Acclimitisation to High Altitude and Tenure of Posting
DIPAS, Delhi
ascent to High altitude (Ha) is associated with several metabolic and adaptive
changes in lowlanders and acclimatisation to the hypoxic environment is
necessary for keeping troops healthy and fighting fit at mountains. a three staged
acclimatization procedure has been induction of troops from sea level to high
and extreme altitude (ea) based on physiological, psychological, biochemical
and hormonal profiles of soldiers during gradual or rapid induction to high
altitude. the tenure of posting to Ha and ea was determined using longitudinal
and cross-sectional study designs following prolonged residency in the hypoxic
environment and on return to sea level. this has helped the army in drastic
reduction of altitude related maladies such as acute mountain sickness (aMS),
high altitude pulmonary edema (HaPe), and high altitude cerebral edema
(HaCe) etc.
Salient Features
Staging of acclimatization
l First Stage: 2700 m and up to 3600 m (6 days)
l Second Stage: 3600 m to 4500 m (4 days)
l third Stage: above 4500 m (4 days)
tenure of Posting
l 2700-4500m : two years
l More than 4500m: three Months
Biowaste Digester
DRDE, Gwalior
Biodigester is a cylindrical structure of mild steel or fiber reinforced plastic with
provision of inlet for human waste and outlet for effluent and biogas. night soil
degradation occurs through microbial reaction which converts it into biogas.
SpRINg 2011
this is an eco-friendly technology for disposal of human waste at glaciers, other low temperature areas and soil bound cold regions. the process culminated into treated effluent which is free from pathogens and is also environmentally acceptable. during waste treatment , inflammable is generated as a by product which can be used for various energy intensive activities like cooking, water and room heating.
Salient Features
l Suitable for subzero temperature of Himalayan region as well as glaciers.
l no dependence on the limited and costly conventional energy sources.
l easy to transport and install in hilly terrains.
l Maintenance –free, continuous biological process.
l elimination of pathogens.
l Generation of odourless and inflammable biogas.
l economically viable.
INMAS, Delhi
diagnobact, a single vial ready to use cold kit of ciprofloxacin drug for detection
and location of suspected bone or soft tissue bacterial infectious lesions using
nuclear medicine techniques. Ciprofloxacin is the most potent first generation
fluoroquinolone, active against a broad spectrum of bacteria. The most prominent
feature of the ciprofloxacin is its high tissue penetrability concentration in lungs,
sputum, muscle, bone, prostrate and higher phagocytes in plasma, but CSF
and aqueous levels are lower. Urinary and biliary concentrations are 10-5- folds
higher than plasma. Ciprofloxacin after radiocomplexation with 99mtc retains
its property of specifically inhibiting live bacterial dna gyrase. this enables the
clinicians to detect and locate the bacterial infectious lesion as a hot-spot on
gamma imaging.
Salient Features
l a single dose, single component kit
l Low reticulo-endothelial system uptake
l Capable of differentiating bacterial infection from sterile lesion
l Bone: Sensitivity: 95% (91-100) ; Specificity: 87% (80-100)
l Soft Tissue: Sensitivity: 72% (65-95); Specificity: 78% (65-100)
SpRINg 2011
Retort Pouch Processing Technology
DFRL, Mysore
the 750kg/batch capacity system is completely automated based on PLC and has
provision of pressure compensation and ensures heating, cooling and uniform
heat distribution. Processing protocols for various foods such as homogenous,
heterogeneous, liquid, semi-solid, and solid foods have been standardized. Ready-
to-eat (rte) flexible pouched foods developed by retort processing technology
do not require re-hydrationor cooking as in the case of foods processed by other
technologies. it can be consumed straight from the pouch with/without pre-
warming depending upon the requirement of the users/weather conditions.
Mre based on the retort pouch processed foods meets the specific needs of
troops in terms of convenience, nutritional adequacy, shelf stability, storage and
Salient Features
l Cost-effective and amenable for india food industries.
l Long shelf life of retort pouch processed foods.
Source: Life Sciences Compendium 2008, directorate of Life Sciences, defence research and
development organisation (drdo), Ministry of defence.
SpRINg 2011


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