Care of the eyes before and after Blepharoplasty surgery Surgery can be with local anaesthetic, with or without sedation, and sometimes under general anaesthetic. The operation takes 1-2 hours, depending on whether upper and lower lids are being operated on. It is usual to go home the day of surgery (day case). Preoperative Medications
Make sure you do not take any aspirin for 10 days before surgery. This reduces the bleeding and
bruising. If you are on warfarin, then the dose may need to be reduced. You must discuss this with Mr
Morrison and liaise with your GP or physician about changing your warfarin dose. If in doubt, check
with your GP that this is OK Aspirin and warfarin can be taken as normal the day after surgery.
ARNICA is recommended to assist healing of the skin and reduce bruising. Take ‘Arnica 30’ tablets for 3 days before surgery and the week after surgery. These can be purchased from most chemists. Also recommended is BROMELAIN tablets for 3 days before surgery and after surgery. When you return from the operating theatre there will be a pad over the operated eye. The pad reduces swelling and keeps the eye closed. You will be given instructions about when to remove the pad, which is usually the morning after surgery. The eyelid will feel a little sore and will be red with some moderate lid swelling and bruising. There will be sutures (stitches) just above the eyelashes on the upper lid, and below the lashes on the lower lid. Some of these will nee removal by Mr Morrison on the 5th or 6th day after surgery. The remainder will dissolve or fall out during the two months after surgery. It is fine to take paracetamol or aspirin for the pain or discomfort. It is a good idea to sleep slightly upright with an extra pillow or two for the first 2 nights after surgery. This reduces facial swelling and puffiness. Eye drops: You will be given artificial tears plus antibiotic drops/ointment to put in the eye for 3-4
times a day for at least two weeks. These keep the surface of the eye moist. Do not panic if you miss
the occasional drop.
Ice packs: These help to reduce lid swelling, pain, and speeds up healing. The ice pack can be made
by wrapping ice or a packet of frozen food such as peas in a plastic bag, flannel or towel. Apply the ice
pack to the closed eyelid for 5-10 minutes every hour during the daytime for the first two days after
surgery, as soon as your eye pad has been removed.
The eyelids can be cleaned of excess mucous or ointment with cool (boiled) water on a clean piece of cotton wool. There may be visible stitches (sutures) on the surface of the eye. The sutures will dissolve or fall out during the two months after surgery. When can you swim?
No swimming until after the first clinic visit at 1-2 weeks. Please check first with Mr Morrison. If you
must swim then watertight goggles can be worn.
Can I have a bath or shower? What about hair washing?
Yes, but avoid saturating the eyes and face. A splash of water is fine. Try and avoid getting shampoo in
the eyes, as you would normally do.
When can I go back to work?
You can expect to be off work for 5 days after surgery, although you may be able to return a day or two
earlier than this. Dark or tinted gasses may be helpful for social occasions.
When can I wear my glasses again after blepharoplasty surgery?
Straight away, as soon as the eyepad has been removed.
When can I wear make-up again?
No make-up around the eyelids or mascara or eyeliner until after the first clinic visit and suture
(stitch) removal on day five or six. Please check with Mr Morrison first.
What face creams do you recommend to encourage healing?
A good quality eye cream/moisturiser such as daily Eye Repair by Liz Earle, Eye Doctor by Origins,
Body Shop eye creams, E45 Eye cream.
When do I have to come back to the eye clinic?
The eye is usually checked the day of surgery, then after 1-2 weeks, then at 2-3months.
What problems can occur after blepharoplasty surgery?
A wound infection of the eyelid is very unusual but could require readmission to hospital, with the
need for antibiotics. Sometimes not enough skin or muscle or fat is removed and further surgery is
needed, or one side is not similar enough to the other.
Contact my secretary or personal assistant if there is severe pain and the eyelid cannot
be opened because of excessive lid swelling. This can be a sign of infection or reaction to
the antibiotic/steroid drops given.

Source: http://www.dannymorrison.co.uk/assets/files/procedures/Blephpostop.pdf


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