The next Board of Athletics meeting will be held Tuesday September 25, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
William E. Walker Recreation Center, 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City, 94404, Foster City, CA
Agenda tba

Pacific Association Board of Athletics Meeting Minutes – revised 8/28/2007
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:45 p.m.
PRESENT: Fred Baer, Media Chair, Women’s Open T&F Chair; Michael Boot. Officials; Stephanie Brown Trafton, Athletes Chair; MaryCastillo, Youth Officials Chair; Cynci Calvin, Secretary, Com Com Chair; Bruce Colman, Officials Chair; Jerry Colman, President; Dick Connors, Officials; Shirley Connors, Officials; Irene Herman, Membership, Women’s LDR; Al Hernandez, Open Men TF Chair; Ed Hicks,Officials; Maura Kent, Youth Com Com rep; Stu Kinney, Race Walk; Art Klein, RW Chair; John Mansoor, Exec. Dir.; George Paddeck,Youth Secretary, Youth Background Checks; Margaret Sheehan, Officials; Dave Shrock, Coaches Chair; Joanne Slaton-Camargo, YouthChair; Lloyd Stephenson, Masters LDR Chair; Phil Watkins, Equipment Chair Approved unanimously (check spelling of Vanderhoeven = VanDerHoevel)
Approved unanimously
Tyler Abbott presented data broken down by Sport Committee.
Should the PA form a foundation? Agreed to leave this to new Treasurer Lloyd Stephenson and the Finance Committee BACKGROUND CHECK REPORT BY GEORGE PADDECK- 273 checks to date (additional 96 since last report) Five initial non-clearances – sent to John Mansoor; 2 of these due to blurred prints Appeal panel decision of arrested coach (not convicted) based on testimony at hearing was to allow the coach to continue and ifconvicted to revisit.
Future Livescan checks to be performed at PA Youth Championship meet Need to put information about how to go to Police Departments for checks at System is set up for people with cleared background checks to get their badges by going to a Notary Public Packets will not be given out at Youth meets unless coaches/volunteers have their badges.
Vote was 18 to 10 with 2 abstentions.
Nine candidates submitted, paperwork on four.
Nominations to stay open until June 30.
Live TV Friday afternoon and Saturday morning All going well; number of entries about the same as last year 10,000 invitations sent out; good quality athletes Looking ahead to 2008: PA Youth Championships same weekend with Race Walk on Friday night, distance events on Sat. until 4:30pm; then GWI 5 pm to 10 pm; then PA Champs continue all day Sunday. Will need more officials to do this.
Jim VanDerHeuvel could be RD; work with Don Nelson and others 2009, 10, 11 USATF Outdoors plus JO Outdoors (five day meet)- Sacramento Sports Commission/CVB will do bid; due July 15.
Facility challenges (south end, then north end construction due to be completed 2010).
San Mateo JC a possibility for JO TF Champs.
WMA Chair in negotiation with China to host 2013 Senior Games with WMA Championships Sac. Sports Commission will submit bid without presence is Italy at 2007 WMA.
LDR: July 15 is Mt. Tamalpias Challenge selection race o 88 men and 38 women signed up for PA Championships to dateo Need more volunteers.
o One more non-Championship meeto All but two of the meets have been well runo Complaints about debris following Palo Alto meeto Need help in finding facilities for youth club practices Race Walk: Fresno Pacific 5000 meter event o Brochures being distributedo Need volunteers for CIF Meet bootho Information at Golden West (brochures, banner) and in magazines Athletes: on, include links from Elite page to Youth Page o With the approval of the Executive Board and the Communications Committee, on May 4 Mark Winitz contract for the PA/USATF Communications Manager position was finalized.
o Goals include: revised Youth page; Youth blog; revised Open Track & Field/Masters Track & Field pages; overall Web site redesign utilizing separate pages for Sports Committees; Web site regular news andstory updates, 20 mini-press releases with emphasis on Youth Track & Field, Open Track & Field and Masters Track &Field; regularly updated seasonal performance lists.
o Mark intends to use interns and volunteers to help accomplish above goals.
The next Board of Athletics meeting will be held Tuesday May 22, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
Heather Farms, 1540 Marchbanks Dr., Walnut Creek


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