• Battery-operated smoke detector with photoelectric scattered-light In order to avoid false alarms, do not mount the smoke detector: • In rooms in which strong water vapour, dust or smoke arise under nor- • Automatic self-test of the smoke development • Loud pulsing alarm sound approx. 85 dB(A) The smoke detector generates a very loud and shrill sound which can • Near ventilation shafts because the air stream may prevent the smoke damage your hearing. Therefore stay at least 50 cm away from it during • Near fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, because the starter switch may trigger false alarms through the electrical fields arising when the Carry out the function test once a month: • Battery compartment check: If no bat- lamp is switched on (minimum distance: 50 cm).
1. Press the test button for approx. 3-sec. If the signal sound is emitted, tery is inserted in the smoke detector, it • In rooms which are higher than 6 m.
the smoke detector operated correctly. If no signal sound is emitted, • Directly in the roof apex. Observe a minimum distance of 30 cm to the 2. Carry out the function test again. If no signal sound is emitted again, Device destruction through incorrect battery connection impossible • In rooms with temperatures under +4 °C or above +40 °C.
the smoke detector is defective and has to be replaced with a new • VdS approval: Certified and approved by the German "Verband der Preferably install the smoke detectors before or in the bedrooms so that the occupants are woken by the smoke alarm during the night.
Mount the smoke detector in the middle of the room under the ceiling The smoke detector recognises fire early on due to the smoke to achieve optimum detection characteristics. If this is not possible, development. It operates on the scattered-light principle. Light observe a minimum distance of 50 cm to the wall. transmitters and receivers are positioned in the measuring chamber so A smoke detector can monitor a room with a maximum of 60 m² area that the emitted light signal of the transmitter cannot impact the receiver and up to a maximum room height of 6 m.
(photo cell) directly. If smoke enters the smoke chamber, the light signal Install the smoke detector in the kitchen as far away as possible from the is scattered by the floating particles contained in the smoke. The cooking zone in order to avoid false alarms through water vapour.
scattered light rays impact the photo cell where they are converted into electrical signals which trigger the alarm. The function of the smoke evaluation is checked constantly. Any faults are indicated by a fault i Insert battery
• Do not paint over the smoke detector.
• Smoke detectors only recognise the smoke of a fire, not the flame • Smoke detectors do not extinguish a fire. In case of an alarm search for the source of the fire and, if necessary call the fire brigade (also In order to ensure the functional reliability of the smoke detector for a refer to "Correct behaviour in case of fire").
longer period, you should carry out maintenance once a month (or when • Do not use rechargeable batteries (accumulators) or power supply units as the voltage supply source. They can cause malfunctions or a 1. Remove the smoke detector from the base (turn counter-clockwise) • The smoke detector generates a very loud and shrill sound which can damage your hearing. Therefore stay at least 50 cm away from it 2. Wipe the smoke detector with a moist cloth.
In buildings with several storeys mount at least one smoke detector in 3. Insert the smoke detector back into the base and turn it clockwise • The smoke detector only monitors a defined area around the mounting site. Install a sufficient number of detectors to cover the entire living The smoke detector is supplied with voltage by a 9 V lithium battery. The area and to provide optimal protection.
battery test automatically checks the supply voltage in regular intervals. i Recommendation
• Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs might not be woken If the battery voltage drops below a defined point, the smoke detector Use several interconnected smoke detectors in larger houses in order signals for 30 days that the lithium battery has to be replaced. The smoke The smoke detector cannot be latched into the base without an detector is completely functional during this period.
Proceed as follows to replace the lithium battery: 1. Remove the smoke detector from the base (turn counter-clockwise).
4. Check whether the automatic self-test is carried out (smoke detector 2. Remove the old lithium battery from the compartment and discon- nect the connec-tor from the lithium battery connection.
Notify the fire brigade immediately. Remain calm and answer the 3. Connect the new 9 V lithium battery to the battery connection and insert the battery into the battery compartment.
i Replacing the smoke detector
How many persons are injured? Who is calling? 4. Insert the smoke detector back into the base and latch it in by turning Replace the smoke detector at the date specified on the device label.
Be ready to respond to any further questions of the fire brigade.
i Insert battery
Rescue yourself and endangered persons from the danger area.
In case of strong smoke formation keep close to the floor and press a The smoke detector cannot be latched into the base without a battery.
moist cloth against your mouth and nose.
Close the doors and windows of burning rooms in order to prevent the We accept the guarantee in accordance with the corresponding legal If it is not possible to flee out of the building, find a safe room, close the Please return the unit postage paid to our central service department door and draw attention to yourself at a window. Seal any gaps at the giving a brief description of the fault.
door with wet sheets or towels in order to prevent the smoke from Try to extinguish an emerging fire with an available extinguisher. Small fires can often be suffocated with a blanket. Never extinguish a fat fryer with water. Cover the fire with a lid.
If your attempts at extinguishing are not immediately successful,

Source: http://gira.kz/support/instructions/Instabus_KNX_EIB/11461290.pdf

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