciding factor in the program you will be placed in, we want your opinion. Please tell us which program you feel you will excel in and why: (LIT or CIT) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ____ I would like to be placed in the LIT program. ____ I would like to be placed in the CIT program. ____ I would enjoy either program I may be placed in. Camp Dreamcatcher Application Checklist
Camp Dreamcatcher NEW LOCATION: Camp Saginaw, 740 Saginaw Rd., Oxford, PA 19363
Child’s Name: ______________________________________________ Please review this checklist prior to sending your application(s). All applications are DUE BY JUNE 7th , 2013.
Place an “X” next to those items you have included in your mailing. Include this checklist in your mailing. I have included the following: _________
_________ 2. 2013 Camper Application 2 pages
3. 2013 Camp Dreamcatcher Parent/Guardian Authorization Form 4. Physical Examination Form (to be filled out by Medical personnel ) 2 pages
5. Summary of the CIT/LIT’s current situation 2 pages
8. Camp Dreamcatcher Household Information Form 9. Participant Release of Liability Form 10. Photocopy of current health insurance card _________ 12. CIT/LIT Experience Form 2 pages
_________ 13. Photograph of camper (for camper file) _________ 14. Summer Food Service Program Application Instructions _________ 15. Summer Food Service Program Application ***If you are not including the child’s medical papers please inform us when the child is scheduled for their next physical. We cannot accept your child until ALL of their paperwork is in!!!
2013 Camp Dreamcatcher Application for CIT/LIT
Camp Dreamcatcher location: Camp Saginaw, 740 Saginaw Rd., Oxford, PA 19363
Parents/Guardians: please complete this page. Child’s Name ____________________________________ Date of Birth_________________________________ Parent/Guardian Names________________________________________________________________________ Home Address _______________________________________________________________________________ City__________________________________ State ______________ Zip Code___________________________ COUNTY__________________________ Home Phone#_____________________________________________ Cell Phone#____________________________Email address: _________________________________________ Work Address ____________________________Work Phone#________________________________________ Camper T-Shirt Size______________ (child or adult?) Circle one. Please list two emergency contacts: You must be available for emergency contact during the week of
camp! (We will use phone numbers listed above for first contact).
1. Name_________________________ Relationship_________________ Phone #’s_______________________ 2. Name_________________________ Relationship_________________ Phone #’s_______________________ Health Insurance Information (A photocopy of your current health insurance card must be attached)
Insurance Name_____________________________________ Policy Number ____________________________ Physician(s) __________________________________________Phone#________________________________ Address____________________________________________________________________________________ **Please provide a picture of the camper for our files** Health History (please write YES or NO and write date affected - make comments on lines below):
Has/does the camper:
Had a recent infectious disease: ________ Had asthma/wheezing/shortness of breath: _________ Wear glasses, contacts, or protective eyewear: _______ Had mononucleosis (“mono”) during the past 12 months: ________ If female, have problems with periods/menstruation: _______ Have ever had problems with falling asleep/sleep walking: ______ Ever had any back/joint problems: _______ Have problems with diarrhea/constipation: _______ Have any skin problems: ________ Traveled outside the county in the past 9 months: ____________________________ Does the camper have any allergies to the following:
Bee stings_____________________________________ Other insect bites________________________________ Medication Allergies______________________________ Foods_________________________________________ Environmental allergies such as Hay Fever____________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ This camper eats a:
regular diet
specific foods and has special food needs (please explain)
Does your child have problems taking medications at home? ______ Please describe ______________________ How many times per week are medications missed? _________________________________________________ How do you handle these issues at home? _________________________________________________________ Check any medications camper should NOT be given:
___ Phenylephrine Decongestant (Sudafed PE) ___ Dephenhydramine Antihistamine/Allergy Medicine (Benadryl) ___ Lice Shampoo or Cream (Nix or Elimite) ___ Pseudoephedrine Decongestant (Sudefed) ___ Guaifenesin Cough Syrup (Robitussin) ___ Dextromethorphan Cough Syrup (Robitussin DM) ___ Bismuth Subsalicylate for Diarrhea (Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol) Activity Restrictions
_______ I have reviewed the program and activities of the camp and feel the camper can participate without restrictions. _______ I have reviewed the program and activities of the camp and feel the camper can participate with the following restrictions or adaptations.
Mental, Emotional, and Social Health:

Please note YES or NO for each question, and explain if necessary:
Ever been treated for attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): _________ Ever been treated for emotional or behavioral difficulties or an eating disorder: ______________ During the past 12 months, seen a professional to address mental/emotional health concerns: _______________ 2013 Camp Dreamcatcher Authorization Form
This health history is correct and complete as far as I know. The applicant has permission to engage in all camp
activities except as noted on the camp application or by the examining medical personnel.
I give permission to the camp to provide, seek, and consent to routine health care, administration of prescribed
medications, and emergency treatment for person herein described as may be necessary, including, but not limited
to x-rays, routine tests and treatment, and/or hospitalization. I also give permission for the camp to arrange related
transportation. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, bil ing, or insurance
It is my intention that the camp be treated as acting in loco parentis if the person herein named is a minor. Further,
it is my intention that the appropriate representatives of the camp be treated as “personal representatives” for the
purposes of disclosing protected health information pursuant to the privacy regulations promulgated pursuant to
the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. I hereby agree (pursuant to 45 CFR § 164.510(b))
to the disclosure to camp representatives of the protected health information of the person herein described, as
necessary: (i) to provide relevant information to the camp representatives related to the person’s ability to
participate in camp activities; and ii) in the case of minors, to provide relevant information to the camp
representatives to keep me informed of my child’s health status.
In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the camp medical personnel
selected by the camp to secure and administer treatment including hospitalization, for the camp applicant named
I am aware that should a need for emergency room care arise from injuries requiring an x-ray or other emergent
type of medical treatment while at camp, the hospital’s emergency department will require a parental/guardian
verbal consent for treatment, unless there is a life threatening emergency, in which case medical care will be
provided automatically. I am aware that this means that I must provide Camp Dreamcatcher medical staff
accurate and up to date telephone contact information for me during the week of camp. If I plan to travel
away from my home, I will provide Camp Dreamcatcher with a phone number with which to reach me.
I understand that Camp Dreamcatcher is not responsible for lost or stolen items during the week of camp.

Print Complete Name of Applicant/Camper __________________________________________________________

(One applicant per form please)
Print Name of Parent/Guardian if applicant is less than 18 years of age ___________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian or adult camper/staff ______________________________________________________

Date of signature above ______________________

Health Screening Form to be completed by Camp Healthcare Staff Head Lice _________________ If present will be sent home ASAP ___________________________ Feet for fungus _________________________ Treatment ___________________________________ Recent illness/injury _________ ___________________ General ______________________________ Problems ________________________________________ __________________________________ Examiner’s Signature ________________________________ Date____________________________ 2013 Camp Dreamcatcher Physical Exam Form (2 pages)
For Counselors-in-Training/Leaders-in-Training
(This form must be completed by approved medical provider at least 6 months prior to camp) NO OTHER FORM WILL BE ACCEPTED
Name: ___________________________________________ DOB_____________________ Gender________
Home address______________________________________________________________________________
Custodial Parent/Guardian_______________________________ Phone________________________________
Does the child have a history of any of the following? When?
o Hepatitis A _____ Date ____________________ o Hepatitis B _____ Date ____________________ o Hepatitis C _____ Date ____________________ Please give all dates for immunizations or attach a copy of immunizations:
DTaP _________________________________________________________________________
or measles _____________________________________________________________________
Mumps ________________________________________________________________________
Rubella ________________________________________________________________________
Hib ___________________________________________________________________________
Varicella _______________________________________________________________________
Hep B _________________________________________________________________________
Pneumococcal (PCV) _____________________________________________________________
Td ( tetanus/diphtheria)boosters _____________________________________________________
Meningococcal ___________________________________________________________________
Last tuberculin screen (PPD): Date __________ Results_____________ Chest Xray_____________
Hospitalizations ___________________________________________________________________
This applicant is under the care of a physician for the following conditions: _____________________
Food/Environmental Allergies ________________________________________________________
Medication Allergies _______________________________________________________________
Most recent Hgb/Hct__________________ Date_____________________
Physical Exam for Name of Child: ___________________________________________
BP________________ Pulse ____________________HT______________ WT___________ Head/Neck __________________________________________________________________ EENT_______________________________________________________________________ Lungs_______________________________________________________________________ CV _________________________________________________________________________ Abdomen____________________________________________________________________ GU_________________________________________________________________________ Musculoskeletal_______________________________________________________________ Perivascular __________________________________________________________________ Skin_________________________________________________________________________ Neuro _______________________________________________________________________ Most recent lab values/dates: CD4 ____ viral load _____ Hgb/Hct ________ This exam was completed on _______ date by _________________
Medications to be administered at camp
: include time, dose, and route (may attach separate order)
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Medications taken routinely but not at camp ________________________________________________________________ Treatments to be continued at camp_______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any medically-prescribed meal plan or dietary restrictions______________________________________________________ Describe any limitations or restrictions on camp activities_______________________________________________________ Does child need help walking or traveling by foot for long distances?______________________________________________ _________In my opinion the above applicant is able to attend Camp Dreamcatcher.
_________In my opinion the above applicant is not able to attend Camp Dreamcatcher.
Dates of camp- Sunday, August 18th to Saturday, August 24th, 2013 Examiner’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date ______________ Signature of person completing this form ______________________________ Date ______________ Office Phone ___________________________ Address ____________________________________ Camp Dreamcatcher
Child’s Name __________________________________________________ Summary of the CIT/LIT’s current situation (2 pages)
To be filled out by Counselor-in-Training/Leader-in-Training All information provided will be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible in files at the Health Center. Camp Dreamcatcher respects each camper’s right to privacy and therefore only select staff and medical personnel will have access to these files. Since Camp Dreamcatcher is a therapeutic camp, knowing your history will help to make sure that your needs are addressed while at camp. Attach extra pages if necessary. Failure to fully complete this section wil result in the application being rejected. Have you attended a camp other than Camp Dreamcatcher in the past? Yes___ No ___ Please list: ___________________________________________________________________________ Have you experienced a death of a friend or family member? Yes___ No ___ If so please explain: ____________________________________________________________________ Do you receive any counseling? Yes ___ No ___ Please tell us about your home and school situation: ______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any other medical conditions or illnesses that you’ve experienced: ____________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you had any behavioral problems? Yes___ No ___ If yes, please explain: ___________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you been expelled from school? ____________________________________________________________ Have you ever experienced any abuse? (physical, emotional, sexual) Yes___ No___ If yes, when did the abuse occur and by whom? __________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Have there been any changes/stresses in your life (divorce, remarriage, financial problems, relocation, and/or death in the family and illness)? Yes___ No___ If yes, please explain: ______________________________ Child’s Name _____________________________________________________ Continuation of CIT/LIT’s Current Situation

As previously stated all information wil be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. Failure to fully complete
this section wil result in the application being rejected

If you do not have HIV/AIDS, who in the family lives with or has passed away from HIV/AIDS?
Have you been in the foster care system? Yes___ No___
How long have you been with this foster parent? _______________________________________________
Have you ever been involved in the juvenile justice system? Yes ___ No ___
If you are currently involved in the system, please list the charges and stage of the proceeding. If there has been a disposition of the charges, please list the terms of the disposition: _________________________________ If you have previously been in the juvenile justice system, please list the charges, disposition and show proof of successful completion: ________________________________________________________________________ If you have been supervised by any agency for behavioral issues, please provide all details. For any contact with the juvenile justice system or any similar agency please provide documentation. A release may be requested to allow Camp Dreamcatcher to have direct contact with the Court or Agency. Please list anything that you feel is important for the staff at Camp Dreamcatcher to know about yourself so we can make sure that your needs are being met: ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Experience /Behavior
Please consider the questions that describe you now or within the past six months. Please answer all items by
writing YES or NO to the following questions:
I cannot sit still ____________________________ I don’t get along with other kids _______________ I get in a lot of fights ________________ I am impulsive or act out ____________________ I am fearful or anxious ______________________ I am unhappy, sad or depressed ______________ I make friends easily _______________________ I threaten or bully others _______________ I get angry easily __________________________ I am liked by others____________________ I demand a lot of attention____________________ I participate in organized sports_________ I follow rules when playing games with others ____ I Control my temper when in conflict____________ Child’s Name__________________________________________________________ Camper Release Form

Parents / Guardians

Camp Dreamcatcher needs pictures and materials to assist with fundraising and marketing efforts. You and your child’s assistance in this matter is appreciated, however, we also understand your privacy concerns and we respect your individual decision. It is very important that you answer every question. If you have any questions, please call me at (610) 925-2998.
. Reporters, photographers, and other members of the media may
attend the Camp Dreamcatcher program in order to increase awareness about Camp Dreamcatcher and about people living
with HIV/AIDS in a way that words cannot express. My child will be included in a media piece only if I give permission below: You will be notified when pictures will be used. I grant permission for my child(ren)’s photos, interviews and/or footage to be shown in the media, including, but not limited to Yes____ No_____
I grant permission for my child to be interviewed, photographed and filmed by any member of the media at Camp Dreamcatcher programs. I understand that Camp Dreamcatcher is not responsible for the content of the media coverage and that my child will not be paid for any media work completed. This may include the Camp Dreamcatcher newsletter,
brochure, website, and local newspapers. I understand that my child will not be paid for any photographs used. I
understand that only my child’s first name and age will be used to identify him or her.
Yes ____ No_____

May your child be in pictures with campers in his/her cabin taken by counselors?
Yes _____ No _____

May a counselor keep in touch with your child by sending letters to your home for birthdays, holidays, etc?
Yes _____ No _____
May your child participate in surveys performed by medical staff or other therapists at camp? Their names will not be used. Yes _____ No _____
May your child’s photo be included in the Camp Dreamcatcher yearbook? (The yearbook will only be distributed to counselors
Yes _____ No ______

If age appropriate is your child able to participate in the Celebrate Girls Program or Keeping It Real Program. The groups
will be separated by ages 10-11 and 12-13 and by gender (boys in one group and girls in another group. It is our goal at
Camp Dreamcatcher to assist the campers in developing the skills necessary to deal with the various issues that they may face throughout the year. Some of the topics are peer pressure, self -esteem, body image, body changes and relationships. Yes ___ No ____

I grant permission to Camp Dreamcatcher to offer my child the chance to create and donate original artwork or writings to be auctioned, sold, or otherwise used at Camp Dreamcatcher fund-raising events. I hereby grant permission and consent to transfer exclusive right and ownership of such artwork to Camp Dreamcatcher. I understand that Camp Dreamcatcher will use any proceeds from the sale or use of this artwork to support its mission and that my child will not receive compensation, sales proceeds, royalties or other form of payment. Camp Dreamcatcher’s rights include the right to reproduce, copy, sell or modify the artwork in any manner it sees fit. I understand that only my child’s first name and age may be used to identify him or her. Yes______ No_______
Camper Transportation Form
Camp Dreamcatcher location: Camp Saginaw, 740 Saginaw Rd., Oxford, PA 19363

Will you be driving your child to camp?
Yes ____ No ____
Will you be picking your child up the last day of camp?
Yes_____ No____
If NO please list the name and telephone number of the person who will be picking up the child and how this
person is related to the child:
Name Telephone number Relationship to camper
Will your child be going home the same way she/he arrived to camp?
Yes ____ No ____
Please place only one checkmark next to your child’s bus transportation (only if they are taking a bus):
Will your child be riding on the bus from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia?
Yes ____ No____
Will your child be riding on the bus from St. Christopher’s? (Please contact your social worker to confirm
Yes ____ No ____
Will your child be riding on the bus from DELAWARE? (Please contact your social worker to confirm
Yes____ No ____
Will your child be riding on the bus from Johns Hopkins? (Please contact your social worker to confirm
Yes____ No____
Will your child be riding on the bus from Robert Wood Johnson? (Please contact your social worker to confirm
Yes ____ No ____

Please contact your social worker or caseworker to ask about transportation.

Parent or guardian’s signature: _____________________________________________ Date _______________
Child’s Name: __________________________________________ Camp Dreamcatcher Participant Release of Liability

In consideration of my child or children being granted permission by Camp Dreamcatcher to attend camp
August 18th to August 24th, 2013
I agree that my child, _________________________________ , may participate in Camp
Dreamcatcher activities at Camp Dreamcatcher Summer 2013 sessions as noted on his/her medical forms.
Release from Liability: I, for myself and on behalf of my child or children, release and discharge Camp
Dreamcatcher, Inc., Its staff, agents, Board of Directors, Officers, Volunteers, from all claims demands, actions and
judgments, which I or my child ever had or now has or may have against Camp Dreamcatcher for all personal
injuries, either physical or emotional, known or unknown, and injury to property, real or personal, sustained by my
child’s or children’s property during his/her negligence or any other fault.
Also, in consideration of the above-named child being granted permission by Camp Dreamcatcher, Inc., to attend
camp August 18th to August 24th, 2013., I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Camp Dreamcatcher, Inc. for any
and all claim, demand, actions and judgments whatsoever of every name and nature, both in law and equity, which
my child or children ever had or now has or may have against Camp Dreamcatcher for all personal injuries, either
physical or emotional, known or unknown, and injury to property, real or personal, sustained by my child’s or
children’s personal property during his/her attendance at Camp Dreamcatcher, including but not limited to, injury
caused by or arising from Camp Dreamcatcher’s own negligence.
HIV/AIDS Acknowledgement: My child understands that he/she is infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. I
understand that Camp Dreamcatcher is a therapeutic, disclosure HIV/AIDS camp. Campers are aware that they
have all been touched by HIV/AIDS in some way, and that this topic may be openly discussed as appropriate.
Emergency Contact: I agree that if no parent or guardian is available at our place of residence during the camp
session, we wil advise the camp administration where we may be contacted in case of an emergency. If you are
moving before the week of camp please provide new address and telephone numbers
Swimming: I give my permission to al ow my child to participate in swimming activities in the camp. All campers
must pass a swim test before they are al owed in the pool.
I also understand that Camp Dreamcatcher is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
I, the undersigned, have read this release and understand all of its terms.
______________________________________________ Printed Name CAMP DREAMCATCHER

Campers, Counselors in Training, Leaders in Training and Junior Counselors (anybody under the age of 18) are
not permitted to bring the following items to the camp session, August 18th to August 24th, 2013.
• PSP players and other electronic games If these items are brought to camp, they will be stored in a locked facility and returned at the end of the camp session. At all Camp Dreamcatcher events and activities we take on the responsibility for the safety and security of the children involved and their possessions. While we are very supportive and protective of the privacy rights of our children, today’s realities are such that we are compelled to infringe on those rights by occasionally searching any bags or backpacks they have We are therefore requiring that all participants in Camp events or activities agree to a search of any bags or backpacks by Camp personnel as a condition of participation in our programs. I, _______________________________________, agree to the above terms and conditions set forth by Camp Dreamcatcher. Signature of camper: ____________________________________________________ Signature of parent/guardian: ______________________________________________ CAMP DREAMCATCHER LOCATION: Camp Saginaw, 740 CIT/LIT Experience
Camper should fill out this portion of the application Please provide the names of two people who can discuss your experiences in regards to becoming a CIT/LIT:

1. Name _______________________________________________ Relationship_________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone number___________________________________ 2. Name _______________________________________________ Relationship ________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone number ____________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________
Describe any additional training or education specific to children:

Describe any training you have received in HIV/AIDS:

List your interest and hobbies:
Camp Experience: (camper, counselor, or employee: List most recent experience first.)

Describe any previous experience working with children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS:

Please explain in more detail the specific skills or talents that could contribute to the camp programming:
Why do you want to volunteer at Camp Dreamcatcher?

Areas of training/ special skills
(please check all that apply)

Arts and Crafts
Other Interests: __________________________________________________________________________________

Do you swim? ______________________ Do you know sign language? ______________________________________

Do you speak a second language? _________________ Please List _________________________________________
If you are accepted as a CIT, you will most likely be placed with the younger campers. Do you get along well
with 5-10 year old kids _________________

List any training you have with this age group for example babysitting classes, CPR, etc.


The following activities are PROHIBITED at camp:

Aggressive behavior toward campers or counselors (hitting, pulling, shoving)
Swearing or abusive language (name calling, teasing)
Sexual contact with campers, CIT’s, Junior Counselors, counselors)
Conversations of a sexual nature
Skinny dipping
Being alone with a camper
Possessing weapons
Having illegal drugs or alcohol on camp grounds
Cigarette smoking
Sleeping in a cabin other than the one assigned to you
Leaving the camp grounds without permission from the director
Candles in cabins
Not following the cabin rules and/or not listening to the Senior Counselor or following his/her direction
Being in an undesignated area without the permission of the camp director

The above rules are non-negotiable. In addition to the above rules, any person exhibiting behavior that the director

deems as inappropriate or unsafe will be asked to leave camp.
I have read the above rules and agree to abide by the regulations established by Camp Dreamcatcher.

CIT/LIT Signature ___________________________________________________
CIT/LIT Printed Name ________________________________________________

Parent/guardian signature _________________________________________________________

740 Saginaw Rd., Oxford, PA 19363
Take I-95 South and merge onto US Route 322 W via Exit 3A towards West Chester. Turn Left onto US-1 /Baltimore Pike/US-322, continue to follow Route 1. Take the PA 796 exit towards Jennersville. At the top of the ramp, turn Left onto N. Jennersville Rd./ PA 796. N. Jennersville Rd./ PA 796 N becomes Newark Rd./ PA 896. Turn Right onto Saginaw Rd. Turn slight Right to stay on Saginaw Rd. Your destination will be on you Right. Proceed South via I-295 to Commodore Barry Bridge. Merge onto I-95 South, continue on I-95 South until you merge onto US Route 322 W via Exit 3A towards West Chester. Turn Left onto US-1 /Baltimore Pike/US-322, continue to follow Route 1. Take the PA 796 exit towards Jennersville. At the top of the ramp, turn Left onto N. Jennersville Rd./ PA 796. N. Jennersville Rd./ PA 796 N becomes Newark Rd./ PA 896. Turn Right onto Saginaw Rd. Turn slight Right to stay on Saginaw Rd. Your destination will be on you Right. Proceed South via the New Jersey Turnpike to exit #7. Follow signs to I-295 South. Proceed on I-295 South to the Commodore Barry Bridge and follow direction “From South Jersey”. From Harrisburg: Merge onto I-83 N toward Hershey/Airport. Merge onto I-283 S via Exit 46A towards I-76/Pennsylvania Turnpike/Airport/Lancaster. Merge onto PA-283 E via Exit 1A toward Airport/Lancaster. PA-283 E becomes US-30 E. From Harrisburg (continue directions below), From Lancaster (start directions here)-Turn Right onto Harman Bridge Rd. /PA-896. Stay straight to get on North Decatur St. N. Decatur St. becomes Mary Post Office Rd. Turn Right onto Valley Rd./PA-372. Continue to follow PA-372. Turn Left onto South Lime St./PA-472. Continue to follow PA-472. Turn Slight Right onto Pine St./PA-472. Turn Slight Right onto North 3rd St./PA-10/PA-472. Take the First Left onto Market St./PA-472. Turn Left onto Saginaw Rd. and your destination will be on your Left. Patty Hillkirk’s cell phone number is (610) 716 0476


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