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Product Data
Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. Add: 77 Jinsha Road, Shantou, Guangdong 515041, China Tel: 86-754-88250150 Fax: 86-754-88251499 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
1~4MHz and 0.5~10MHz, highlighting advantages of high sensitivity and broadband. Immersion detection or precision measurement can be easily achieved through the logic relation between gate A and B. locating the peak reflection echo during testing.  Variable PRF: avoid reverberation signals during flaw detection.  Complete DAC curve function: convenient for echo evaluation.  Probe angle (K value) measuring function.  Large memory for saving up to 500 data sets, including wave forms, curves,  USB port for saving system stored data and data waveforms to a USB disk, as well as  Language selection: Chinese & English. Text message prompts during operation.  High-brightness color TFT LCD, bringing optimized effect for reading measurement.  10 waveform colors and character colors are available.  Large capacity lithium battery pack for continuous operation of over 6 hours. CTS-2020E

Example 1: Thin plates
With good near-field resolution, the CTS-2020E is
suitable for near-field flaw detection on measured pieces, as well as thickness measurement of
Example 2: DAC
With its complete DAC curves and echo compare function, the CTS-2020E brings easier, more convenient and more accurate echo analysis. (From flaw echo of a welding line and a group of Example 3: Tracking function
Gate B tracking function enables easy immersion
Example 4: Precision testing on flaws when using an angle probe
With powerful functions of the digital system, flaws can be located accurately. (From the waveform ofΦ1.6, 40mm from the testing surface, with an angle probe) CTS-2020E
Function Unit
0~6000 (Longitudinal wave in steel), continuously Display Range
Display Delay
Probe Delay
Material Velocity
Approx. 20 to 500Hz for display range within 1500mm Approx. 20 to 200Hz for display range over 1500mm Operating Frequency Range
MHz 0.5 ~10, two steps selectable: 1 ~4 /0.5~10 Vertical Linearity Error
Detection Sensitivity
Up to 10 echo reference points recorded, can be displayed in steps; dB distances between the three DAC Curve
DAC curves variable; DAC echo reference point can be inserted, or the selected echo reference point can be modified. 2 independent measure gates. Gate B can be set as Measure Resolution
Sound & light alarm (built-in beeper and LED on the Alarm Signal
Measure Point Selection
Flank or peak of the first echo in the gate Display of sound path, horizontal distance, vertical Echo Evaluation
5.7” high brightness TFT LCD, 320 x 240 pixels Two display modes selectable: normal and zoom CTS-2020E
A-scan Freeze
500 data sets, including detection state parameters, Data Memory
echo figures, DAC curves, remarks, etc. Save the system internal stored data and data waveforms to a USB disk. Print out detection reports. Compatible printers: HP-1020, HP-1120, Power supply
≥6h When using with the 7.2Ah lithium batter pack Operating Time
Operating Voltage
DC 6 ~9V (external power supply); 6.0 ~8.4V (battery) Operating Temperature
CTS-2020E Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Main Unit CD for US3020_2020 Computer Data Processing Software 【 Note 】 : For optional probes and accessories, please refer to NDT Probes and


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