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HRT- Hormone Replacement Therapy - Article #1 ASK GRANNY EARTH

I’ve been reading a lot lately about Hormone Replacement Therapy
(HRT) and the harm it does. Can you elaborate?

Yes, it seems that the truth is finally surfacing about ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) and HRT (hormone replacement therapy). There is now documented research that shows ERT/HRT can cause an increase in the risk for heart disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, blood clots and strokes (Women’s Health Initiative, Latrobe Bulletin - Dec. 12, p.7).
Premarin is a ‘drug’ made up of conjugated estrogens obtained from the
urine of pregnant mares, hence the name: Pre (gnant) mar (mare) (ur) in
(e). Other names for this drug are: Prempro, Premphase and Prempac.
About one third of the 35 million post-menopausal women in the U.S. are on
ERT. Of these 11.5 million, 78% (or 8,900,000) use Premarin based
products. Premarin is manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerst, the Pharmaceutical
division of American Home Products Corporation. It is the 2nd most
prescribed drug in the USA, with approximately 10 million women taking
Premarin daily to combat menopausal symptoms and yielding its
manufacturer $1.7 Billion a year. (
As if the connection to increased risk for deadly disease weren’t enough, you
might be interested in exactly how this hormone is obtained.
There are approximately 450 farms in Canada and 50 farms in the U.S. (N.
Dakota, Minnesota and Indiana) housing 60,000 mares for the sole purpose
of producing estrogen. These pregnant mares are confined to narrow ‘tie stalls’ where they cannot turn, or lie down for months at a time. Chronic lack of exercise causes swelling of the legs and breakdown of the hoof structure. They are fitted with a Urine Collection Harness, which allows their urine to soak the skin of the vulva, causing infection and painful lesions, as it’s being collected. These mares are actually tied up in front and strapped in from behind. They absolutely cannot turn around, or take more than 2 steps forward or backward for 6 months at a time. Most of these farmers prefer to water as little as possible, thereby increasing the concentration of estrogen in the urine, which is what it’s all about. Just before foaling, the mares are taken ‘off line’ and allowed to foal in outside paddocks. Within days, they are re-impregnated and in a few months are put back on the ‘pee line’. When the mares become old and infertile, or crippled they are auctioned off for slaughter. What happens to the foals? Unfortunately, most of them are also sent to auctions where they are sold by the pound to meatpackers and then shipped off to Japan and France, where diners consider the meat delicacy. It’s estimated that at least 65,000 foals a year meet with this fate. (
Just in case you’re interested (perhaps for ‘boycotting’?) - American Home
also makes the following products -
Advil, Anbesol (oral analgesic), Caltrate (calcium supplement), Centrum
vitamins, Chap Stick, Clearblue Easy pregnancy test, Denorex shampoo,
Dimetap (cold medicine), Fibercon laxative, Preparation H, Primatene
(asthma relief), Robitussin (cough medicine), Chef Boyardee, Goulden’s
mustard, Jiffy Pop Popcorn, PAM (cooking spray) and Polaner (fruit spread).



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