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If you absolutely must pop that pimple, read this first.

If you absolutely must get rid of that zit, or blackhead, then at least do it right.
Keep in mind, it is best to let a pimple run its course without "picking," but I know that many of us just can't keep our hands off a big zit. So, if you must get rid of it, then please follow these instructions. 1. Make sure the pimple is ready to pop—that it is on the surface and with a whitehead. Do this AT NIGHT to give the pimple time to calm down overnight and maybe even disappear. Do not try to pop a cyst or an unready pimple; it will force the pimple's bacteria deeper into the skin and make matters much worse. If you have a bad cyst (a large, painful red area that is hard and not surfacing), consider going for a little injection at a dermatologist office, which can often cure the cyst quickly. 2. You will need disposable gloves (or wash hands and nails really well). Have some rubbing alcohol available, a sharp needle or pin, an ice cube in a plastic baggie, and a tube of benzoyl peroxide 10% (Clearasil and others companies make inexpensive benzoyl peroxide preparations available without a prescription in most drugstores). A bottle of hydrogen peroxide is a decent idea, too, to be extra safe. 3. Wash your hands and nails and face thoroughly. Then, sterilize the needle or pin with rubbing alcohol. Sterilize the tips of your fingers by wiping with the alcohol, and wipe the pimple with alcohol. 4. The key word is GENTLE. Gently prick the whitehead with the sterilized needle. Then, after another swipe on the zit with the alcohol, put your clean fingers alongside and UNDER the pimple or blackhead. The goal is to get the pus up and out, not to push it deeper into the skin. 5. Gently press from under and try to express the pimple. If nothing happens after one attempt with gentle pressure do NOT continue. Instead, go on to the other steps (below), and wait another day; waiting will either bring the pimple to the surface, or it will subside by doing the other steps, below. 6. Don't try to get everything out of the zit, just whatever comes with the gentle effort. Afterwards, swipe the pimple again with alcohol, and if you have hydrogen peroxide, apply it directly to the pimple with a Q-tip or cotton ball. 7. As soon as the pimple is dry, rub in a little of the benzoyl peroxide cream, then apply the ice cube; the ice will get the swelling down. Ice the pimple at least five minutes for best result. 8. Finally, apply another dab of the benzoyl peroxide right on top, and leave on overnight. In the morning, you will likely find the pimple is entirely gone, perhaps just a small red spot that can be hidden with concealer. Or, perhaps it has reduced in size and is forming a "new" whitehead; in that case, you can repeat when the pimple is ready in the evening, or the next day. If you have done this gently and carefully, it should not have increased or spread at all. Again, try this technique only if you really need to get rid of a pimple and it has clearly formed a "white head" on the surface. If you start "picking" too soon, it only aggravates the pimple and could form a bigger pimple.  If  you  have  lots  of  breakouts,  try  reading  The  Skin  Regime;  Boot  Camp  for  Beautiful  Skin  for  help  and  suggestions  on  the  TRUTH  of  getting  rid  of  them.  Stop  wasting   money  on  products  that  don't  work,  and  learn  what  does.    


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