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Informed Consent

Before beginning treatment, it is our office policy to inform you of what to expect, possible complications of chiropractic, as well as other forms of treatment. Remember that al forms of treatment (including non-treatment) have associated risks. If you have any questions, please ask the doctor.
The treatment in our office will consist of manipulation of the joints and soft tissues (muscles and ligaments), using the doctor’s hands and/or a mechanical instrument. You may feel movement, and you may hear joint clicks or other noises. Physical therapy methods, including therapeutic exercise, massage and heat or ice may also be used. CHIROPRACTIC RISKS
Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest methods of treating spinal problems. Still, unexpected problems can occur. Minor, temporary problems such as soreness and stiffness can occur, especially at the start of treatment. More significant problems, such as fracture of a weakened bone or sprain/disc injuries are rare. A stroke following neck manipulation is an extremely rare complication, occurring less than 1 per million treatments. Stroke has also been the result of ordinary activities, such as head turning and sneezing. OTHER TREATMENTS AND RISKS
There are other forms of treatment used by medical doctors. Their risks include:
Medications: Many commonly used medications such as NSAIDs (Advil, Aleve, and Ibuprofen) carry risks of tissue
damage, including stomach ulcers or kidney damage. This damage can occur quickly and may be irreversible. There are significantly higher risks of developing serious complication with NSAIDs compared with chiropractic. The annual number of hospitalizations for serious GI complications related to NSAIDs is estimated to be at least 103,000. Conservative estimates of NSAID-related deaths in the US are 16,500 per year. New England J Med 1999 Other medications are habit forming, and may mask pain to al ow further injury or tissue damage.
Surgery: Surgery is the treatment of choice in less than 1% of back pain patients. Your doctor wil and continue to
screen you for surgical indicators and will refer you for a surgical opinion if necessary. Clinical results of surgery for simple, mechanical lower back pain have been disappointing and may expose you to unnecessary hospital and medication
Rest/ Non-Treatment: Bed-rest has been shown to increase the likelihood of recurrence of back pain episodes, and
make chronic pain more likely. Likewise, non-treatment may cause a permanent mechanical problem to develop, causing I have read and understand the above, and give my consent to begin chiropractic treatment.

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