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Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009, 9:30am - 11:30amPoster Session II: Bladder/Testes/Urethra Scale: = 1= POOR / ADEQUATE / EXCELLENT=5 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES
Total Pts
# Returned
Total Ave Score
Summarize objective and subjective outcomes for treatment of stress urinary incontinence.
Examine outcomes following radical cystectomy in the treatment of baldder cancer.
Analyze the incidence of fluoroquinilone resistant infections after transrectal prostate biopsy.
Increased My Awareness of the Subject
Was Educationally Sound and Scientifically Balanced Points that will influence the way I will practice:
Screening patients pre-prostate biopsy for fluoroquinolane use.
Consideration of alternate antibiotic due to increasing resistant to flouroquinolones.
Outcomes for Rx SUI
Look for infections after TRUS biopsy resistant to fluoroquinolones.
Made me aware of antibiotic resistance to CIPRO
No difference between hydropubic/non hydropubic urethitus
Repeat therapy for IC helpful
Use better antibiotic selection in post prostate biopsy - quinolone resistent infections
Will ask patient about coital incontinence
Laparoscopic salvage prostatectomy can be performed for radiation failures.
Management of TIC in elderly
Change AtBx for PBx
Change my prophyloctic protocol prior to prostate biopsy
Use of antibiotics for prostate therapy
May alter my antibiotic prophylaxis. Will try single vaginal incision sling.
Avoid infections by understanding quinolone resistance
Use of testosterone pellet
Assume flouroquinolone resistance in post TRUS Bx
Awareness of the long acting testosterone that will be used in future
Do a urine culture prior to biopsy to rule out resistant organism colonization
Female urinary incontinence with sex can be treated
There are new drugs for BPH
Awareness of antibiotic use and resistance
Consider decreased use of quinolone in non complex procedures
Points that will influence the way I will practice: (Continued)
Do cancer screenings
The use of fluoroquinolone and increased resistance
I will change the prophylactive antibiotics I use before prostate biopsies due to increasing resistance-
to sepsis with fluoroquinolones
Moderators: Dr. Atreya Dash & Dr. Jane Miller
The moderators guided and enhanced this session.
Comments about Moderators:
Good job
Good job
Very good
Soft, empathetic
Good comments, well moderated
Well organized Q&A
Provided stimulating questions
A little slow early on - left too little time for discussion of later papers
No change
Excellent job
Excellent job
Excellent job and good discussions
Comments about Speakers:
Good job
Appropriate and useful
Well behaved
Overall excellent
IC talk short but concise
Well balanced
Goldstein- excellent speaker- interesting new concepts
Good job - kept speakers lively
Good variety of subjects covered
Comments about Speakers: (Continued)
Allow more slides for talks
Poster on testosterone pellets came across as an advertisement
Great variety
Recommended topics:
Update on antibiotic resistance.
Keep up the good work
Tips for RALRC and Nephroureterectomy
AUA guidelines fortx of testicular pain
Virtual transperineal biopsy over transurectal


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