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Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is the UK’s largest centre for children’s services and has a
world-class reputation as a specialist paediatric hospital, which encompasses clinical care,
research and the education of healthcare professionals. The hospital has more than 50 paediatric
specialties – the widest range of any hospital in Europe – which uniquely enables us to diagnose
and pioneer treatments for children with highly complex, rare or multiple conditions. GOSH
consistently delivers clinical outcomes that place us amongst the top 5 Children's Hospitals in the
The International and Private Patient Service at GOSH continues to treat complex tertiary and quaternary patients from the UK and overseas and the charges listed in this tariff are the standard tariff for private patients within the International and Private Patient Service. The travel health clinic at GOSH is led by Dr Jane Zuckerman, a world-renowned travel health expert who is supported by a team of highly qualified nurses. This consultant-led clinic will be providing comprehensive travel health services for families with children who are planning to travel. Travel vaccination is critical (and a legal requirement for some countries) to the well-being of children and adults who are travelling to areas where the risk of catching an illness or disease is very high. The risk is even greater where children are concerned, especially children with underlining health conditions. Great Ormond Street Hospital is an international centre of excellence and is recognised as one of the few truly world-class hospitals for children. Our motto is "the child first and always". Being part of such an impressive institution provides the travel health clinic not only with the highest calibre of on-site medical and nursing expertise but also state-of-the-art facilities. These services are unrivalled when compared to other travel health clinics. This list only contains fees and charges in relation to the GOSH travel clinic, a full range of other paediatric services are offered and a separate standard tariff is available on request. Please note certain vaccinations maybe available from your GP free of charge under NHS care.
Consultation fees
Consultant led appointment
The charges are based upon the patient type with an estimated time attached to each appointment. Consultant led- Standard Individual (20 minutes) Consultant led - Complex Individual (60 minutes) Consultant led - Family of up to 4 (Standard Individuals-60 minutes) Free Vaccinations
Chloroquine 200mg base in 155mg (20 tablets) Blood Tests

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If the client is on ANY of these drugs OR has any of the health conditions listed, consult a MD. If there are concerns re: interactions with any drug not listed, consult a Pharmacist/HIV Expert. CONTRAINDICATED Use with CAUTION Antiarrhythmics ▪ Flecainide (Tambocor®)Antiarrhythmics ▪ Amiodarone (Cordarone®)Antibiotics ▪ Rifampin (Rifadin®, Rofact®)Antihistamines ▪ Aste

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