2500 Series
Ultra Lightweight Portable Receipt Printer
with Wireless Connectivity

• Contemporary, Rugged Portable
Receipt Printer
• Wireless Connectivity for Personal
Area Networks
• Uniquely Designed IrDA Communication
• Optional Integrated Bluetooth™
• New Easy Loading Paper System
• “Easy to wear all day long!”
• Weighs one pound
• New Lithium Ion Battery for More Receipts

per Charge
• Faster Printing — Reduces Print Time
per Receipt
• State-of-the-Art Integrated Micro-Processor
• Flash Memory — Add Logos, Bar Codes and

other Graphic Elements
• Optional built-in 3-track MCR
• Full 12 Month Warranty includes Print Head

S2500THS New Design Details
Highly integrated Microcontroller
Fast charge circuit with auto switch
by ST-Microelectronics
to trickle charge
• Flash based Integrated CPU contains firmware, resident
• Power adapter option, auto switch to AC power when
fonts, rotated fonts, downloadable fonts, graphics, logos,
adapter is used
and bar codes
• Hardware and software power management.
• Incorporates Flash and SRAM memory
• New extra capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
• Manages all the features supported by the printer
cartridge (1850 mA/h)
Low power precision regulator circuits
Ease of Integration:
• 8 bit 2 channel A/D circuit to measure system and printer
• Multiple Communication Interfaces
mechanism voltage levels, battery and thermal print head
• MS-DOS and Windows compatible with full-speed
• Fail safe and CPU watchdog circuits
• Print Drivers available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
• Print Utilities available for all CE and Palm based

operating systems
SEIKO thermal print head (2" per second at 7.2V)
• Easy Load Clamshell style paper load system with push
Special Features:
button release for paper door
• Resident fonts to enable printing from 12 to 24
• Automatic thermal print contrast control (voltage and
characters per inch
temperature dependent)
• Protective over-molds
• High speed, high resolution print
• Printer is in-field programmable for firmware, font
• Built-in detectors to monitor voltage and paper-out.
and logo setup
285 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451-1064
Phone: 781-890-7440 • FAX 781-890-7864
Print Mechanism:
Printing Method:
Power supply:
Dots per line:
Number of heat elements:
Printing Width:
DC Power Pack:
Paper feed pitch:
Printing speed:
Battery Recharge:
Internal Fast 180 min fast charge with auto Head Temperature detection: By thermistor with hardware
switch to trickle charge; Over-voltage, Over- Paper-out/TOF detection:
Power ON/OFF:
Operating Voltage:
input; or sending a single character through Current Consumption:
serial input. Auto power down timer, can be Reliability:
set or disabled through user application.
User Interface:
Standard Operating Features:
Status indicators:
Character set:
ASCII International and IBM graphic set a plus downloadable option. All font tables are User switches:
RJ type (6 pin) for Data I/O; DC input Power Graphic print:
Graphic logo store and print. Black Mark Infra-Red (IrDA) with Ambient Light Filter Integrated Bluetooth radio module (optional) Bar code:
Integrated magnetic card reader (optional) echanical:
Supervised operation:
voltage, Print head temperature, buffer status, power management and Firmware version.
One year standard (3 years available at extra Line Buffering:
Characters per line:
OEM Products:
Character Size:
Print contrast:
Environmental Specifications:
Print output:
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
RS232C and IrDA standard; Bluetooth option: Baud Rate:
Agency approvals:
Fast IrDA Transfer Speed:
Std.IrDA Transfer Speed:
Ordering Information
Print Media:
Paper Width:
Interface (US Style Adapter) (change last Lines of Print/roll:
5200 (1.5" diameter roll, 0.4" core, digit to 2 for Euro style 220V and 4 for Paper Rolls per Charge:
Lines per Charge:
Power Adapter, 12-16 VDC input vehicle adapter 7A100011


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