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Day 15 - Tuesday 4 October

I’m now in the Borders, at the Buccleuch Arms Hotel in Moffat having run over Beattock
Summit today.
I did 26.4 miles today (slightly more than shown on Endomondo tracker). Raj ran the first 12
miles with me and Sue ran the last 14.
The run was better than yesterday as we were on more even terrain, on cycle tracks. I did
more running today as I have injured a tendon at the bottom of my shin which makes walking
difficult, even with walking poles. I am having Voltarol gel applied to my shin 4 times a day
and will just have to wait for it to ease. All other aches and pains seem to be subsiding.
Today’s route finished with 1 ½ hours going downhill quite steeply. My quads were OK
with that today, so I am pleased with the improvement.
My running companions yesterday have expressed concern about my intake of food and
liquid en route, so you might be interested to hear about my routine on a typical day.
I have either porridge or muesli for breakfast then Doc checks my feet and tapes up my toes,
which takes ½ hour. I warm up at the hotel and then we go to the start of that day’s route and
Doc takes my blood pressure, temperature and weight in the campervan that is his mobile
surgery, then I finish warming up and start off.
I have electrolyte drink or coconut water (a natural electrolyte) with me all the time (usually
carried by one of the other runners) which I sip throughout the day. The Doc and Physio
know how much I have to drink in a day and any of that quantity that I have not drunk during
the run, I have to drink during the evening.
During today’s run I ate 2 bananas, 2 energy bars (I prefer Nakd – all natural ingredients), a
ham and cheese roll and an apple (Alan’s home grown from Guernsey). When I finish the
run I am wrapped up in a foil blanket, covered with a fleece blanket and Doc takes my
temperature and blood pressure again. We get to the next hotel as soon as we can so I don’t
get cold, and on the way there I have a protein and carbohydrate replacement drink called
Living Fuel from Evolution Organics. I also used this after all my training runs at home, and
used different quantities according to the length of the run and therefore the calories I have
At the hotel we check in as quickly as possible, and I have ½ hour with Doc untaping my
toes, then a cold bath up to my waist to help the recovery of the muscles in my legs. That
really makes me feel cold, so I have a hot shower afterwards and then an hour of massage
and stretching. If I have time, I have a kip before dinner, but I try to eat fairly early, as it
usually takes ages to get dinner in hotels, then I phone home with my day’s report and fall
We had a Red Cross parcel of cake waiting for us at the hotel this evening from Sam Weir –
some healthy cake, some unhealthy Malteser cake and some soda bread. Thank you Sam.
We are going to eat the healthy cake as a substitute for energy bars en route. I’ll let you
know if it helps me run faster!



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