Tel: +27 (0) 11 039 1956
Income Tax no: 9946154151
Fax: +27 (0) 086 552 2323
Company Reg no: 2010/161009/23
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Thank you for choosing Ideal Business registration to complete your company (Pty) registration on your Behalf. However we cannot proceed with your application until we receive the following document [Via emailor FAX: +27 (0) 086 552 2323]:  ID copies of all members (scanned preferred)  Signed Power of Attorney  Proof of Payment
Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents, We will send you proof that your application
has been submitted with CIPC (CIPRO) and during the process we will send you regular
updates with regard updates.
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 039 1956
Income Tax no: 9946154151
Fax: +27 (0) 086 552 2323
Company Reg no: 2010/161009/23
Physical Address:
Limited power of attorney for Registration of a New Company

We the undersigned, being desirous of forming a company to be registered under the name
(We will complete this with a new approved name)

Godfrey Tshifhiwa Munyai and Docex
with full power of substitution in my name place and
To apply for and obtain the registration of the Company under the Companies Act of the
republic and to subscribe for ordinary par value shares in my favour and to state the capital is
To apply for the Certificate to commence Business"
To deliver to the Registrar of Companies, the original Certificate of Incorporation,
Memorandum and Articles of Association subscribed by myself, as well as one (1) Notarially
certified copy of such documents and any other documents or form which might be required
for the registration of the Company and the obtaining of the Certificate to Commence
To make such amendment, addition or alteration to the Memorandum, Articles of Association and/or such other documents and forms which my said Attorney or agent may deem fit or which may be required by the Registrar of Companies and to initial or sign as may be required, each of such amendments, additions or alterations, and also to sign the CM 22, CM 46, CM 29, CM 47 and to state the adequacy or inadequacy of share capital. To alter the name of the Company, if the proposed name is not available, in such manner as my said attorney or agent may think fit. - To uplift the Certificate to Commence Business, the Certificate of Incorporation, original Memorandum and Articles of Association and any other certificate and/or document after the registration of the Company. I/We also indemnify Rain Link Design T/A Ideal Business Registrations (2010/161009/23) as well as the individuals to whom I give limited power of attorney, against any claims, loss, damage or liability arising from delay or errors occurring in the registration process. SIGNED and EXECUTED at __________________________ on this the _________ day of _________ 20___ in the presence of the undersigned witness: Please send us a copy either by Fax: 086 552 2323 or scan and email to:


Norsk visearkiv 2012 norske mellomalderballadar: kjempa grimborg (tsb d 61b) redaksjon: velle espeland, maren dahle lauten, elin prøysen, astrid nora ressem, olav solberg, ellen nessheim wiger

Norsk visearkiv 2012 Norske mellomalderballadar : Kjempa Grimborg (TSB D 61B)Redaksjon: Velle Espeland, Maren Dahle Lauten, Elin Prøysen, Astrid Nora Ressem, OlavSolberg, Ellen Nessheim WigerUtgitt med støtte frå, og. Teksten er lastet ned fra Kjempa Grimborg frir til ei farleg kongsdotter. Utanfor slottet hennar er det eitgjerde av jern, og det renn ei elv av blod. Grimborg bryt seg inn

Formato de trabajos [formato]

EXPERIENCIAS CON LA ANGUSTIA1 EVA LERNER Una convocatoria a hablar de la experiencia de lo real en la cura conecta siempre con lo más complejo del quehacer de un analista. Que además se trate de una invitación entre amigos para confrontar y compartir los obstáculos y mantener el entusiasmo en sostener esta práctica hace que agradezca esta invitación a los amigos de Mayéutica

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