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Swedish Press Review
Monday 7 December 2009 – Early Edition

Climate Change Conference
Christian Democrats on youth crime
Both papers have reported extensively over the Today children who commit crime, but who are weekend on the agenda at the Climate Change considered to be below the age of criminal Conference, which begins in Copenhagen today. responsibility, are placed in the hands of the social The fact that President Barack Obama has changed services. The Christian Democrats’ legal affairs his itinerary in order to be in Copenhagen as the group now proposes that children under 15 who conference ends has given rise to renewed hope have committed a crime should appear before a that global leaders will reach some kind of special board similar to that of a judicial court to international deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions. prevent them from continuing on a path of crime. The board will propose constructive measures that expectations amongst ten participating countries and the EU ahead of the conference. The paper also The proposal has received a mixed reaction from carries an interview with former US Vice President the other centre-right alliance parties, and is Al Gore, who stresses that the most important criticised by criminal expert Jerzy Sarnecki who considers it a populist measure that lacks the Copenhagen is to reach a deal that will make it possible to quickly enforce tougher standards in the next few years. Mr Gore says that he would like to Moderate and language bonus
see the United States commit to larger cuts in The Moderate Party wants to introduce a bonus of emissions by 2020 than is currently being SKr 1 billion as a form of inducement to schools in discussed in the U.S. Congress. He is optimistic densely populated immigrant areas, if the schools ahead of Copenhagen, not least he maintains, since manage to get immigrant pupils to achieve higher there is greater willingness amongst U.S. grades in the Swedish language. The proposal has politicians to actually achieve real change and been put forward as a measure to create a sense of safety amongst residents and prevent segregation in A series of demonstrations will place during the immigrant suburbs that have been subjected to week-long conference, as well as numerous actions arson attacks to cars and riots during the summer by autonomous groups. Danish police have been and autumn. The proposal is also seen as an granted increased powers to cope with major attempt by the Moderates to attract more young demonstrations. Among other things, temporary custody cells have been built to cope with the Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni (Lib) number of arrests. Amnesty International has disapproves of the proposal, saying that although protested that the cells are breach of humanitarian Swedish language learning is important it is only rights. (5/12 DN I: 6, SvD I: 6-7, 6/12 SvD 20-25 one of several subjects where pupils need help. EU sharpens tone against Ukraine
Sida finances under scrutiny
Current chair of the rotating EU presidency Prime The Swedish International Development Agency Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and EU Commission (Sida) has overspent its administrative budget for President José Manuel Barroso took the unusual rent and staff salaries during the year. The decision to meet Ukraine’s three rival political government has therefore charged the Swedish leaders at the annual EU summit in Kiev on Friday. Financial Management Authority (ESV) to The EU’s message to Ukraine was clear and sharp: scrutinise the finances of the government agency. get your country in order so that we can avoid a “…I believe that Sida will with the help of ESV sort out the problems that have arisen,” says Much of the summit centred on discussions about Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla the safety aspect of transporting Russian gas through Ukraine. Mr Reinfeldt commented at the summit that the risk of a new gas crisis this winter could not be eliminated, saying that there was Swedish Press Review, an English-language review of the Swedish
concern about whether Ukraine has the resources morning press for the business and diplomatic community. to pay Russia for its gas. (5/12 DN I: 22) Address: Artillerigatan 68 B, 115 30 Stockholm. Subscriptions, enquiries etc. tel. 08 - 660 41 46 Fax 08 - 661 21 26. Responsible publisher under
Swedish law and Editor-in-Chief: Ian M Beck.
Swedish Press Review
Monday 7 December 2009 – Early Edition
Business and the Economy

“Sweden will have emerged from crisis by 2014”
Håkan Dahlström, Head of Telia Broadband, believes Finance Minister Anders Borg forecasts a public deficit that approximately 50 per cent of Swedish households of SKr 89 billion in 2010, which is less than the SKr will have access to fibre-based broadband by 2014, 107 billion forecast in the autumn budget bill. The without regulation, and that Telia Sonera is prepared “to expected deficit corresponds to -2.8 per cent of GDP, which means that Sweden is likely to stay within the DSB challenges SJ
fiscal parameters set by the EU stability pact. Danish DSB First is now the second largest train Fiscal policy will be expansive in 2010 and 2011 as a operator in Sweden after SJ. Last week the company result of rising unemployment but Mr Borg’s aim is for won a contract to run train services in the Småland a surplus in public finances in 2013-2014. The minister region of Sweden. Chief executive Karsten Røn also expects Sweden to have fully emerged from the Andersen now wants to start services between financial crisis with full utilisation of resources in the Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. (7/12 DI: 10) H&M launches online sale
Rise in service production
Swedish fashion chain H&M is launching an online sale Statistics Sweden reports a 2.8 per cent rise in service on the seven markets where it offers online purchases, production in October. Given that service production slashing prices by up to 50 per cent. The markets are makes up 42 per cent of GDP, Nordea says this is a the Nordics, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. promising indicator for the fourth quarter. (5/12 DI: 36) “EU needs to speed up”
EU sharpens tone towards industry
Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson and state secretary “The business sector must play a larger role in the Jöran Hägglund were in talks with EU commissioner introduction of a climate agreement, both as regards Neelie Kroes last Friday over the probe into the loan technological transfer and investment,” says a source guarantee. “We have explained that the schedule is within the European Commission to DI. However, few tight, which is why we must also have a speedy chief executives will be attending the Copenhagen response from the Commission,” said Ms Olofsson after climate conference, since they have not been given any role to play, according to Björn Stigson, chair of World Meanwhile, Chinese BAIC, one of the parties Business Council for Sustainable Development. interested in buying Saab, has received approval for a Mr Stigson says that to date politicians have been 20 billion yuan loan from the Bank of China. The loan unable to engage the business community, and it is only is to “support BAIC’s development”. now that politicians are being to realise they must reach agreement with the industry since they alone cannot Stop in Trollhättan
In the midst of the sales process, Saab Automobile has Stock market
stopped all production at its Trollhättan plant for four Stockholm shares closed higher on Friday on the back weeks. The plant is to be made ready for the new 9-5 of better than expected US data. Astra Zeneca gained 4 per cent on the news that the US Food & Drug One step closer to European patent
Administration has also approved Seroquel for the EU trade ministers have reached political agreement on treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders in the setting up of a single Europe-wide patent to replace teenagers and children. The all-share index closed 1.2% the multitude of national patents. Studies suggest that up on turnover of SKr 16.58 billion. (5/12 DI: 42) European companies paying for patents stand to save a Exchange rates
combined figure of SKr 3 billion per year through a The matter will now be referred to the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice for further Telia wants to avoid regulation
Nordic operator Telia Sonera says it will double its investment in the fibre network, provided the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS) shelves plans to regulate Swedish Press Review, an English-language review of the Swedish
morning press for the business and diplomatic community. Address: Artillerigatan 68 B, 115 30 Stockholm. Subscriptions, enquiries
etc. tel. 08 - 660 41 46 Fax 08 - 661 21 26. Responsible publisher under
Swedish law and Editor-in-Chief: Ian M Beck.


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“MEDIDAS TECNOLÓGICAS DE PROTECCIÓN DE LA PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL EN INTERNET - LOS ACTOS ELUSIVOS - LA PROTECCIÓN JURÍDICA CONTRA LA ELUSIÓN” Texto completo del trabajo presentado en el Congreso MERCOSUR de Derecho Informático celebrado en Córdoba, Argentina entre el 9 y 11 de Agosto de 2006 AUTOR: HORACIO FERNANDEZ DELPECH

Variation in herbivory by Yponomeuta mahalebella onits only host plant Prunus mahaleb along anC O N C H I T A A L O N S O EstacioÂn BioloÂgica DonÄana, C.S.I.C., Sevilla, SpainAbstract. 1. The effect of natural variation in abiotic conditions on the herbivoryinteraction between Prunus mahaleb (Rosaceae) and its monophagous folivore,larvae of Yponomeuta mahalebella (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutid

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