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Lanka Jatika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Inc.)
Sarvodaya Response to the Present Emergency Humanitarian Situation in the North
of Sri Lanka

Vavuniya District (updated as at 01st June, 2009)
Relief (Food and Non-Food)
Sarvodaya has provided food items, non food items and livelihood activities to IDP sites in Vavuniya district. A number of organizations have assisted in providing relief and early recovery activities in Vavuniya. A summary of the activities are given below. • From 16th to 20th January 2009, 7,500 cooked food parcels were distributed to Nellukulam IDP site with the assistance of NCA. • From 14th to 25th of February 2009, 37,500 cooked food parcels were provided to Tamil Maha Vidyalayam IDP site with the assistance of CHA. • On 14th of February 2009, 450 NFRI kits and 50 pregnant mothers’ kits were sent to • After the communal cooking started on 26th of February in Saivapragasa Maha Vidyalayam IDP site, NCA assisted in providing cooked food for the IDPs upto 14th of March and Malteser International assisted in providing cooked food from 15th March up to 15th May. From 26th February to 23rd May, a total of 258,533 of meals were distributed to Saivapragasa Vidyalayam. • In addition to 258,533 meals for lunch, Sarvodaya provided breakfast and dinner to • So far, 945 educational kits have been distributed to children in Saivapragasa Vidyalayam IDP site with the assistance of Sarvodaya Early Childhood Development Unit (ECDU). • 200 pregnant mothers’ kits and 150 men’s and women kits have been distributed to IDPs in Saivapragasa Vidyalayam with the assistance of NCA. • On 17th of March, 250 pregnant mother’s kits and 150 mats were distributed to • On 8th of April, 500 family kits were sent to Vavuniya. These family kits were • In addition, on 10th of April 2009 the following NFRI kits were sent to Vavuniya • On the same day another 200 children’s/ infants’ kits were sent to Vavuniya with • After the massive influx of IDPs after 20th of April 2009, 8 new IDP sites were established in Vavuniya. Sarvodaya concentrated its efforts mainly on Kanthapuram Maha Vidyalayam. On 28th of April, Sarvodaya started distributing cooked food parcels to Kanthapuram MV with the assistance of Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies in Vavuniya district. The total number of food parcels distributed was 8,400. • On 24th of April, 5,170 bed sheets were sent to Vavuniya with the assistance of anonymous corporate donor. In the same day Sarvodaya Kalutara district communities donated food items to be sent to Vavuniya. • Sarvodaya has trained 45 volunteers in collaboration with the Family Health Bureau and Unicef to implement Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme in Menik Farm. 21 Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers will be established in Menik Farm. A load of supplementary medical items were delivered to Menik Farm which includes 200,000 tablets (Mebendazole 100 tablets of 500mg, 50 cartons of Resomal, 168,000 sachets of ORS, 150 sachets of plumpy nut, 25 cartons of F-100 and 25 cartons of F75, 4 boxes of micro nutrition tablets (Source: UNOCHA Joint Humanitarian Update). • Communal cooking was started on 18th of May in Menik Farm Zone 2 Transit Camp in Vavuniya. While World Food Programme is providing the dry rations (rice, dhal, cooking oil, flour and sugar etc.) Sarvodaya has been providing supplementary food items to cook the food, 3 meals per day. Presently Sarvodaya provides cooked food to the IDPs in five blocks (block 1,4,5,8 and 9) in Menik Farm Zone 2. So far 37,634 cooked food parcels have been distributed for the IDPs starting from 18th up to 24th of May. • Communal cooking was started in Menik Farm Zone 1 on 24th of May. Sarvodaya has been providing cooked food to the IDPs in 8 blocks in Menik Farm Zone 1. (i.e. blocks J, L, M, O, P, R, T and U). The total number of meals that had been already provided is 193,004. • 5,000 coconuts were distributed to Vavuniya with the courtesy of Puttalam district • On 30th of May, a large number of kitchen utensils were distributed to Vavuniya to be distributed in the IDP sites. This load included coldrum, frying pan, chopping knives, potato peelers, plastic barrels (50 liters), colanders, 6,500 plates, frying spoons (large), dust bins, mops, rectangular trays, water bottles etc. • A brand new water bowser of 13,000 litres have been added to the Sarvodaya fleet • Few medical and hygiene items such as Panadol, soap and infant baby items were • Sarvodaya partnership with Chefs Guild of Lanka Association: The Chef Guild of Lanka is working in partnership with Sarvodaya to develop a feeding programme initially for 10,000 IDPs accommodated on 5 blocks at Menik Farm Zone 2 in Chettikulam in Vavuniya district. Each block houses 2,000 IDPs. The feeding programme not only provide the IDPs with 30,000 hot and nutritious meals per day, but also develop different sets of menus to enable the IDPs to have a change in diet. A daily meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The project includes a cookery training component for 150 IDP youth both male and female living in the same site. The youth will be selected by Sarvodaya volunteer field officers who are working in the site. While assisting the chefs in the feeding programme, the youth will learn to cook nutritious and wholesome meals. The knowledge and experience shared by chefs with the IDP youth empower them to cook for themselves and later for others. Water and Sanitation
Water and Sanitation services have been provided by Mannar Sarvodaya District Center staff and Sarvodaya Shanthisena volunteers with the assistance of Oxfam GB to Vavuniya IDP sites. A total of 234 temporary latrines were constructed in Poonthotam College of Education, Tamil Maha Vidyalayam and Menik Farm Zone 3, and 283 and 128 trench latrines were constructed in Manik Farm Zone 2 and Zone 4 respectively in Vavuniya district. Temporary Latrines and Trench Latrines, a summary.
• 52 temporary latrines were constructed in Poonthotam IDP site. • 20 temporary latrines were constructed in Tamil Maha Vidyalayam IDP site. • 162 temporary latrines were constructed in Menik Farm Zone 3 IDP site. • 283 trench latrines were constructed in Menikfarm Zone 2. • 128 trench latrines were completed in Menik farm Zone 4. Bathing Sites
• The Mannar Sarvodaya District team including the staff and Shanthisena volunteers has completed 4 bathing sites in Poonthotam College of Education and one bathing site in Tamil Maha Vidyalayam to facilitate hygiene among the IDPs.
Other activities related to Water and Sanitation

1) Provision of sanitary napkins 2) Installation of cleaning awareness boards 3) Installation of mini incinerator to dispose waste 4) 16 water tanks were installed in Menik Farm Zone 3 including 5,000 litre and 2,000 litre tanks in the 19, 23, 24, 27, 28 and 29 blocks in Menikfarm Zone 3. 5) 3 numbers of T11 water tanks were installed in Menik Farm Zone 3 IDP site. 6) Public health promotion activities have been conducted in Poonthotam College of Education, Menik farm Zone 2 and Zone 3. 7) 1 water treatment plant and 20 water filters have been set up in Manik Farm Zone 3. 8) 1 water treatment plant has been setup in Kallaru. 9) 45 water points have been setup in Manikfarm Zone 2. 10) Water bowser of 7,000 litre is in operation in Menik Farm Zone 3. 11) Sarvodaya has fitted 10 numbers of 2,000 litre capacity tanks in Menik Farm Zone 1 where communal cooking has been functioning. 12) Sarvodaya has conducted a programme of garbage cleaning by employing 300 laborers in 50 blocks in Menik Farm Zone 2. 13) Trench latrines have been cleaned by employing sanitary laborers in Menik Farm 14) 41 numbers of 2,000 litre water tanks with stands have been fitted in Menik Farm 15) In addition, latrine cleaning kits and camp cleaning kits have been distributed to the (Updated 01st June, 2009, Sarvodaya Emergency Relief Operation Center)


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