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Dutton and Swindells 'The Stag and Hound'
Pieces of
20 January - 26 March 2011
Pieces of
Private view and book launch 15 February, 6-8pm
Eight Events
Objects, texts, animations and sound works which form Visionaries
part of the Institute of Beasts project, that will evolve in the space over the course of the Learning
The Exhibition
Past Projects
The 'Stag and Hound' is the latest instalment of Dutton and Swindells', 'Institute of Beasts' project - a project designed to temporarily house what the Sideways
artists' describe as their more errant or wild thoughts. The works in the exhibition include objects, texts, animations and sound works which form Gatherer
an installation, both elegant and disturbing, that Dutton and
'The Stag
Stemming from the idea of an institute being and Hound'
something ordered and organised whereas 'Beasts' are unknown, erratic and mythologised, Dutton and FULL HOUSE
Swindells divide their institute into conceptual Latitude|Tropicdepartments, imposing a kind of idiosyncratic order,
a gesture perhaps toward taming the erratic. Shooting
Animated geometric forms and texts sit alongside Offenders
inverted flower photographs, wall-drawings refer to The Drawing
celestial alignments, sound and music works are built by graphically re-interpreting activist slogans, a computer reads a pathetic and confessional soliloquy and a wall text appropriates spam e-mails selling Contemporary
The project has evolved into a multi-layered collage in which inconclusiveness and doubt are prioritized over empirical certainties, forming the critical All my own
sentiment which lies at the heart of the project.
'The Institute of Beasts' creates its own strange, I Can Still
yet strategic world view with its chaotic aesthetic and sceptical notions of knowledge or knowing. Meet Pamela

For this outing of the project 'The Stag and Hound' the artists will install the exhibition ready for the launch on 20th January and then from 20th January - 16th February will be 'in residence' altering and shifting the exhibition, creating new works and points of resonance between existing works. The title references a tapestry 'The Stag Hunt' Artist in
housed at the Cluny Museum in Paris in which the stag Residence
represents everyman and is hounded by dogs which http://www.projectspaceleeds.org.uk/dutton_and_swindells_%27the_stag_and_hound%27_unid1689_page.aspx Dutton and Swindells 'The Stag and Hound' represents everyman and is hounded by dogs which represent the pitfalls in life such as desire, age or 2009-11, Digital Contemporary
illness. Following on from previous instalments of Painters
the Institute project such as 'The Dog and Duck' at the Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea, the title of the show at PSL could also be the name of a pub, suggesting a space of potential conviviality but also Resonance
195 Miles
>>MORE images of The Stag and Hound at PSL on flickr
Licht auf
The artists on Axis
slip cast earthenwareand porcelein forms, Strangely
The Mapping
For PSL the artists have worked closely with artist/maker Imogen Aust to create a series of Follow us
PSL Editions
The artists will be working in residence at PSL Leaving Las
(Free Tea and Biscuits, booking required) 1 March (not February as previously advertised) Dutton and Swindells at Pavel Büchler’s Tuesday Talk To book contact - info@projectspaceleeds.org.uk http://www.projectspaceleeds.org.uk/dutton_and_swindells_%27the_stag_and_hound%27_unid1689_page.aspx Dutton and Swindells 'The Stag and Hound' info@projectspaceleeds.org.uk Site Accessibility Disclaimer

Source: http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/5735/76/Dutton%20and%20Swindells%20'The%20Stag%20and%20Hound'%20copy.pdf


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