Form 5-code of conduct-players-rules



Form 5: Player code of conduct

PLEASE forward a copy to each team member, prior to the Tournament. Players
are to sign acknowledgment of receipt of this document on the letter of consent.
1. No player will be allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs, both on and off the field.
2. Unsupervised visits to places of entertainment will not be allowed.
3. No girl or boy visitors will be allowed into the rooms where players are accommodated.
4. Unsavoury remarks towards fellow players, oppositions and officials are unacceptable.
5. Bad language, both on and off the field will not be tolerated.
6. Regions will be held liable for any damage caused by their representatives to hostels and other private
property. Vandalism will not be tolerated.
7. Hostel/hotel rules must be strictly adhered to.
8. Littering is unacceptable. Please leave all areas litter free.
9. Team mascots may not be taken while a Team is warming up, playing or out of rooms at the
Hostel/hotel. Damage to a Mascot while in the attempt of ‘Mascotnapping’, will be at the expense of the
‘Mascotnappers’ Region / team.
10. Team initiation is discouraged.
11. Players appearances, fashions (e.g. hair colour), unbefitting the image of Hockey, will not be allowed
to take to the field.
12. Players not observing the code of conduct will be viewed in a serious light and dealt with accordingly.
13. Any report of misconduct, both on and off the field, will be heard by a Disciplinary Committee as
constituted by the U.S.S.A.S.A. Hockey Committee, or a representative at that particular Tournament.
14. Misbehaviour and continual complaints pertaining to a particular Team will be dealt with by the
Disciplinary Committee.
15. Any player found guilty of contravening this code will not be allowed to continue with the
Tournament/Festival, and sent home at the expense of their parents.
16. Misappropriate conduct befitting a SASHOC Tournament will result in a Region/Team
being expelled from that particular Tournament/Festival.
17. WARNING: It is strongly recommeded that energy drinks with warning on label against intake of
children be avoided by all participants, they contain high caffeine contents, which is a banned substance,
and could result in a positive drug test reading. Beware of medication - check for banned substances
with doctor and chemist.
18. The onus is on the player to inform the Manager of any medication that the player is taking during the
time of the Tournament/Festival.
19. It is the Manager and Captain’s duty to make sure that the above codes of conduct are adhered to.
20. Good hockey, making new friends and sportsmanship is the ultimate name of the game for the Tournament/Festival. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR



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