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Student  Survey  May12  
Summary of Student Survey May 2012
After a year in service at YIS, Zest Catering lead a short online survey for students currently at the school, this report outlines some of the key results along with suggestions on how Zest can improve their service to accommodate the results found through this survey. The report shows the result from 107 responses approximately 16% of students currently at the school. For future reference we will include a question about the age group of the students taking part, as this was not included this time. • 40 teachers • 50 elementary • 40 Middle school • 50 high schools This does not include students having salad only, Zest sandwiches, or other items from our fridge. Overall 40% of the students who participated said they wouldn’t change anything about the service Zest offers, with 2% saying the food was too expensive. 8% said they would like to see unhealthy food of some kind on the menu, unhealthy food would generally mean processed food that would contain little or no nutritional value. Our menus contain dishes such as hamburgers, pizza, chicken/fish nuggets, potato wedges and ketchup, foods that could be classed as un-healthy, yet produce all these dishes from scratch to ensure we maintain the maximum vitamins and minerals naturally present in these foods. 4% said they would want to see sodas on offer, we are fully aware of how easy it would be to sell soda from our fridges, but we not only have an agreement with the school not to stock these but we believe, high sugar and caffeine drinks that are full of empty calories that can lead to obesity and inability to concentrate during this important time in your life Along with the survey we have numerous requests for; International foods – we feel we carry a varied menu that covers many countries
around the globe, but as always we are open to requests for particular dishes that celebrate any culture or country. Frozen yoghurt and an ice-cream machine - we would like to make and sell our own
ice cream and frozen yoghurt, which is something that we are working towards, currently ice cream machines are very expensive and considering all alternatives. Bring back Hot Dog Monday – we have started making our own sausages that we
currently sell from the Zest shop but still working on the possibility of bringing these to the daily menu, if this is possible then a similar theme lunch could be considered. Hot dogs from a tin have no nutritional value and would go against all that Zest promotes Ravioli – If we could make ravioli then we would put it on the menu, pasta is very simple
to make with 3 basic ingredients, oil egg, flour, but we would need to purchase the molds to make these. This could be a possibility in the future. Hamburgers – these are already on the menu with 100% homemade beef burgers and
grilled chicken burgers appearing on the menu frequently, served with our own soft bread roll. On behalf of Zest we would like to thank all that participated in this survey. Zest  Catering   3  
Student  Survey  May12  
We are constantly assessing ways to speed up the lunchtime service at YIS, giving the students as much time as possible to enjoy their lunch and rest before the afternoon sessions. Students were asked about their interest in Zest using biometrics as an option to pay for their lunch or make a top up to their account, to help speed up the service. As from August 2012 we hope to have a option for older students to use fingerprint biomentices as an alternative to wristbands or PIN numbers, we hope for the the coming months to roll this service out to all high and middle school. Along with this we intend to impliment a cash box service which will allow students and parents to check accounts and top up with the option to log into the service uisng biometrics. Cafeteria Experience
Positive results with these questions although we will continue to find ways to speed up the service allowing students a longer lunchbreak. Do you like school meals
With a massive 95% of students either think the meals are OK or like them, we are confident we are delivering the right meals, we need to continue with this, and continually monitor popular items on our menus, keeping these interesting and varied, as well as nutrisious. The Pricing System
This is an area we know we fall down on and have already ideas in place for the next school year to make this more simple and straightforward for all students and teachers, giving everyone the oportunity to know the price of their meal before they get to the register. Zest  Catering   5  
Student  Survey  May12  
Quality of the food
We pride ourselves on our friendly helpful staff, which we will continue to maintain. The food we serve is we feel more labour intesive for our staff than simular cafeteria services about, but we at Zest wouldn’t have this any other way and would struggle to produce the quality nutritional wise without this extra manpower. We encorage all students to have the lunch set meals as this is fantastic value with the option of free seconds and drink from the fountains. We would offer the oportuniy for any student of staff member to find a simular nutritious meal in yokohama for the same of cheaper price. We feel the prices of our food is justified for the quality and service all recieve If you have anymore ideas/feeback that you feel could improve the service we deliver to the YIS community please feel free to call us or send us an email with the suggestion, all feedback positive or constructive is vital for us to continue delivering quality food,


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