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Ron was brought up in western New South Wales and left school with the minimal leaving certificate requirement. He worked on large earth works projects such as coal mines and tin mines until he was twenty. He then moved to the Gold Coast and was employed as a real estate representative. With the financial decline in 1973 he and his wife Rose moved to New Zealand for a short time to spend time with his sister (15 months). While in New Zealand Ron worked as a foreman in a carpet manufacturing and exporting company. Ron then had the opportunity to work with his father in their own real estate office back in Australia, which he took up. On return to Australia Ron studied to acquire his own Real Estate Agents License, which he acquired in 1977 at the age of age 25. Ron then managed the Real Estate office and sales staff (4) overseeing all contracts and a large rent roll of 180 properties. After moving to Perth Ron worked for a Mazda car and commercial vehicle dealership in marketing and sales. He was then asked if he would manage his friends custom made built in wardrobe and furniture business. Ron purchased the business in 1986 (the year of his conversion to Christianity) and handled marketing, manufacture, sales, customer service and complaints. Ron was elected as an elder to the Joondalup Community Church in 1991 and continued in that role until 1997. Ron sold his business (1992) to one of the apprentices he had trained so that he could work 2 days a week as associate pastor giving direction and oversight to all pastoral care, home groups, prayer ministry, evangelism and discipleship. This became a full time job when the pastor left. When a new pastor was called and extra elders were elected Ron enrolled for full time bible college with the Perth Centre For Applied Christian Studies (1995 - 1997). While at college Ron was still an Elder involved in leadership, pastoral care and discipleship in the Joondalup Community Church. Early in 1997 Ron was asked to help establish a church in a new area working with the pastor and twelve committed believers. Ron’s role was to give oversight and stability, and to be a friendly face in the community and the church.
Near the end of 1997 Ron worked with Dr. George O’Neil of Perth (founder director of the Australian Medical Procedures Research Foundation), ministering to heroin addicts. Dr. O’Neil asked Ron to be AMPRF’s representative in Queensland co-ordinating doctors, counselors and churches to address the problem of heroin and substance abuse using the drug naltrexone. Ron was then asked to take on the role as “City people’s Pastor” with The City Tabernacle Baptist Church, Brisbane. Ron is continuing in that roll at present. • Experience (Married with 3 children. 24yrs, 23yrs and 21yrs.).
Summary of
• Leadership skills.
• Organizational skills• Administration skills.
• Innovative - new ideas.
• People skills (I have been dealing with the general public since age 20).
• Able to dialogue with all ages from all socio-economic levels.
• Able to make all people feel loved and accepted.
• Trained in Biblical pastoral care.
• Conflict resolution skills.
• Hospitable.
• Friendly and outgoing.
• Sense of humor.
• Compassionate.
• Love for the oppressed and the lost.
• Trained and competent in evangelism.
• Competent to teach evangelism.
• Competent Bible teacher (one on one, home groups or seminar).
• Competent addictive substance counsellor.
• Competent in general counselling.
• Ability to preach (though more experience is required).
• Handy man (cabinet making, tileing, glazing, building, roof carp., 1997 - 1998 Australian Medical Procedures Research
Work experience
Foundation. W.A.
Queensland coordinator
Coordinating a trial heroin recovery program using the drug Naltrexone
in conjunction with Christian based counselling, volunteer church phone
carers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc.
• Contact Christian Doctors and supply them with information to • Contact and assess prospective counsellors and liaise with those • Organize and train church phone carers.
• Gather and record research data.
• Organize and run addict seminars.
• Phone contact to encourage addicts.
1997 North Coast Community Church W.A.
Pastors adviser and public relations.
To give guidance and leadership in spiritual matters and to help andwork with the new pastor to establish a church in a new community.
• Initiated and taught “Through the Bible in a Day”.
• Trained men to be able to give a clear gospel presentation.
• Joint lead Men’s Monday Night Ministry. A ministry that promotes men to “stand up and be counted” for the gospel.
• Gave oversight to pastoral care.
• Attend weekly leadership meetings designed to set the agenda and give structure to the church for the future.
(After 8 months the church had 80 regular attendees).
1990 - 1997 Joondalup Community Church. W.A.
Elder./ Associate pastor.
Pastors lay assistant for planting a church at Joondalup involving door to door survey, administration, evangelism, discipleship, pastoral care and counselling (this later became a full time position).
• Elder and associate pastor doing all pastoral care, including marriage and grief counselling, home group training andcoordination.
• Administration of church funds and ministries.
• Initiated and coordinated the church’s prayer ministry.
• Initiated and coordinated innovative outreach programs. (eg. Family Funday Sundays that included go-karting, camel riding, farm shedBBQ and barn dances, concerts etc.).
• Welcomed and followed up all new members.
• Organized rental property for church.
1981 - 1991 Beurs Furnishings Pty. Ltd. W.A.
Sales manager / Owner / Managing Director.
Sales manager, factory manager of manufacturing workshop, advertising and marketing manager. Company Director.
• Organized and led sales meetings on product information and • Managed apprentices and tradesman.
• Coordinated purchase of raw materials.
• Initiated forecast budgeting and planing.
• Controlled all manufacturing schedules.
• Initiated new market strategies and new markets.
• Introduced cost saving methods of manufacture.
(lifted turnover from $20,000 a month to $ 30,000 a month in the first 3 months, by introducing new manufacturing methods and changing staff positions without any staff redundancy).
1980 - 1981 Jason Mazda. W.A
New car sales / commercial vehicle sales / government tenders.
1976 - 1980 Bar-View Real Estate. Qld.
Licensee / Salesman.
1975 - 1976 Kensington Carpets. N.Z.
Laborer / Forman.
1973 - 1974 Fernie Chapman Real Estate. Qld.
1968 - 1973 Numerous earthmoving Company’s. N.S.W.
Plant operator.
AMPRF Naltrexone heroin addiction recovery program from October experience
Food ministry to the underprivileged February 95 to October 97.
Counselling and temporary accommodation for underprivileged youth1985-1990.
Marriage and grief counselling to both the believing and non believing.
Started and ran youth group for 2 years. This included fun activities, bibleteaching, discipling and camps.
Youth leader. Youth for Christ camp parent and kitchen worker.
“New Way for W.A.” World Home Bible League - Initiated andcontacted approx. 400 churches in Western Australia to distribute a N.T.
to each home. Coordinated the total project including making and editingand distributing the promotional video. This included contacting,arranging, studio recording and video recording interviews with wellknown personalities (eg. Cliff Richard, Glen Campbell) to lift the profileand public awareness. Scripted, made and edited the training video fordoor to door distribution and evangelism training of volunteers.
Organized first Christian concert in Perth city central square.
1968 Intermediate School Certificate N.S.W.
1995 - 1997 Perth Centre for Applied Christian Studies (A.C.T.) W.A.
(Diploma of Theology, majoring in pastoral ministry).
Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Professional
Cabinet Makers Association of Western Australia (CMAWA) memberships
Breakfast in The Park, Community Easter Celebrations.

Annual Christmas Carols, Joondalup Community Foundation, 1993 -1995.
Water sports, fishing, walking, reading, camping, golf.
Hobbies & Leisure
Stephen Rarig,PrincipalWestminster Theological College Ph: 08 9332 6911 Dr. Allan ChappleDirectorPerth Centre for Applied Christian Studies Ph: 08 9332 6911 Pastor Brad LewinNorth Coast Community Church, WA Ph: 08 9305 1504 Pastor Bruce EaglesJoondalup Community Church, WA Ph: 08 9448 5219 Pastor Don ButlerAboriginal Missions Ph: 08 9305 0402 Phil GuyNational manager of mining and resources,James Hardy, Mining. Ph: 08 9574 6747 Trevor BerryOwner/DirectorBeurs Furnishings Pty Ltd, Ph: 08 9272 3730 Paul LawrenceOwner/DirectorJason Mazda Pty. Ltd. Ph: 08 94447388 Dr. George O’Neil (Gynecologist).
Medical Procedures Research Foundation Pty. Ltd. (AMPRF).
Go Medical Pty Ltd. Churchill Press Pty. Ltd. Ph. 08 93881991hm.
Dr. Hugh Nelson G.P.
(Trauma EMDR specialist). Ph. 07 55735080 hm.


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