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Deer Park Primary School
New Road, Wingerworth, Chesterfield S42 6TD Tel / fax: 01246 232696 Email: Web Headteacher: Mr T.G. Soar. B.Ed (Hons)
11 February 2010
School Newsletter No: 12 2009 2010
Dear Parent/Guardian
In our OFSTED inspection last February, there were two issues that the inspectors asked us to address
before they return in 2 years time. The first was to improve our tracking of pupils (which we have done)
and the second was to create a global link for the school in order for the children to have a wider
understanding of other people, their cultures and their aspirations. They felt it particularly important for
the children at our school as we are very much a mono culture.
The village of Wingerworth has developed a link with the diocese of Kolhapur in India, a 14 hour train
journey south of Mumbai (Bombay). St Thomas’ English School is situated within this area and we are
pursuing a link with them. So far we have had limited success due to communication difficulties. After
attending a meeting with schools that have travelled this road before, their advice is that the only way to
kick start the link is to personally establish a link by visiting the school. At a meeting of the Governors
last week, they agreed to release me to go to visit the school from 19th to 27th March.
The short term aim of the visit is to set up an IT link and to introduce the children at St Thomas’ to your
children through film we will take of them talking about themselves and taking part in the various
activities going on at Deer Park. I will go as the children’s spy to find out answers to questions that they
have about the children in India. In our approaching India week the children will be working on stories,
dramas and interviews that I will take out to India to share with the children. I hope to return with similar
interviews from the Indian children.
The longer term aim of the project is that we equip our children with the confidence and technical know
how, to operate on a global scale. They say the world is getting smaller but the issues we face are getting
more complex and have global implications. In educating our children as future leaders, an understanding
of others and the ability to work together will be important. The ability to communicate with the children
in India is a first step towards this goal.
As this is part of a village link, there may be parents who wish to get involved as the project progresses.
On my return I will hold an evening to show anyone interested, images of the school and the children and
share information about opportunities.
Well, I’ve had the injections, got my mosquito net and once I have bought a bottle or two of Imodium I
should be ready. I feel very privileged to be going as the representative of Deer Park School and look
forward to teaching the children in a completely different culture. I am sure that I will learn a lot
personally from the experience. For those of you that wish to see what the place looks like on Google
Earth, the school is in the town of Sangli, East of Kolhapur.
Yours sincerely


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