Hormones play a role in body health

Improving the function of the appropriate glands or organs can help optimize the body’s
performance and contribute to RESTORING a more normal body shape.
By years of consuming excess sugar, low calorie diets, dieting from one type diet to
another and toxic chemical exposure the endocrine system can get damaged, this can
disrupt or block glandular function. Over or underproduction of hormones and
disrupted communications can contribute to extensive alteration of body functions.
(Laboratory Blood Spot and Saliva Testing available upon request.)
Thyroid Body Type
THYROID HORMONES help speed up the body’s
metabolism for energy production, fat burning, weight
loss, mental activity, intestinal function, growth, repair of
tissues, absorption of nutrients (including vitamins) and
the elimination of wastes in the body.
Sluggish thyroid case:
Fatigue, fluid retention and stubborn weight gainGradual steady increase in body weight, fatigue,sleepiness or lethargy, feeling of dullness or poor mentalfocus, constipation or sluggish elimination, coldintolerance or can’t stand sudden temperature changes,hair loss or coarse hair, dry skin, lack of interest in life,low body temperature, feeling of inactivity (no spunk),high cholesterol, chronic join and muscle pain andinflammation, insomnia or difficulty sleeping thought thenight. Think you have thyroid problem, but have anormal blood test? Ovary Body Type
Improperly functioning ovaries may be associated with the ovary body shape. The ovaries produce the hormones estrogen
and progesterone, which control the development of sexual
organs and secondary sex characteristics, including the
placement of the fat layer around the body, The ovarian
hormones also interact with other hormones (Pituitary) to
control the menstrual cycle. When menopause (end of the
menstrual cycle) approaches, the ovaries begin to shut down
and the adrenal glands take over for the ovaries and produce
the same (or precursor) hormones.
If the adrenal glands are
weak, the woman may have problems such as weight gain, hot
flashes, night sweats or vaginal dryness.

When the ovaries become dysfunctional they can produce an
excess of estrogen, which can cause more fat production or
storage. It has been observed that there may be an association
with the ovary body distortion, exhibited by and enlargement
of the lower abdominal region (below the belly button), hips
and buttocks.

Potential symptoms of improperly working ovaries:
History of PMS, premenstrual weight gain, ovarian cysts,fatigues and brains fog. Pain in the back, hips or knees, lack oflibido, Infertility, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness,acne, mood swings, excessive menstrual bleeding, constipation.
Liver Body Type
When the Liver becomes damaged or weak, it can
cause a “pot belly” appearance a protruding belly
mostly caused by the accumulation of fluid, not fat.
There may be an appearance of a roll of fat or bulging,
just below the rib cage.
A Liver type often craves the
very foods that will stress the liver even more, such as
fatty/fried foods, chocolate or alcohol.
Symptoms that can be experienced with improperly working liver
Foggy brain in the morning, pot belly, lower tolerance tofatty foods, burping or bloating after eating, constipation andhemorrhoids, bad breath, pain or stiffness in the rightshoulder area, stiffness or pain in the upper back/shoulderblade area, roll of fat or bulging just below the rib cage, sensation of fullness over the rib cage on the right side, irritability or moodiness, especially in the morning, sensation of overheated body, especially the feet, especially at night, allergies, hives or other skin problems,brown spots or bright red dots on the skin, gall bladderproblems, Early morning insomnia (awakens before alarmrings), chemical and food sensitivities.
Red Flags suggesting adrenal exhaustion may include energy
dips during the day with cravings for caffeine or carbohydrates to
rev up, frequent sensations of swinging emotions or
vulnerability, disrupted sleep patterns, stubborn weight gain
even with dieting and exercise, or chronic pain and
, just to name a few. Adrenal burnout could be
considered a degenerative breakdown of the body’s energy system-
a system that is essential to health. Symptoms of adrenal
exhaustion are a wake up call.

Sluggish adrenal case:
Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, chronicfatigue not relieved by sleep, tired all the time, need forcoffee or stimulants to wake up, craving salty foods, lackof energy, Intestinal irritation (colitis), requiringincreased effort to perform daily tasks, decreased sexdrive, decreased ability to handle stress. Increased timerequired to recover from illness, injury or milddepression, symptoms increased if meals are skipped orare inadequate mental thought process more fuzzy,thoughts less focused, cannot wake until 10:00 or 11:00am, tired between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, feel better after anevening meal, decreased productivity, feel out of breathwhen walking up stairs, Body weight accumulationaround mid section, “Buffalo hump”, on upper back(below base of neck), fluid retention, yet dehydrated(thirsty), dizzy when getting up too quickly,inflammation or arthritis in different parts of the body,allergies or asthma. digestive problems.

Source: http://www.naturalhealingarts.net/HormonesPlayARoleInBodyHealth.pdf


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