Cacalc series 6200 multi-gas combustion analyzers

Series CA-6200 CA-C
Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers
TSI’s Series CA-6200 CA-CALCTM Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers are rugged, fast-response, easy-to-use instruments ideal for tuning burners for maximum efficiency and safety–from large industrial systems to small residential appliances. The basic unit measures O2, CO, draft, ambient temperature and stack temperature. Optional sensors can be added for measuring NO, NO2, SO2 and high CO concentrations. • Tune burners in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, • Intuitive operation with large backlit display • Real-time data displayed on a single screen • Operates on AC power or C-Cell batteries (24 hrs) • O2 Reference adjustable from 0% to 18% • Rugged case, built-in magnets, heavy-duty pump • Monitor emissions controls and burner performance • Calculated emission rates include lb/MBtu and ng/J
Advanced Sensor Technology
• Quick field installation of factory-calibrated sensors • Boiler/Burner Service and Repair Contractors • Four sensor slots designed for easy field upgrades 2-compensated CO sensor with manual isolation • Automatic baseline calibration of sensors • Recalibrates easily for critical safety checks • Sensors protected by a condensation moisture barrier
Superior Data Logging and Printing
• Store up to 680 sets of combustion test data
• Define up to 35 customers and 75 boilers/burners
• Test data time/date stamped for easy on-site access
• Download data to a computer or print hard copy report
SpecificationsSeries CA-6200 CA-CALC Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers General Data
Oxygen (O2)*
External Dimensions
6 × 10 × 2.5 in. (15 × 25.4 × 6.4 cm) 2.5 lbs/3.9 lbs with probe (1.12/1.75 kg) Resolution
Carbon Monoxide (CO)–H2 Compensated*†
Flow Rate
Maximum Flue Pressure
Carbon Monoxide (CO)–High Concentration*†
Standard Flue Gas Sampling Probe
Probe/Hose Material
Probe Length
Nitric Oxide (NO)*†
Hose Length
Probe Diameter
Emission Flue Gas Sampling Probe†††
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)*†
Probe Length
Hose Length
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)*†
Probe Diameter
Communication Interface
Flue Gas Temperature Probe
Baud Rate
Power Requirements
Draft Pressure
Battery Life
>24 hours (pump on); >48 hr (pump off) AC Adapter
Backup Battery
Supply Air Temperature Probe (Optional)**
Backup Battery Life
Calculated Data
† Selectable units include mg/m3, g/bhphr, ppm, lb/MBtu, ng/J, g/MWh, mg/MJ, Carbon Dioxide (CO
Excess Air (EA)
††† Required for NO2 and SO2 measurement Loss ASME
Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Efficiency ASME (net)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Loss qA (Siegert)
Efficiency (η) Based on qA
Lambda (λ)
CO/CO2 Index (COr)
Operating Conditions
Instrument Temperature Range
Operating Range
Storage Range
Instrument Humidity Range
Maximum Flue Gas Probe Temperature
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