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Troop Meeting
August 28th, 2008
Viking Patrol, who
• Thanks to Mike H. for his outstanding
• Thanks to Sherri Nagy and Sue Simpson for
Court of Honor – a 30’ sub was a great idea. Thanks to all who pitched in to help make this feast fabulous. • Thanks to Julie Ensinger, our Boards of
Review Coordinator, to Chris Dubbins, our
Advancement Chair, and to Kim Emanuel,
our Awards Coordinator – between these three
women, they ensured that 1 Scout, 6
Tenderfoots, 1 2nd Class, 1 1st Class, 3 Star, and 3 Life rank Scouts each received his REMINDER!
awards, along with countless merit badges for Sign ups for selling
Pancake Breakfast
• A Special Thanks to Stan & Kathy Smith, our
Tickets Door-to-
out-going Summer Camp Coordinators – they Door HAS BEGUN!
complete countless activities at Owasippe for See sheets
at back of room
the past 4 yrs. Thanks in advance to incoming @ Troop Mtg.
coordinators Lisa Fosler and Carol Groeber! MISCELLANEOUS Troop Announcements
If you missed the August 24th Court of Honor, please attend next Troop Meeting to pick your badges, your pictures, and your patches. Mr. Marineau also has a special patch for Boundary Waters crew members. MTG. CALENDAR
• Next Troop Committee Mtg will depend on when Senior Scouts hold their annual planning meeting. Senior Patrol Planning Meeting might be Sat Aug NEW INFO IS IN RED
30. Committee Mtg might be Sunday, Sept 7th, at River Glen, 7 pm. Stand by for details on both of these important meetings! Announcement will be Aug 28th: Troop Mtg.

Sept 4: Troop Mtg.
• Those completing the Hiking Merit Badge should meet with Mrs. Janet Draper at 6.30, Thursday August 28th. The first hike is a 5-miler planned for Sept 6. The hike is open to all Scouts, but you need to talk with her first. Sept 6: 1st Pancake
• Mr. Overton and Mr. Mangefrida asked those completing their Citizenship in the Community merit badges to attend this Tuesday’s (Aug 26) Aurora City Sept 11: Troop Mtg.
Council meeting. See either gentleman if you missed this. Sept 18: Troop Mtg.
All previous announcements are in archived E-Mail Newsletters:

Sept 25: Troop Mtg.

Sept 26-28: Camporee!

FUTURE Troop Campout & Activity Info
Oct 2: Troop Mtg.
STARTING SEPT 4th, Scouts are back to wearing FULL Class A uniforms to
Troop Meetings. If you need uniform items that you lost or broken over the Nov 15: Pancake
summer…contact either Mrs. See or Mrs. Wycklendt. • NEW: Pancake 101 Meeting – for ALL parents (but especially for
those who have not participated in our FUNdraising before) – come
hear the entire speal – everything from Advertising to Zantac.
Date is September 4th, during our regular Troop Mtg.
September 26, 27, 28: Camporee! Details to follow.
River Glen Church
Naperville, IL
November 15: Pancake Breakfast Saturday! Mmmmmmm.


New Troop Rosters were handed out at the Court of Honor last Sunday.
If you missed picking up yours, see Mr. Rypka at the next few Troop
Meetings. We are trying to keep mailing costs down, so arrange a
neighbor to pick up yours if you are not likely to see him at the next 2 The new rosters list all of the newly elected Patrol positions and Senior Patrol responsibilities. Thank you, Mr. Rypka for all of your work on this! COFFEE POLICY OUTLINED
Current Troop policy says that it is never appropriate for any scout under the age of 18 (which means all youth members) to drink coffee or any coffee beverage. Decaf included. The OA is looking for scouts (must be members of the OA) to be on the ceremonies team. The goal is to get 10-15 scouts who would be willing to participate in 1 or 2 ceremonies per year. beyond the Eagle Rank. Currently there are only 3-4 scouts which means it is very difficult to put on any ceremonies other than the ones at district functions. Until we have an OA rep, interested scouts may see
Mr. Marineau for details.
Each issue we’ll highlight something just for new Families. BUT – other
parents might find an antler tip or two in here, too! If your Scout received a rank advancement at the Court of Honor, you notice that it was pinned upside down – your Scout may turn it right side up after he has done his 1st “good turn” towards others. (Then he can sew it on properly, of course!) The cards you receive with your rank advancements and merit badges should be kept! This is your son’s record of completing these important accomplishments. Merit Badges are sewn on a special diagonal green sash (available at the Scout store or The Chalkboard), usually in rows of 3 across. Ensure your Scout sews his MBs on the FRONT of the sash, as it is worn over the RIGHT shoulder. Some Scouts prefer to wear their sash folded and then tucked over their belts. Missing an item from your Scouting uniform? Mesdames See and Wycklendt manager our uniform exchange program. Perhaps there is something gently used in their stash you can buy – nominal fee of $1 per item. They also have for sale new hats, scarfs, slides, and a few Class B shirts. Check them out.

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