Maturita Card 16: Science
What are the different fields of science and what
the relationship between volume and pressure of are they concerned with?
gases. Nicholas Copernicus was the first person to One field of science is… chemistry, which is concerned theorize that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Galileo with / deals with / studies… the composition / Galilei later proved this with a telescope… Marie Curie components of matter / substances / chemicals such developed the theory of radioactivity and discovered as elements / molecules / ions and their properties… new elements, polonium and radium… Albert Einstein physics, which studies… physical laws / laws of nature developed the theory of relativity, which described / forces such as heat, motion, gravity, magnetism, the nature of gravity in relation to space and time.
electricity… subatomic particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons… biology, which deals with  What were some of the most significant
inventions in human history and why?
/ studies… organisms / plants and animals / life / the composition / building blocks… of life, such as cells, Some of the most significant inventions in human chromosomes, genes, DNA, proteins and amino acids.
history are… the wheel because it allowed people to transport goods or themselves quickly and over  What is the procedure for conducting / doing an
great distance with less effort… penicillin because experiment?
it kills bacteria and has saved lots of lives… X-ray First, you need to have a hypothesis / an idea… that technology because it allows us to look inside the you want to prove. Second / next, you have to test human body… the internal combustion engine this hypothesis / do an experiment… It’s important to because it improved / quickened transportation / record all of your results very accurately / precisely… allowed people and goods to travel even further… the Sometimes you may have to do the experiment more telephone because it allowed people to communicate than once to test / check your results. If the experiment over long distances… the computer because it allows confirms / shows your hypothesis you can say it proves it.
people to calculate difficult equations / sums quicker / store lots of information… the internet because it  What is some of the equipment you might need
connects people all over the world / allows people to for an experiment?
communicate with others across the world and create You would need… a lab / laboratory where you can do virtual realities / enables people to access a huge / conduct the experiment… a microscope to look at very small objects like cells… an electron microscope to look at subatomic particles… a beaker to measure  Which invention can you not live without?
and pour substances / chemicals… a test tube to mix The invention I cannot live without is… my computer chemicals and watch / study reactions… a Bunsen because it allows me to play games / use the internet burner to heat chemicals… a stopwatch to measure / communicate with friends / do my schoolwork… my time… Petri dishes to breed and study bacteria / fungi / mobile because I can be in contact with friends and family micro-organisms … a lab coat to protect your clothes… all the time… my iPod / MP3 player because it stores all my a computer to store and calculate results / run tests.
music… my digital camera because it allows me to keep a record of my life / I love taking photographs… television  What benefits does science bring?
because I need it to relax / I love television shows.
Science… increases our understanding / knowledge of the world… shows how the world / universe /  What have been some of the most dangerous or
natural phenomena work(s)… is the most reliable least helpful inventions in history?
way of showing what is true or false… can be applied An example of… the most dangerous / least helpful to make our lives more convenient / better… improves invention is… the nuclear bomb because it can only living conditions in the form of technology or medicine.
cause destruction… television because it wastes a lot of time and stops people learning… guns because  What is the difference between discovery and
they are used to kill people… plastic because it invention?
Discovery means coming across something that already exists (e.g. the law of gravity) while invention  How has digital technology changed our lives?
refers to creating something new (e.g. a telephone).
Digital technology… has made it easier to communicate… can store lots of information, so  Who were some famous scientists and what did
it is easier to conduct research or create images or they discover or invent?
work with sound and pictures on a computer… has One famous scientist was… Isaac Newton, who first improved the quality of audio and video recording… developed the idea of gravity and the laws of motion… has given people more access to information… has Robert Boyle developed Boyle’s law, which describes reduced the cost of sending and storing information.


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Supplementary Table 2: Genes upregulated by the cAMP-signaling pathway during normal budding growth WT/ pde2/ pde2/ Grouping ORF6. ORF19. cap1 cap1 Function O-acetylhomoserine O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase; involved in sulfur amino acid biosynthesis; immunogenic; Hog1p; biofilm; Predicted ORF from Assembly 19; Gcn4p-regulatedProtein abundance is affected by URA3 expression in the C

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