Remarks by
HRH Princess Lolowah Al Faisal
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees & General Supervisor of Effat
(3-5 minutes)
"Let us seek higher things"
University of Salford Honorary Degree 2013
I thank you sincerely for inviting me to
share this auspicious day with you, but
far beyond my own deep personal
appreciation, I regard this Honorary
Degree as a symbol of recognition of
common goals, not only between your
University in Jeddah, but also as a
achievements of our two countries in
preparing talented young women and
men - to play a worthy role in
contributing to progress in every field of
activity nationally and internationally.
For those of you graduating today it is
abundantly clear that the future may not
be at all easy in our troubled and rapidly
changing world. But, trouble and change
often severe have been constant
themes throughout history. Those of
today only differ in form and intensity.
What matters is how they are faced. Hope
and aspiration must never be diminished
by despair, nor determination to achieve
a goal restricted. The ultimate judge of
ones efforts in life is ones self. Just do
your best in all respects. Self-
knowledge is the true key and reward of
success, no matter how modest that
success might be.
Life is a journey of discovery for all of us,
with success and satisfaction dictated by
the random consequences of ones birth -
privileged, or condemned, in varying
degree. No matter where or what the
starting point, advantages can be wasted
and disadvantages surpassed. The
choice is ones own.
Change is a natural aspect of life. Be bold
in recognizing a need, and in shaping an
effective response to meet it. What counts
is how one reacts or prepares and, not
least, what impact actions have for others.
One must recognize that communities and
nations are made up of individuals, and it
is the morale and spirit of the individual,
which counts. These attributes are
I speak to you not as the privileged
daughter of a powerful King of Saudi
Arabia, but as one who has witnessed
and experienced at first hand - the often
extreme difficulties and challenges of
ultimate success with tolerance and
understanding, and the inspiring and
vital role of my mother, Queen Effat, in
supporting and encouraging my father to
achieve his aims. For whatever I may
have achieved in life, I am indebted for
her outstanding example.
education, I gained no degrees until
today- but I have learned very much from
the experience of life in doing all I can
at the highest level to promote
international dialogue in all fields of
education. It is the resulting invaluable
knowledge I have gained which I seek to
pass on. I give you also the example of
Bill Gates a non-graduate who has been
a major influence in technological
enormous wealth for well-focused and
successful charitable support for health
and education in the developing world.
I note that the maxim of your university is
– ‘Let us seek higher things. A truly
excellent goal But what is more
significant is how aspiration has become
achievement by the steady transformation
of a worthy technical Institute into a
distinguished university. No doubt there
were many obstacles to surpass over the
years, but determination saw its rewards.
This highlights another maxim – ‘Action
speaks louder than words. May I add
that I speak from experience, because we
at Effat University have trod a very
similar path. The common lesson we can
pass on to you is to hold firm to ones
aspirations, no matter what difficulties
one faces.
In following this path, one must have well
enlightenment and strength of faith -
are broader values which not only enrich
society but give an essential context to
technical and economic progress. True
national boundaries, or differences in
cultural background. As is often - and
quite rightly stressed differences are a
potential source of strength not conflict.
I urge you to respect the high value of the
education you have worked so hard to
achieve but now you are only at the true
beginning. Be well aware that life itself
offers a valuable education. There are
many excellent ways to achieve a worthy
goal. What is important is to reach that
goal; ethically and morally. These are
the core values by which we are judged.
May each of you be blessed with the
ability to see a goal clearly, and to have
the courage and determination to work
hard and consistently aspire to achieve.
Thank you, and I thank you also with
great humility on behalf of all the young
people we have prepared for life and for
all those to come. May it please God to
bless and guide our efforts.
Thank you,,,,
Lolowah Alfaisal

Source: http://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/Media%20Center/Documents/Speech%20of%20HRH%20Princess%20Lolowah%20in%20Salford%20University.pdf

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