Which of the following divisions of the trigeminal nerve passes through the Which of the following extraocular muscles has a primary function of intorsion Secondary deviation is always greater than primary deviation in Noncomitant strabismus (paralytic strabismus) Concomitant strabismus (non-paralytic strabismus) Hypertropia (vertical misalignment of eyes) Which of the peripheral nerve is not used for nerve biopsy Which of the following is not a primary headache Headache attributed to psychiatry disorder Which of the following is the sign of upper motor neuron involvement Convergence-retraction nystagmus is seen in Marker of disorders of upper motor neuron Seen on electromyography at maximum volition Which of the following is a catechol-O-methyl transferase inhibitor (COMTIs) Which of the following is angiographically obscure Failure of development of cortical convolutions Following is not a feature of normal pressure hydrocephalus Results from small lesions of Broca's area Long-term memory requires the function of Following is not a cause of sudden binocular vision loss Which of the following produces fluctuating muscle weakness Following is true regarding muscle biopsy Muscle become suitable for biopsy only after 2 - 3 months after exposure to EMG or In a patient with long-standing muscle disease, a weak muscle is chosen for biopsy With acute muscle weakness, relatively preserved muscle is chosen for biopsy Following is not a feature of inter-nuclear ophthalmoplegia Loss of vertical eye movements on Doll's eye manoeuvre Which of the following does not produce down-gaze palsy Pupillary constrictor (sphincter papillae) Afferent neuron is relayed in Edinger-Westphal nuclei True regarding light-near dissociation is Pupils constricts in response to light but not to near objects Following is not a "red-flag" warning in a patient with headache Electrically silent muscle contraction occurs in Which of the following drug is not associated with inflammatory myopathy Following is not true regarding complex regional pain syndrome CRPS 1 refers to reflex sympathetic dystrophy CRPS 2: definite evidence of nerve lesion Following is not a common non-motor symptom of parkinson's disease Stage 2 modified Hoen & Yahr staging for PD refers to Bilateral disease without involvement of balance Bilateral disease with postural abnormality All of the following are impaired in Broca's aphasia except Inability to comprehend non-verbal noises Damage to orbito-frontal circuits results in Inability to perform a skilled movement in response to verbal command but ability Dissconnection variant of Ideomotor apraxia Dissociation variant of Ideomotor apraxia Failure to recognize familiar melodies and musical tones Which of the following is not a manifestation of advanced HIV disease Inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy True regarding HIV-associated neuro-cognitive disorder (HAND) Following is not a poor prognostic marker at presentation for cryptococcal Not true regarding cerebral toxoplasmosis Consequence of reactivation of a prior infection Definitive diagnosis requires brain biopsy Resolution of brain lesions on anti-toxoplasma therapy confirms diagnosis More common in patients with seronegative for antibodies to toxoplasma Following produces demyelinating type of mononeuropathy multiplex Following does not produce bifacial paralysis Following produces sensory ataxic neuropathy Neuropathies associated with impaired GTT Following is recommended for the treatment of GB syndrome Plasmapharesis + intravenous immunoglobulins Intravenous immunoglobulins OR plasmapharesis Distal sensory/sensory-motor polyneuropathy Most common cranial neuropathy associated with diabetes mellitus Not true regarding vitamin B12 deficiency polyneuropathy is Parasthesias and large-fiber sensory loss Which drug produces predominant sensory neuropathy Most sensitive test for myasthenia gravis is Following is true regarding thymectomy in myasthenia gravis Suspected thymoma requires surgical excision regardless of age In non-thymomatous MG, thymectomy is recommended Ach R antibody negative MG may improve after thymectomy Thymectomy is recommended for anti-Musk antibody positive MG Following neuromuscular disorder is due to presynaptic defect Following is not a X-linked muscular dystrophy Following is a histopathological feature of muscle denervation Muscular dystrophy associated with severe mental retardation, seizures, eye changes and abnormalities on MRI barin is Following distal myopathy predominantly involves calf muscles Following triptans has most favourable side-effect profile Maximum response at 1st hour in the severity of migraine attack is seen with Following is not a complication of migraine Following is used for acute symptomatic treatment of cluster headache Following is not a indomethicin responsive headache Primary headache associated with sexual activity All of the following are the poor prognostic markers of amyotrophic lateral Following is a "red-flag" for the diagnosis of parkinson's disease Following is not true regarding Lewy body dementia (DLBD) Neuroleptics may produce severe parkinsonism Parkinsonism is well controlled on dopaminergic drugs Following is not a feature of essential tremors Tremors of face, trunk and voice may be present Not true regarding dopa responsive dystonia Onset with first decade with action dystonia in legs Require high dose of levodopa for treatment Following is a feature of essential palatal myoclonus Diagnosis of Wilson's disease is confirmed by By demonstrating elevated hepatic copper levels Which of the following produce vasogenic brain edema Following is not a spectrum of fronto-temporal dementia Cruciform hyperintensities (hot-cross bun sign) in the pons is seen in Periodic paroxysmal triphasic waves are seen in Following is not a feature of West syndrome Which of the following AED is not a hepatic enzyme inducer Most common clinical feature of narcolepsy is Following is not a feature of restless leg syndrome (RLS) Urge to move legs with unpleasant sensation in legs Unpleasant sensations in legs more during activity and less during rest Dopamine receptor hypersensitivity in migraneurs is reflected by all except: Following is true regarding sleep bruxism Could be up-beat, down-beat or horizontal Gaze evoked nystagmus has fast phase in direction of gaze Following does not differentiate between recurrent neoplastic disease related brachial plexopathy vs radiation induced brachial plexopathy Radiation related brachial plexopathy is painful Neoplasia produces lower plexus involvement while radiation produce upper brachial Following is not true for Hansen's disease Neuropathy is most common in borderline tuberculoid leprosy Symmetrical senori-motor polyneuropathy is seen in lepromatous leprosy Acid-fast bacilli are not seen in nerve biopsy from tuberculoid leprosy Reversal reactions occur only early in the course of disease Following chronic meningitis is associated with polymorphonuclear leukocytosis in Which of the following is not a feature of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis Periodic high amplitude EEG activity at 1-3 Hz Highest mean attack reduction in multiple sclerosis is seen with All are present in the lateral wall of cavernous sinus except Most common cause of spinal epidural abscess are Which of the following is not a cause of lobar hemorrhage Which of the following is not a feature of bilateral P2 (distal PCA) infarcts Most common feature of orthostatic hypotension is



MALARIA - Manus Blå text = speaker 00:37:33.00 00:37:39:00 Malaria är en svår infektionssjukdom, som orsakas av plasmodium - en elak parasit. 00:35:14.00 00:35:28.00 .som i sin tur överförs av malariamyggan. Myggans stick i sig är alltså inte problemet, utan parasiten som den bär på. 00:36:47.00 00:37:07.00 När parasiten kommit in i kroppen, utvecklas den i levern och tar sig däri

The great drug switcheroo

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