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8/06/2013 THE MINNEHAHA COUNTY COMMISSION CONVENED AT 9:00 A.M. August 6, 2013 pursuant to adjournment on July 30, 2013. Commissioners present were: Barth, Beninga, Heiberger, Kelly, and Pekas. Also present were Cindy Jepsen, Commission Recorder, and Kersten Kappmeyer, Chief Civil Deputy State’s Attorney. Chairman Beninga called the meeting to order. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Barth, to approve the agenda. 5 ayes. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Heiberger, to approve the July 30, 2013 Commission Minutes. 5 ayes. VOUCHERS TO BE PAID MOTION by Barth, seconded by Pekas, to approve the following bills totaling $651,134.62. 5 ayes. Able Auto Glass Automotive 230.00 Airway Service Inc Var. Expen 303.70 Able Auto Glass Automotive/Sm 230.00 Airway Service Inc Automotive/Sm 240.30 Airway Service Inc Gas,Oil,Diese 63.40 Alamo Rent-A-Car 2012 Homeland 56.00 Alco Service & Suppl Building Repa -43.50 Alcohol Monitoring S Alternatives 44.04 Allied Oil & Tire Co Automotive/Sm 19.75 Allied Oil & Tire Co Truck Repair/ 103.50 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Books 18.84 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Child Care It -33.02 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Data Processi 128.06 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Electrical Re 122.94 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Furniture & O 196.38 Amazon Mktplace Pmts Repair/Renova 2,546.55 Amer Assn State/Loca Memberships 115.00 American Ai Cops Meth Gra 113.04 American Specialty I Hazard Insura 2,443.00 Appeara / Dudley Lau Lease-Rental 32.64 Argus Leader - Adver Publishing Fe 1,332.83 Asphalt Surface Tech Contr Co 146,447.70 At & T Safety & Resc 54.29 Automatic Security C Voa - Dakotas 95.00 Avera Heart Hosp Of Hospitals 8,080.17 Avera McKennan Hospi Physicians 280.77 Avera Medical Group Physicians 21.00 Avera Medical Group- Physicians 1,108.87 Avera Rheumatology C Building Repa 65.00 Bargain Barn Tire Ct Automotive/Sm 448.00 Batteries Plus/Onesk Building Repa 28.08 Batteries Plus/Onesk Child Care It 53.68 Batteries Plus/Onesk Program Activ 19.95 Berg, Bob Welfare Rent 400.00 Best Buy Small Tools, 49.99 Bierschbach Equipmen Bridge Repair 763.20 Big D Oil Co Gas,Oil,Diese 30.01 Bizcom Electronics Building Repa 15.95 Bizcom Electronics Correction Ct 64.50 Bizcom Electronics Heat,Vent & A 29.81 Boyd, Michelle Business Trav 4.71 Boyd, Michelle Cops Meth Gra 4.29 Bp Products North Am Gas,Oil,Diese 64.67 Brennan Hill Townhou Welfare Rent 330.00 Brown & Saenger Explorer Dona 110.16 Brownells Inc. Other Supplie 130.00 Builders Supply Comp Building Repa 179.43 Builders Supply Comp Coliseum Repa 104.20 Bureau Of Informatio Telephone 40.00 Burger King Extradition & 9.50 Campbell Supply Co I Automotive/Sm 7.80 Campbell Supply Co I Building Repa 34.93 Campbell Supply Co I Grounds & Par 3.18 Campbell Supply Co I Uniform Allow 125.00 Canda Properties Llc Welfare Rent 500.00 Canfield Business In Furniture & O 90.00 Carpenter, Donovan Business Trav 31.66 Center For Family Me Physicians 264.47 Center For Western S Store Invento 295.98 Central Salt Llc Road Material 10,924.70 Century Business Pro Lease-Rental 176.50 Chang, Irene Welfare Rent 600.00 Chemco, Inc. Building Repa 3.85 Chemco, Inc. Child Care It 172.18 Chemco, Inc. Janitorial/Ch 944.64 Christensen, David D Parts Invento 64.26 City Centre Hotel Co 2012 Homeland 250.00 Civil Design Inc Architects & 144.00 Clark Gas,Oil,Diese 46.11 Cliff Avenue Upholst Automotive/Sm 104.00 Cody, Denise Bd Exp. Fees 75.00 Cole's Petroleum Inc Gas,Oil,Diese 4,839.00 Concrete Materials Road Maint. 109,414.79 Constellation New En Natural Gas 2,610.93 Construction Product Bridge Repair 412.90 Dakota Fluid Power, Truck Repair/ 30.86 Dakota Supply Group, Building Repa 19.36 Daniels-Olsen Bldg P Exhibit Mater 290.00 Daves Automotive Automotive/Sm 93.70 Deans Bulk Svc Inc Gas,Oil,Diese 83.95 Dekkers, Joel Dba Pa Welfare Rent 400.00 Directv Telephone 1,271.09 Dollar Rac Dca Cops Meth Gra 247.90 Dxp Enterprises Inc Jail Repairs 26.69 E Seek Inc Data Processi 2,871.00 Eastern Farmers Coop Gas,Oil,Diese 78.03 Eirinberg, James A Child Defense 394.80 Electric Constructio Building Repa 175.51 Embassy Suites Omaha Business Trav 186.98 Erpenbach, John E Recruitment 375.00 Etek Llc Dba Garfiel Welfare Rent 425.00 Exxonmobil Automotive/Sm 212.00 Famous Footwear Uniform Allow 99.98 Farr, Johnny A Welfare Rent 600.00 Fedex Building Repa 13.15 First Gold Hotel Business Trav 104.00 8/06/2013 Fleetpride / Holt, I Truck Repair/ 44.17 Fred The Fixer Inc Building Repa 11.00 Fred The Fixer Inc Exhibit Mater 150.00 G & R Controls Inc Heat,Vent & A 128.85 G And H Distributing Jail Repairs 36.12 G&W, Inc Dba Gary Co Transportatio 228.53 Gannett Nssc/Sioux F Office Suppli 14.29 Gannett Nssc/Sioux F Other Profess 474.73 Garnos, Bill Real Estate 3,695.00 Gearman, Jason Education & T 144.00 Genzlinger, Janeen Court Reporte 19.00 Glazier, David Alan Welfare Rent 400.00 Goebel Printing, Inc Office Suppli 53.60 Gourley Properties I Welfare Rent 600.00 Graham Tire Co. - Do Grounds & Par 19.97 Graham, Virginia M Welfare Rent 450.00 Grainger, Inc. Exhibit Mater 124.74 Grand Hyatt San Dieg Business Trav 929.20 Graybar Electric Correction Ct 179.00 Graybar Electric Electrical Re 918.71 Graybar Electric Jail Repairs 73.66 Guzman, Sandra V. Interpreters 175.00 Hancock Fabrics, Inc Program Equip 50.21 Heartland Paper Comp Building Repa 38.50 Heesch, Tiffany County Cemete 50.00 Hemmer, Charles Business Trav 29.81 Historical Folk Toys Store Invento 156.45 Home Federal Savings Welfare Rent 470.46 Hutcheson, Luke Welfare Rent 600.00 Hy-Vee Accounts Rece Education & T 45.50 Hy-Vee Accounts Rece Pharmacies 20.33 Hy-Vee Accounts Rece Supplemental 75.67 Institutions Service Jail Repairs 67.50 Interstate All Batte Data Processi 150.00 Interstate Office Pr Office Suppli 1,594.38 ISI Llc Interpreters 320.00 ISS Facility Svcs-Mi Contract Serv 10,735.00 J.C. Penney Company, Uniform Allow 40.00 Jack's Sinclair Education & T 58.75 Jack's Sinclair Gas,Oil,Diese 76.18 Jackson-Hirsh, Inc Program Activ 142.25 Jacqueline K Perli R Depositions 98.40 Jefferson Partners L Transportatio 788.90 Jensen Electric / Ro Fairgrounds 9,149.40 JH Larson Company Building Repa 360.75 Jim & Ron's Service Other Profess 207.50 Johnson Controls, In Heat,Vent & A 1,204.29 Johnson, Richard L Attorney Fees 1,092.00 Kahler, Monte Welfare Rent 700.00 Kelolandemployment.C Other Profess 99.00 Kelolandemployment.C Publishing Fe 99.00 Kittelson, Joan M Bd Exp. Fees 30.00 Kmart Office Suppli 80.89 Kmart Pharmacy Pharmacies 161.43 Kone, Inc. Outside Repai 527.81 Kum & Go Education & T 32.30 Kum & Go Other Profess 10.98 Lacey Rentals Inc Lease-Rental 95.00 Lampert Yards 2012 Homeland 1,259.69 Landscape Garden Cen Grounds & Par 560.70 Larson, Jeff Attorney Fees 210.00 Lassegaard, Samuel C Welfare Rent 500.00 Laughlin, Nicole Attorney Fees 1,779.50 Lewis & Clark Bhs Bd Evaluation 2,831.00 Lewis Drug Stores Office Suppli 17.94 Lewis Drug Stores Other Miscell 29.99 Lewis Drug Stores Other Supplie 84.11 Lewno, Lucy Bd Exp. Fees 768.55 Light And Siren Communication 665.70 Light And Siren Vehicle Equip 1,010.00 Lowes Park/Recreati 399.00 Lowes Small Tools, 32.41 Luxury Automall Of S Other Profess 19.50 Lyle Signs Inc Sign Supply/I 103.50 Mac's, Inc. Jail Repairs 8.95 Mac's, Inc. Small Tools, 22.29 Madison Square Ptnrs Welfare Rent 400.00 Malloy Electric Bear Correction Ct 75.24 Malloy Electric Bear Heat,Vent & A 459.44 McCulloch, Mary A Welfare Rent 375.00 McFarland Supply Co Jail Repairs 7.72 McFarland Supply Co Plumbing & We 63.50 Medicine Creek Conve Gas,Oil,Diese 31.55 Menards - East Building Repa 13.56 Menards - East Grounds & Par 728.43 Menards - East Heat,Vent & A 40.41 Menards - East Hhs Maintenan 6.00 Menards - West Building Repa 40.95 Menards - West Furniture & O 38.97 Menards - West Grounds & Par 80.09 Microfilm Imaging Sy Maintenance C 1,180.00 MidAmerica Motoplex, Automotive/Sm 201.07 Midamerican Energy C Natural Gas 1,231.93 MidAmerican Energy C Welfare Utili 420.00 Midwest Oil Company, Parts Invento 1,484.29 Midwest Oil Company, Small Tools, 51.85 Midwestern Endrocrin Physicians 556.06 Midwestern Mechanica Electrical Re 161.37 Minnehaha Community Park/Recreati 50.00 Minnehaha Community Tea-Ellis Ran 56.50 Mobile Electronic Se Communication 260.00 MOMCC Memberships 35.00 Monick Pipe & Supply Grounds & Par 65.25 Monoprice Inc Safety & Resc 6.73 Morsels Omni Shoreha Education & T 1,213.90 Multi-Cultural Cente Interpreters 495.00 Nat'l Assn Cnty Reco Memberships 175.00 Neve's Uniforms Uniform Allow 478.98 Newegg.Com Inc Data Processi 1,880.72 Newman, Scott G Welfare Rent 600.00 North Central Intl S Truck Repair/ 152.68 Northeast Investment Welfare Rent 245.00 Northern Truck Equip Automotive/Sm 552.18 Nyberg's Ace Hardwar Building Repa 62.77 Nyberg's Ace Hardwar Child Care It 19.98 Nyberg's Ace Hardwar Small Tools, 8.67 Office Depot, Inc. Office Suppli 727.83 Officemax Office Suppli 147.91 Olson, Waltner & Sch Attorney Fees 470.00 Olson's Pest Technic Other Profess 67.75 Open City Education & T 37.53 Osborn, Roxane R Court Reporte 564.00 Palmer, Barbara Bd Evaluation 900.00 Paypal Program Activ 90.51 Paypal Repair/Renova 63.38 PC Gold Other Miscell 7.99 Peters Distributing Communication 272.86 Peters Distributing Furniture & O 770.25 Pfeifer Implement Co Correction Ct 375.00 Pfeifer Implement Co Grounds & Par 354.19 8/06/2013 Pfeifer Implement Co Motor/Machine 28.36 Pheasantland Industr Building Repa 15.12 Pheasantland Industr Printing/Form 50.00 Pheasantland Industr Repair/Renova 423.36 Pierre Parkside Deve Education & T 109.99 Printersupplies.Com Office Equipm 107.00 Prostrollo, Casey D Welfare Rent 500.00 PSC Properties Llc Welfare Rent 600.00 Qualified Presort Se Postage 52.92 Queen City Wholesale Program Activ 31.50 Quest Engineering, I Small Tools, 189.86 Quill Corp. Office Suppli 47.83 R & L Supply, Ltd Building Repa 141.29 R & L Supply, Ltd Plumbing & We 15.53 Retail Data Systems Office Suppli 72.00 Richard-Ewing Equipm Correction Ct 18.34 Richmond II Ltd Ptnr Welfare Rent 136.00 Rigsby Law Office Pl Attorney Fees 495.00 Robsons Inc Dba Rob Other Supplie 74.79 Rudolphs Shoes Uniform Allow 229.98 S&S Worldwide Program Activ 65.19 Safe Home Ltd Ptnrsh Notes Rec (Sf -1,635.57 Safe Home Ltd Ptnrsh Other Misc. R -1,958.52 Safe Home Ltd Ptnrsh Rent Subsidie 12,804.00 Sanford Hospital Blood Withdra 40.00 Sanford Hospital Welfare Rent 700.00 Satisfaction Plus In Motels 159.00 Scheels All Sports Automotive/Sm 269.92 Scheels All Sports Uniform Allow 80.00 Schoeneman Bros. Co. Exhibit Mater 1,141.89 SD Dept Of Transport Bridge Repair 1,052.23 SDAAO-SD Assoc Of As Education & T 3,000.00 Severtson, Allen Business Trav 36.84 SF Specialty Hospita Recruitment 370.00 Shell Oil Cops Meth Gra 50.96 Shell Oil Gas,Oil,Diese 37.00 Shell Oil 2012 Homeland -0.65 Shepherd Reporting L Court Reporte 576.00 Sheraton Cops Meth Gra 1,484.88 Sig Sauer Inc Ammunition 270.00 Simon, Anthony (OR) Other Profess 75.00 Sioux Empire Fair As Hazard Insura 5,119.92 Sioux Falls Airport Fed Drug Fund 6.00 Sioux Falls Conventi Advertising 500.00 Sioux Falls Music Co Program Activ 19.99 Sioux Falls Two Way Communication 118.49 Sioux Falls Utilitie Electricity 9,621.98 Sioux Falls Utilitie Welfare Utili 192.67 Sioux Valley Energy Electricity 249.49 Sioux Valley Energy Road Maint. & 139.43 Sioux Valley Energy Tea-Ellis Ran 97.93 Sioux Valley Energy Welfare Utili 386.00 Skorczewski, Jena Court Reporte 129.80 Sleep Inn & Suites Business Trav 275.46 Solheim, Virginia Business Trav 37.58 Sq *Mark Brenneman Fed Drug Fund 30.00 Staples Domestic Viol 121.34 Stenopat Ltd Inc Depositions 415.30 Storhaug, Adrean Welfare Rent 475.00 Street Smart Rental Equip. (Lease 3,500.00 Stronghold Counselin Clinics - Aux 872.50 Sunshine Foods Other Profess 121.74 Super 8 Motel-Pierre Business Trav 45.04 Supershuttle Execuca Education & T 14.00 Swanda, Karen Bd Exp. Fees 45.00 Szameit, Alexandra Interpreters 70.83 T & R Contracting, I Contr Co 143,491.43 Tenth Street, Inc. Automotive/Sm 113.95 Text Control, Llc Data Processi 976.65 Text Control, Llc Software 976.65 The Home Depot Other Miscell 323.68 Thorin, Deyanira T Interpreters 50.00 Timberland Village A Welfare Rent 500.00 Tires, Tires, Tires Automotive/Sm 23.99 Tires,Tires,Tires In Gas,Oil,Diese 52.80 United Air Education & T -526.60 United Parcel Servic Office Suppli 82.78 United Parcel Servic Postage 51.78 United Rentals, Inc Building Repa 120.64 USD-DHSF (Dental Hyg Dentists 683.07 Usps.Com Postage 455.13 Vanroekel, Jennifer Education & T 144.00 Variety Foods Llc Other Profess 180.38 Vogel Traffic Svcs I Building Repa 52.09 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Bldg. & Outsi 299.68 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Inmate Suppli 43.25 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Other Profess 475.01 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Other Supplie 345.12 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Bldg. & Outsi 79.00 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Gas,Oil,Diese 94.11 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Janitorial/Ch 28.25 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Other Supplie 15.36 Wal-Mart Pharmacy Pharmacies 492.16 Walgreen Co. Pharmacies 208.97 Walgreens Pharmacy Other Supplie 15.86 Westin Charlotte Fed Drug Fund 716.92 Winter Equip Comp In Parts Invento 3,000.00 Xcel Energy, Inc. Electricity 68,795.94 Xcel Energy, Inc. Road Maint. & 35.32 Xcel Energy, Inc. Welfare Utili 3,786.67 Yankton County Sheri Return Of Ser 50.00 Yankton County Treas Attorney Fees 2,102.75 Zimmer, Duncan & Col Attorney Fees 3,851.71 PERSONNEL MOTION by Barth, seconded by Heiberger, to approve the following personnel changes. 5 ayes. 1. To hire Julia Disburg as Human Resources Generalist (16/1) for Human Resources at $19.558/hour 2. To promote Nicholas Rebnord from Correctional Officer in Training to Correctional Officer (13/1) for the 3. To promote Adam Bunger from Correctional Officer in Training to Correctional Officer (13/1) for the 24/7 Program at $16.864/hour effective 6/13/13. 4. To accept the resignation of Terence Cunningham as Correctional Officer for the 24/7 Program effective 5. To discharge Ruth Roedler-Magee as part-time Juvenile Correctional Worker for the Juvenile Detention 1. Cynthia Jepsen – Commission Recorder – Auditor – 14/5 to 14/6 – 8/9/13 – $20.046/hour 2. Matthew Larson – Corrections System Operator – Jail – 9/8 to 9/9 – 6/27/13 – $16.864/hour 3. Marc Wynia – Deputy Sheriff – Sheriff’s Office – 16/10 to 16/11 – 7/5/13 – $25.035/hour 4. Janet Olson – Senior Deputy Public Advocate – Public Advocate’s Office – 22/8 to 22/9 – 8/1/13 – 5. Steven Ruiter – Juvenile Correctional Officer II – Juvenile Detention Center – 14/14 to 14/15 – 7/15/13 1. To recognize the following significant employee anniversaries for August 2013: 10 Years – Steve Punke, Jacqueline Rasmussen, Stacey Tieszen, Krista Leidholt, Rodney Axsom; 5 Years – Marlin Schleneker, Karen Weeldreyer, Martha Dargen, Patricia Allen, Safiya Godi. 2. To record volunteers in County Departments for July 2013. The list is on file in Human Resources. LIEN COMPROMISE Commissioner Pekas gave a briefing on a petition for compromise of lien from DPNO 28354 in the amount of $2,217.29 and DPNO 52116 in the amount of $521.50. The applicants are a married couple who are preparing to purchase a home on a Contract for Deed and the liens need to be resolved prior to closing. They are requesting a compromise and release of the liens in full upon payment of $1,369.50. DPNO 28354 is for liens incurred between 1992 and 2001 that include Public Defender, Public Advocate and Court Appointed Attorney services. A total of $2,118.13 in payments has been made on this lien. DPNO 52116 is for Court Appointed Attorney, Public Advocate, and Public Defender services incurred between 2004 and 2011. A total of $583.36 in payments has been made on this lien. The wife is unemployed and the husband receives approximately $46,000 annually in VA and Social Security Disability. They list assets of $15,000 and liabilities of $3,400. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Heiberger, to approve Resolution MC13-42 and Resolution MC13-43. 4 ayes, Kelly voted nay. WHEREAS, a County Aid Lien in the amount of $2,217.29 purports to exist in favor of Minnehaha County and 8/06/2013 against DPNO 28354 as Lienee, and WHEREAS, said lienee has filed an application with the County Auditor stating such facts as provided for by Law, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that after due consideration of the circumstances the Board of County Commissioners finds it advisable and proper to authorize the Chairman of the County Board and the County Auditor to execute the following: Compromise and release the lien in full upon payment of $1,108.65. If payment is not made within one year from approval, this agreement is null and void. Dated at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this 6th day of August, 2013. APPROVED BY THE COMMISSION: Gerald Beninga Chairman ATTEST: WHEREAS, a County Aid Lien in the amount of $521.50 purports to exist in favor of Minnehaha County and against DPNO 52116 as Lienee, and WHEREAS, said lienee has filed an application with the County Auditor stating such facts as provided for by Law, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that after due consideration of the circumstances the Board of County Commissioners finds it advisable and proper to authorize the Chairman of the County Board and the County Auditor to execute the following: Compromise and release the lien in full upon payment of $260.85 If payment is not made within one year from approval, this agreement is null and void. Dated at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this 6th day of August, 2013. APPROVED BY THE COMMISSION: Gerald Beninga Chairman ATTEST: Cynthia Jepsen Deputy County Auditor AGREEMENT Erin Srstka, JDAI Coordinator, gave a briefing on an agreement with Lincoln County for electronic monitoring and home detention services. Minnehaha County received a $25,000 financial allocation from the Council of Juvenile Services (CJS) to assist in the support of the local Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative expansion. The funds will be used to promote collaboration, provide education, offer training, and assist in funding a pilot Home Detention project for Lincoln County. $5,000 of the funding will be utilized to employ a pilot project 8/06/2013 aimed to offer the detention alternatives of Home Detention and Electronic Monitoring to Lincoln County. Following the expiration or spending of the grant funds, the contract states that Lincoln County agrees to pay Minnehaha County $37.50 per youth per day for Home Detention and Electronic Monitoring. MOTION by Kelly, seconded by Barth, to authorize the Chairman to sign the agreement between Minnehaha County and Lincoln County for electronic monitoring and home detention services. 5 ayes. Robert Wilson, Assistant Commission Administrative Officer, gave a briefing on a request by Golden West Telecommunications (GWTC) for an easement granting access to the south twenty (20) feet of Jeannie Drive laying adjacent to Lot six (6) of Block four (4), Hartford Heights Addition, Section 25-T102N-R51 West of the 5th PM. This property is located within a public right of way that will be considered for vacation on August 13, 2013. Pat Herman, Assistant Planning & Zoning Director, stated that GWTC is requesting the easement to avoid any issues that may arise should they need to access equipment that is buried under this property. MOTION by Kelly, seconded by Pekas, to authorize the Chairman to sign the easement for Golden West Telecommunications. 5 ayes. HIGHWAY PURCHASE DJ Buthe, Highway Superintendent, requested approval to purchase two additional tandem axle trucks from I State Truck Center at a total cost of $225,622 and two additional dump bodies and hydraulics from Northern Truck Equipment at a total cost of $148,730. The items were previously bid and awarded on February 19, 2013. Both companies have confirmed that they will extend the February bid price for the new purchases. Mr. Buthe stated that the trucks are scheduled for replacement in 2014 and is requesting to move the replacement into 2013. MOTION by Pekas to approve the purchase of two additional tandem axle trucks from I State Truck Center and two additional dump bodies and hydraulics from Northern Truck Equipment from contracts awarded February 19, 2013. Motion dies for lack of a second. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Barth to take no action. 5 ayes. LIAISON REPORTS Commissioner Heiberger reported that the electrical control board has been repaired at the Juvenile Detention Center at an approximate cost of $3,500. Ms. Heiberger also reminded everyone that the Sioux Empire Fair is going on this week and she and Commissioner Barth will be serving at the Chamber luncheon. Commissioner Barth reported that the clock on the north side of the clock tower is not working and a repairman is expected to come and repair it in the near future. OLD BUSINESS Commissioners discussed a letter received from Lois Hanson, 413 Nelson Lane, Brandon, SD, in regard to the notice for public comment on the proposed naming of a stream located in Red Rock Township in Minnehaha County. In the letter Ms. Nelson states that the creek has been known as “Lone Creek” and she also submitted an account of a flood event where a five year old boy lost his life while attempting to cross the creek in a buggy with his mother and year and a half old brother on June 10, 1914. Ms. Hanson suggests formally naming the creek “Lone Creek” or possible naming it after Arvid Anderson, the boy who lost his life in the flood event and his mother Annie Anderson, or the heroes that rescued Annie and her younger son. Commissioner Heiberger stated that we should check with the museum archives to get more details on the event. Commissioner Pekas stated that Bruce Blake should be contacted in regard to the possible placement of a historical marker at this site. Robert Wilson, Assistant Commission Administrative Officer, reported that he has forwarded the letter from Lois Hanson to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names and that he has sent a thank you letter to Lois Hanson for comments. MOTION by Barth, seconded by Pekas, to adjourn into Executive Session for personnel and litigation. 5 ayes. The Commission adjourned until 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.


Changes in stimulus salience as a result of stimulus preexposure: evidence from aversive and appetitive testing procedures

Learning & Behavior2003, 31 (2), 185-191 Changes in stimulus salience as a result ofstimulus preexposure: Evidence from aversiveIn two experiments, rats received preexposure to three compound flavor stimuli, AX, BX, and CX,where X represents a saline solution. AX and BX were presented in alternation; CX, on a separate blockof trials. The value of X was then modified, being devalued by av

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