Operational Discount Amendment Terms and Conditions PT Coach Role is an exciting transitional role geared to assist the driven individual who is looking to make the transitioninto running their own Personal Training business.
The PT coach role extends the otherwise 6 week apprentice period to up to 6 months long.
It allows you to build your business gradually by engaging members using the current member service tools and pay theclub most of the PT licence due through operational service hours.
The operational hours each week are 14 hours made up of• 12 hours weekly of peak time activity to include, fast classes, Group Orientations and Gym Floor interaction 2 studio classes per week (Spin, or other classes for which you hold qualifications) The hours in which the above tasks are to be undertaken are specified by the club operational tasks schedule.
They typically will cover Residential Club - 9.30-11.30am Monday to Sunday and 5.00pm – 8.00pm Monday to FridayCity Clubs - 12noon – 2.00pm and 5.00pm – 8.00pm Monday to Friday.
No licence fee shall be payable by you for the first calendar month. (only applicable for new starting trainers and nottrainers who are renewing their license agreement or transferring club) In respect of each succeeding calendar month, you must pay on the first day of each such month by direct debit a FixedLicence Fee as outlined below Fitness Agents reserve the right to terminate this amendment without notice and claim the full license fee as specified inthe original license agreement, if the following conditions are not met: Completion in full of the operational hours and tasks ’Operational Tasks’ listed below A valid signed PT Agreement must be on file in the office for the trainer before this form can be considered The trainer must either pay their license fee in full by direct debit by the first of the month every month. If the trainerfails to make the agreed payment this amendment will immediately terminate and the trainer will be liable for the fulllicense fee.
The trainer must be set up on direct debit prior to the first payment. If the trainer cancels their DD and fails to reset uptheir DD this amendment will terminate.
Any discounts and rebates for club for closures will be based on the original license fee amount not the amended rateand the payable fee for these months will be the same as a full license payer.
If the trainer fails to attend a review meeting before the specified review date and the amendment expires without anew amendment then the original license agreement will be reinstated.
If the trainer is cited for a code of conduct breech and they fail to rectify this breech within the time agreed by FitnessAgents the amendment will be terminated.
If this amendment is terminated at any time any debt or outstanding balance must be paid in full with 5 working days.
Please confirm your agreement to the foregoing by signing and dating. This will be attached to your signed agreementand held on permanent record.
I agree to the terms of this adjustment to my Agreement and Conditions and accept that it is in addition to the existingagreement and does not replace any terms and conditions stated in the original.


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