Express deposits terms & conditions

Unity One Credit Union (hereinafter referred to as “the Credit Union” or “we”) and the
member(s) who click “I Agree” below (“member” or “you”) hereby agree to the
1. Eligibility and Statement of Application
Member hereby applies for Express Deposits (hereafter referred to as "the Service"). Use
of the Service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. In order to remain
eligible for the Service, member must adhere to the requirements of the Terms and
Conditions. From time to time, the Credit Union may announce additional features and/or
changes that become available through the Service.
As used in this Agreement, the term:
Control Number means an online-generated tracking number issued by the Credit Union. The control number will automatically be populated onto each Express Deposit Receipt.
Deposit Receipt means the deposit form required for submission of checks when using the Service. This Express Deposit Receipt will automatically generate when you complete the Express Deposits process. This Express Deposit Receipt and the associated checks must be mailed to the Credit Union using a pre-printed label that may be ordered with the service and which must be received within seven (7) days of your posting the deposit online.
Deposit Labels means the Credit Union’s pre-printed labels that are recommended for mailing Express Deposits. Express Deposit labels are supplied by the Credit Union and may be ordered online from within Express Deposits.
Infraction means inappropriate usage of the Service that results in an account adjustment (e.g., correction, reversal) and/or delays the Credit Union’s ability to process the deposit. Members who incur three (3) infractions can be restricted from further use of the Service.
Maximum Advance Amount means the amount of funds for which the Credit Union will provide immediate credit (Advance) from all Outstanding Express Deposits and which will be available for your immediate use until deposits are received at the Credit Union.
Outstanding Express Deposit Amount means the amount of deposits for which the Credit Union has received notification of deposit through the Service but for which the Credit Union has not received the actual item(s) for deposit.
2. Access
Access to the Service will be by means of your Express OnLine Home Banking Personal
Identification Number (PIN). The Credit Union’s Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure
governs use of Online Banking and your PIN and is incorporated herein by this reference
as if set forth in full. In the event any provision in the Electronic Fund Transfer
Disclosure conflicts with any provision in this Agreement, the parties agree that this
Agreement shall control.
3. About Online Deposits
The Service allows you to log into Express OnLine Home Banking and post certain check
deposits for immediate credit (Advance) using the Express Deposits tab. The Maximum
Advance Amount at any one time is $1500.00 for personal accounts. The Credit Union
reserves the right to remove or decrease this amount at any time with no prior notice to
you. Generally, the Credit Union will give same day availability on the funds you
deposit up to the Maximum Advance Amount specified above, however, we may hold
any funds deposited in your account up to the Outstanding Express Online Deposit
Amount in accordance with the Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy once the
deposit is received at the Credit Union.
To use this Service, you must adhere to the following:
Have a Credit Union membership account in good standing (good standing to be 1. determined by the Credit Union in its sole and absolute discretion).
2. Have a qualifying membership account.
3. Be registered to use Express OnLine Home Banking.
4. Mail the Express Deposit Receipt with each Express Deposit Label.
Use the pre-printed Express Deposit Labels provided by the Credit Union.
Should you choose to use your own envelope, it must be addressedexactly as follows:UNITY ONE CREDIT UNIONATTN; EXPRESS DEPOSIT6701 BURLINGTON BLVD.
FORT WORTH, TX 76131-2834Failure to address the envelope properly may delay the processing of your deposit, 5. resulting in an infraction and a fee.
6. Maintain a valid e-mail address with the Credit Union.
7. Properly endorse all checks. All parties must endorse checks.
Write your Member Number, Account Number and “For Deposit Only” under your 8. signature on the back of each check.
Ensure that your deposit is received by the Credit Union within seven (7) days of your posting the deposit online, or you will incur an infraction and the deposit will be Ensure that all check information (check number, date and amount) matches the 10. information on the Deposit Receipt exactly.
Have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view and print the Deposit 11. Receipt. Download Reader at (click Get Adobe Reader).
12. Have access to a printer to print the Deposit Receipt.
Comply with these Terms and Conditions and all other requirements of the Credit 13. Union.
A fee will be assessed for adjustments made to your account in connection with the
Service, and there may be other fees applicable to your use of the Service. Refer to the
Credit Union Fee Schedule.
Use the Service to deposit cash, bonds, or non-negotiable items.
Use the Service to deposit checks drawn on a foreign financial institution.
Use the Service to deposit post dated or stale dated items.
Include any other Credit Union correspondence in the Deposit Envelope.
Staple or clip the check(s) or Deposit Receipt.
Submit the checks at a Credit Union Service Center, ATM, or kiosk.
Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in a fee being assessed to
your account (refer to the Credit Union Fee Schedule), and you no longer being eligible
to use the Service.
4. Liability for Unauthorized Transfers
Notify us AT ONCE if you believe your PIN has been lost/stolen or used without your
permission. Telephoning us is the best way of limiting your potential losses. You could
lose all the money in your account(s) (including any Overdraft line-of-credit). If you tell
us within two (2) Business Days after you learn of the loss or theft, you may be liable for
up to $50 if someone used your PIN without your permission.
If you do NOT tell us within two (2) Business Days after you learn of the loss or theft of
your PIN, and we determine we could have prevented unauthorized use, you could lose as
much as $500.
Also, if your statement shows payments that you did not make, notify us at once. If you
do not notify us within sixty (60) days after the statement was mailed to you or made
available through Statements Online, you may not get back any money you lost after the
sixty (60) days if we can determine that we could have prevented someone from taking
the money if you had notified us in time.
If you believe your PIN has been lost or stolen, immediately change your PIN through
Express OnLine Home Banking by clicking on the Change Password tab.
5. Our Liability
The Credit Union will use commercially reasonable efforts to post your deposits properly
to the account indicated when you use the Service properly and comply with these Terms and Conditions. However, the Credit Union shall incur no liability if it is unable to complete a deposit instruction initiated by you through the Service because of any one or more of the following circumstances:• Member failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
Late arrival of a deposit.
If the Service equipment or software was not working properly and you knew about the malfunction when you started the transaction.


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