In view of the repeated news in the media and the misuse of psychotropic drugs by certain medical shops, it has been decided to enforce maintenance of written registers at al steps of sales point for sale of psychotropic/other critical drugs sales from the first sales point to the chemist. This special circular will be have immediate effect. All Asst Drugs Controllers and Inspectors are instructed to inform al the depots/C&F Agents/distributors to maintain proper watch on the supply and inform the supply details with batch/quaintly of such drugs of the ADC and DI before 5th of every month positively. ADC shall give specific instructions to DI(IB)s and dist DIs to inspect the shops with unusual purchases of such drugs immediately. ADC will report such action taken reports to the Head Office every 10th as DO letter to ADC(IB), O/o DC, TVM positively. The report shall include the names of shops inspected in the previous month and other shops to be inspected in the current month too. They can give separate news paper release in each zone to the effect as the case may be. Psychotropic drugs
Dextropropoxyvon HCl- ( Proxyvon/Spasmoproxyvon, Corbotayil, Lupion, Sidinol,
Lavagesic, Parvon Spas, Proxytab etc)
Coedine containing cough Syrups (Corex, Codylex Linctus, , Instacodin,
Codocough, Mit’s LInctus Codiine, Phensedyl, Exipion, Tossex, Codo-Q etc)
Pentazocine Injection-(Fortwin, Pentawin, Ridof, Pzocin)
Alprozolam tabs- (Alprax, Alzolam, Restyl, Somnirest, Trika, Zolam etc )
Lorezepam- (Elsipam, Lorazem, Ativan, Larpose, Lorvan, Rosup, Loripam etc)
Nitazepam tabs (Nitravet, Nite, Nitrosun, Nipum etc)
Diazepam-(Valium, Campose)
Haloperidiol-(Serenace,Benzydol, Halidol, Halidace, Seradol
A. Sex Stimulants/Erectyl dysfunction drugs:-
Sildenafil-(Caverta, Penigra, Indigra, Lupigra, Rocky etc)
Tadalafil -(Etalyx, Foreceta, Popup etc)
B. Hormonal drugs
Levonorgestrel tablets-(I-Pill, Pil -72, T-Pill, My-Pil , Easy-2, Divsko, T-Pill 72,
Freelady, Lineclear, Nochance, Novil etc).
Mifepristone- (Mtpill, Mtprost, Mefiprin, Mifegest, Abopill etc)
All Inspectors shall check the movement of such drugs in their inspection. Specific reports will be forwarded to ADC ,( Ensure that the ,Licensees maintain proper registers including the Name and Address of Prescriber, Patient, Phone nbr of Patients), Seal the prescriptions with name, address of sel er and date of sale to avoid repeated purchase) etc. All ADCs will see that C&F and Distributors keep close track of their stocks, orders etc. Every distributor shall report the sales quantities of such drugs to the concerned DIs and ADCs before 5th of every month. Concerned Regional Drugs Inspector/DI(IB) shal coordinate the work with all C&F Agents in Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Thrissur, where most of the C&F gents are situated. If the action is not effective as expected, Department will be forced to restrict the distribution of such drugs with special al otment as followed in Narcotic Manufactured drugs like Pethidine, Morphine etc. in future.

Source: http://www.dc.kerala.gov.in/docs/pdf/circular/psychotropic.pdf


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