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Specification Sheet
The Mini 100 Press is designed for Cold Pressing most Oil Seeds without Pre-Treatment*. Its small
size and tight tolerances means that it is very efficient at rupturing the structures of oil-bearing materials and extracting the oil. The Mini 100 may also be used to process cooked and prepared feed materials, where the pre-treatment will enable greater oil yields than is possible with the Press Typically the Mini 100 Screw Press will be used in specialist applications, where small scale extraction of high value products is required. It may be used either as a single stage High Pressure Press, or as part of a Mini Mill where it would undertake the Second-Pressing Duty.
The Mini 100 is also ideal for small-scale Pilot Plant or Research Work. It is simple to set up and use, and its operating characteristics are similar to those of a full sized productionPresses, enabling good predictions of full * Fibrous feeds or feeds with large particle sizes will
require pre-breaking before feeding to a Mini Press.
De Smet Rosedowns
Specification Sheet
Construction Basis:
The Mini 100 has a fully welded Steel Frame, that provides maximum strength and allows for simple installation of the Press. The motor is mounted on the Press, either on the base plate behind the Gearbox or on the top of the Gearbox. The feed mechanism and available space will generally determine which is the most suitable arrangement.
The Gearbox is of the Worm Box type, this is a high efficiency unit and it is fitted, as standard, with large bearings that will withstand the loads generated by the pressing operation. The Gearbox flanges directly to the Frame, and the main Press Shaft fits directly into the hollow-driving sleeve of the Gearbox. This arrangement eliminates the need for specialist alignment, making the Press All aspect of the Press and its ancillaries are designed in accordance with all European and British The Cage Assembly
The Cage is split on the centre line with the two halves bolted together. This design allows for quick and easy access to the Press internals for cleaning or inspection, without any specialist lifting equipment. The Cage is normally lined with standard Lining Bars, these are simpler and easier to maintain. Alternatively our unique Half Rings may be used, these offer much greater flexibility to adjust the drainage gaps of the Press, while retaining all the advantages in terms of access and The Worm Assembly:
The Worm Assembly generally features two compression zones to maximise the efficiency of oil extraction without generating the high pressures that absorb power and cause excessive wear of Parts. The Worm Assembly is made up of loose sections, built up on a keyed Shaft. The Parts slide on to the Shaft from the Discharge End, so that those parts that experience the greatest wear and those most likely to need changing for different seed types are the first to be removed from the Shaft. The Compression in each zone can be adjusted, to suit the feed material and the required duty, with simply interchangeable Pressure Pieces that are supplied as De Smet Rosedowns


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