too much weight on the big toes, if your PRACTICAL
Tennis: “Being on the
‘wow’,” she says. “But then you look at Podiatrist Andrew Bull on the best shoes for: the feet and they haven’t been cleaned Golf: “They need to be
he’ll shoot you dead. Just kidding. What he’ll really do is offer important advice.
after you shower and before going to bed tennis shoes should be reinforced around problem. If you’re an over-pronator in a “while your skin is resting”. Pharmacies the toecap. They can’t have anti-pronation soft shoe, it can make your arches collapse have foot sprays similar to antiperspirants mesh that breathes.” We like: Oakley “Neck features because tennis has side-to-side to keep your feet dry. “Look for tea-tree Tye”, $249. Waterproof; supportive base; movement.” We like: Adidas “Barricade”, Feet’s
doesn’t roll enough wears a heavy, motion- non-slip heel. Enquiries: (1800) 625 539.
control shoe, they’ll supinate, which can “They’re antibacterial. Spray some in Jogging: “Most brand
midsole and forefoot. Call (1800) 801 891.
lead to stress fractures,” cautions Bull. your shoes as well.” (We liked Thursday Business: “If you’re on your
for his tips on treating common foot faults.) pronation features. Pick the sole for the ensure it’s not poly-coated because it won’t season AFL training, one of the first men (try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, $7.75).
surface; you don’t want it smooth if you’re breathe as effectively.” We like: Hush they see is podiatrist Michael Kinchington.
trail running.” We like: New Balance “1221”, Puppies “Action”, $129.95. Soft, supple “We test their biomechanical efficiency,” he reveals. “It’s vital for injury prevention foot support; lightweight; durable; comes in removable insole; lightweight; flexible. and performance. If they’re inefficient, we the sole with your fingers. Then focus on three width sizes. Enquiries: (1800) 654 512.
individual areas – the sole, heel, ankle, Hiking: “The mesh-style
Casual: “A must for
exercises (which look like they could be Finally, your feet will be inserted into performed while watching cricket or nursing plastic bags filled with warm paraffin wax. a beer) like calf and Achilles stretching; We kid you not. You’ll then relax and read It’s estimated that we’ll walk the equivalent of
wobble- or balance-board work (try the Vew- the paper while your feet relax in their boots. Again, pick the shoe for the surface, great with jeans, shorts, pants – anything Do Balance 101, $179.95; call [1800] 081 180 comforting cocoons. Ten minutes later the but you don’t want a heavy boot in the really. And they’ll let your hoofs breathe.” three times around the world in our lifetimes.
or check out for stockists);
Australian summer.” We like: Kathmandu We like: Camper “Ethnic” slides, $270. So why don’t we care about the transport?
and stretching using resistance elastic (try Water-resistant, sturdy leather; moulded the Thera-band, $28.70; call [1800] 333 153 piece leather; water-resistant; breathable. sole; a fashion edge with the plaited upper. for stockists). At the gym, work out on the ONE OF THE BEST scenes goblin’s talons, pound them on bitumen seated calf-raise machine.
and treat them like laboratories for mutant SOUNDS LIKE . . .
strains of fungus. Admit it: you take your Foot odour.
Fungus that thrives in hot, humid Keep your feet cool, dry (fungus loves heat and moisture) and clean and scrub If you ever want to know what it’s like to be environments, such as communal them each night. Use anti-fungal creams (we liked Lamisil, RRP: $13.55). Don’t gyms, showers or pool decking; wear the same shoes two days in a row – they won’t dry out overnight. Walk says not to talk to him about it because brought back from the dead, then a pedicure around barefoot in the sunshine during your lunch hour before putting on he’s “the foot freakin’ master” (or words is an accurate comparison. Was Jesus more a fresh pair of socks. Wear thongs in public showers and changing rooms. to that effect), while Vincent asserts that Foot injuries can manifest as pain in your Check out
ankles, calves, hamstrings, hips and lower refreshing foot bath? You bet he was. Men’s Feet collapse inwards. Over-pronation Low arches; poor
Calf-stretches; supportive shoes; orthotics.
Samoan – “shoulda better known better” back. They contain 52 bones and a complex Health visited Sydney’s Your Sanctuary Day biomechanics; bowlegs; overly soft shoes; tight calves.
before he laid his hands in a familiar way network of muscles, ligaments and joints.
Spa (; [02] 9360
Feet lean outwards.
Softer shoes; customised orthotics to allow feet to roll inwards.
on the feet of the big man’s wife.
Podiatrist Andrew Bull of Sydney’s Sports First your feet receive a soapy bath and feet receiving the recognition they deserve., says the majority
Great hair, teeth or eyes get saturation of Australians have problems with “over- soft as poached salmon, beauty therapist Inflamed, painful
Rest; anti-inflammatory tablets or cream; calf stretches; supportive coverage onscreen, while our faithful plates pronating”, meaning their feet collapse too repeated high impact on hard shoes; orthotics.
surfaces; unsupportive shoes.
of meat seldom rate even a footnote.
to remove dead skin. (That’s what corns Painful front and
Rest; run on a softer surface to reduce impact; shin and calf stretches; “Like a parachutist hitting the ground, are – masses of dead cells.) Then comes a inside edge of shins.
feet need to roll inwards when they land razor, which is a bit like a potato peeler, to to absorb shock,” advises Bull. “But if your Pain across the balls
Focus on ensuring heel contact when distance running; correct shoe million in between. They’ll take you into of your feet.
fitting; custom orthotics with metatarsal dome.
stretch, your knee caps grind against the Swelling and pain
Poor biomechanics; over-training; Rest immediately and see your podiatrist or sports-medicine specialist. that increases the
Choose the right footwear and do calf, Achilles and hamstring stretches joint, your hips rotate and your pelvis tilts longer you’re
before, after and even during a run. Select your training surface wisely.
forward, increasing your lumbar curve.” man’s feet to be attractive, according to on your feet.
You stuff them into ill-fitting, airless, During an examination, he’ll establish Dagmar, they must be “nice and clean” Toenails growing
Cut your nails straight across so that the corners are above the skin.
leather coffins, let your nails grow into the height of your arch, if you’re placing with nothing in the nails. “Sometimes you into the skin.



International Journal of Poultry Science 7 (11): 1058-1064, 2008ISSN 1682-8356© Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2008 Susceptibilities of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviea Isolates to Antimicrobial Agents in vitro Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Shiraz, IranPoultry Research Centre, Veterinary School, Shiraz University, Shiraz, IranAgriculture Sch

Continuous caudal epidural analgesia in a patient with an implanted intrathecal baclofen pump

Continuous caudal epidural analgesia in a patient with an implanted intrathecal baclofen pumpAffiliation: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, CanadaIntroduction: The use of epidural analgesia in patients with implanted intrathecal delivery devices is somewhatcontroversial. Major concerns include the risk of damaging the intrathecal cathe

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