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Citronella outdoor container candles Instructions

Materials and Equipment needed
– any type will do; this project is an excellent way to use up old bits of candles and scraps of
A double boiler for melting the wax or a metal container over/in a saucepan of hot water
Metal ladle – to gently stir the wax and remove any ‘bits’ if using up wax scraps
Old newspapers – to cover work area!
Apron is also a good idea!
A container for your candle. Old tins ie baked bean tins are ideal. If you use a terracotta plant pot,
make sure the inside is completely sealed so the pot is no longer porous and there’s not a big hole in the bottom! If you don’t, the pot will soak up the wax and become part of the candle – not a good idea!! Over sized square / round braided wick. These type of candles work better if they smoke a bit.
Metal sustainers to hold the wick central in the container and support the wick or use some small
stones from the garden.
Wick holder – this is to support the wick at the top of the container and to keep the wick in a
central position whilst you’re waiting for the wax to set.
Citronella fragrance oil – about 10ml per kilo of wax should do, but you can use a bit more or less
according your nose!


1. ½ Fill bottom saucepan or base of double boiler with water - Start the water heating 2. Place wax in inner pot of double boiler 3. Place container on protected work surface – or use an old baking tray to catch spilt wax (can 4. Attach the wick with sustainer to the bottom middle on your container; our specially made glue dots are excellent for this. Check it is central & straight. Or use the stone method - Hold the wick in the container and pour in the stones, enough to hold the wick upright when you let go. This also helps to stop the bottom of your container from getting too hot. 5. Melt the wax slowly and keep an eye on the wax temperature. Pouring temperature will be 6. Add the fragrance oil and stir thoroughly but gently 7. Support your wick with a wick holder to keep it central 8. Pour wax into the containers and fill to about 2 cm from the top 9. As the wax begins to cool it may sink a bit. If you notice this happening, keep the skin broken on the top of your candle using i.e. using a needle and re-melt the wax which you probably have left over in your melting pot and top up the candle. 11. Trim wick to approx 1 cm – this is longer than for normal candles 12. Allow the candle to rest for a minimum of 24/48 hours before burning DO NOT pour wax down a drain – it will block it!
DO NOT pour water on the hot wax!
Your candle making equipment can be cleaned by washing in hot soapy water. Every care has been taken to compile this information accurately. In view of the fact that the application of this informati on is outside our control, we disclaim any liability incurred in connection with its application or use FullMoons Cauldron PO Box 2173 Ascot SL5 0PQ Tel nr. 01344 627 945 Fax nr. 0709 210 3111

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