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University School - Shaker Campus
2008-09 School Year

The Ohio General Assembly requires schools to have specific guidelines for administering prescribed medication at
school. Please review the University School policy as stated here with the guidelines included.
If a child requires specific medication for an allergy, illness, or injury, please follow the procedure below: • Obtain a Physician's Prescribed Medication Request Form. This form requires a parent's
signature AND physician's statement. If this form is not completed at the doctor's visit, it can be
printed from the University School intranet ( and faxed to the physician by the
parent. A physician's written prescription AND a parent's note of consent will suffice for our
• The medication must bear the pharmacy prescription label and be marked with the student's
name, name of the drug, current dosage, and administration instructions.
• The medication is to be brought to the School Nurse by an adult, where it is stored in a locked cabinet and dispensed by the School Nurse. Under NO circumstances is the medication to be kept
in lockers or classrooms or be self-administered. Students may not transport drugs to school.
The only medications that may be self-administered in school are an asthma inhaler or an
Epi-Pen which require separate authorization forms. These forms may be obtained from the
School Nurse or on the University School intranet (

• Changes in medication, dosage, or administration that occur throughout the school year require a new Physician's Prescribed Medication Request Form to be completed.
Over-the-counter medications may be provided to the student by the School Nurse or School Nurse designee as indicated. Medications are administered as directed according to age and weight. The following medications will be made available to the student: ● Ibuprofen (Advil) - Students over 12 - tablets 200 mg each ● Children's Ibuprofen (Advil) (under 100 lbs.) Liquid - 100 mg/tsp ● Acetaminophen (Tylenol) - Tablets - 325 mg each ● Children's Acetaminophen (Tylenol) (under 100 lbs.) Chewable tablets - 80 or 160 mg, ● Caladryl or Calamine lotion topical ● Benadryl - Capsules 25 mg each; liquid - 12.5 mg/tsp ● Tums - chewable tablets ● Throat The Over-The-Counter Medication policy will be reviewed annually and a copy will be printed in the
University School handbook. If you have any objection to your child receiving any of the above
medications, please advise the School Nurse in writing;
otherwise, the nurse will assume that permission
is granted to dispense these medications if necessary. Agreement to the above protocol will relinquish any
University School employee from civil damages for administering or failing to administer the drug, unless
s/he acted in a manner that would constitute "gross negligence or wanton or reckless misconduct."
If a student requires an Over-The-Counter medication that is not available at school, the parent/legal guardian will complete the Physician's Prescribed Medication Request Form and deliver the medication in the original container.


AUDIENCE ETIQUETTE These guidelines help you (and others) have 1. DO turn off all electronic devices. These interfere with our sound 2. DO refrain from talking and making noise. 3. DO remain seated during the concert. Wait until the end of a song to move, unless removing an upset child. 4. DO keep children seated with you. 5. DON’T bring food or drinks in the auditorium.

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