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The Annual General Meeting will be
held in the Sydenham Pavilion,
Sydenham Park at 7.30pm on Monday
the 16th February 2008
1. Apologies
2. Confirmation of minutes of 11th February 2008, 109th
Ladies Patron
3. Matters Arising
Mens Club Captain
4. Presentation and Adoption of the Annual Report and
Financial Statements for the year ended 31st October Ladies Club Captain
5. Election of Officers
Junior Club Captain
6. Fixing of Subscriptions for 2009
Hon Secretary
Hon Treasurer
Hon Auditor
7. Proposal: Rae Clarke nominated as a Life Member
8. General Business
Vanessa Cox ,Craig Iggo, Jaqui Turner, Peter NOTES From the Constitution:
[8] [a] The Annual subscription shal be ful y paid by the Life Members
31st of May and shal be paid to the treasurer Messrs: W Perry, J Messervy, M Hal , [9] Resignations must be received in writing by the A McAl ister, R Fergus, B Perry, R Ganda, Al voting may be by show of hands and in case of votes D Cox, M Fitzsimons, A Redmond, R Spiers, being equal the Chairman of the meeting shal be entitled to a casting vote. If any four members should require the voting to be by the way of bal ot, thereupon such voting shal be taken by bal ot in ordinary way.
Fully Paid Members
Messrs: R Calvert, B McLaughlin, D Whal ey, Non Financial Members
The fol owing are the current non - financial members of Alex Norris,Bjorn Dix,Casey O'Brien-Smith,James Powel ,Jonty McIntyre,Kiriana Te Amo,Laura McLean,Merv Chambers,Peter Gal agher,Rachel Oosterman,Richard Scott,Shane Keenan,Shayden Presidents Report
appreciated your efforts Craig whilst you were coming back from the serious injury you sustained in the 2007 The past year was a period of rebuilding for the Club in Canterbury Representative Honours went to ; With the smal er open grades membership it is difficult to Tim Crump,Johnny Rodgerson,George Ridgen and Richard Thompson who were selected to attend the It is pleasing to report that with major support from the National Masters Tournament Palmerston North . Ian Sandridge Hotel and the Eureka Trust(with help from Rhodes made the National squad in his age group.
Dave Gal op of the Sydenham Cricket Club) our financial Looking ahead, the Club needs to review the playing strip situation is healthyand the fact that the Club has run very of the Mens teams as current stock requires a freshening smoothly which has resulted in far fewer Committee up . It wil be necessary to review the role of the Third Division Team ,which due to the make up of the squad Thank you to those who made themselves available for may be more suited to the Mid Week Open Grade and the committee and in particular Rae Clark, Bruce the Club could run two teams in this competition.
Cameron and Steve Smith who have carried the majority Thanks also to Joan and those who helped with the Craft fair to raise valuable Funds for the Club.
Congratulations to those who gained various awards 3rd Division Men
both through Canterbury and the Club.
The 2008 Squad retained a core of players from the year Both Junior and Senior Club members enjoyed very before ,plus a couple of newcomers ,one being TV One successful Prize giving evenings and one area the Club News Hound Arun Soma .Al in al the combination of can now improve on is communication and Social experience,youth and enthusiasm proved a good mix ,with the Team playing some great hockey . Training The Cricket Club plans to substantial y upgrade the sessions were held at our Sydenham Park turf and we clubrooms and this would enable us to utilise this facility had a reasonable turnout of players each week for most more, news on this development as it comes to hand wil of the season. We finished Third out of 8 teams in both CHA Division Three competitions . We had some very Please support the club by your presence at the AGM.
close games against Hornby ,but could not quite match and by offering your yourself for election as an Office Christs Col ege First Eleven level of fitness ,had we done Bearer, this is far less onerous then it used to be, we so then we could have put both teams under constant seek urgently nominations for at least President and pressure ,which would have made the top three positions Mens Club Captain and would welcome any other in the grade a more closer tussle. Thanks to Ian Rhodes and Tim Crump for their "off the field" assistance throughout the season . To Peter Gal agher, hearty thanks for your Umpiring efforts. We noted the ever improved level of ability throughout the season. Bjorn Dix Team Reports
led the Team wel with a tireless effort in every game. On Mens Club Captain's Report
field discipline was greatly improved from 2007.But it was It was apparent from early on in the year that the Club frustrating playing against Secondary School teams who was unable to put together a squad of players that were in most instances lacked maturity and discipline ,with capable of making a competitive impact in the Premier coaches who seemed to have lost control of their players One Mens grade. From last years squad only four also not setting a good example. The Team wishes to remained and for varying reason ,elected to try out for record it's thanks to Nikesh Ganda in his last season with the Club , kept goal in an outstanding manner .Nikesh Thus the Club was only able to enter a Team in Division was always the first to arrive at every game and played Three and Mid Week Open winter competition. Both some great hockey . We wil miss al that "Goose" squads were wel resourced with players and aquitted brought to the team . Thanks as wel , to those who fil ed themselves reasonably wel . The Third Division team in for us when we were short of numbers . Team could have made the play off for first and second spot Members ; Bjorn Dix ; Captain ,Dharmesh Budhia ,Hitesh with a bit more dedication. However finishing Third in Ravji ,Ian Rhodes , Tim Crump ,Karl Whittleston ,Minesh both Competitions out of 8 teams was a good result.
Thanks goes to Merv Chambers and Peter Gal agher for Peter Skudder ,Prashil Lal u ,Richard Scott ,Shane covering Umpiring Duties on behalf of the Club through out the year.Ian Rhodes,Alan Redmond and Johnny Rodgerson carried out their tasks with the Third Grade,Mid Week Open and Masters Teams in a very thorough fashion. Craig Iggo put a lot of time on the sideline with the Mid Week Open team and we Men’s Mid Week Men
3rd Division Women
After a sluggish start we started to find some form during Another year is over, and what a good year it was for the the middle part of the season final y finishing 4th in our pool.This season we probably suffered from not having a They won al their games and finished at the top of the specialist centre half and as a result having to play other people out of position. We had the nucleus of last years The girls worked very hard and I am proud of them.Wel team returning which did help but centre half is such a crucial position both on attack and defence it did make Thanks to our manager and the club for their support things difficult.As in previous years the competition is very strong with several ex New Zealand and Canterbury reps playing - stil very wel even in there 40's. Although Mid Week Open Women
we have a couple of younger players the average age With the core of last year’s team returning, the addition creeps up every year and with some of the teams having of some Rangiora players and a Scot and Australian for part of the season, we had a good squad of 14 players.
up to 30yrs younger in some cases, the speed of the However, with so many 6 pm games some players games rather than the skil often counts against us. ( we are very deceptive - not nearly as fast as we look) commitments.Practices were wel attended at the Syd’s As far as I am aware most are keen to run around again turf and improvement continued throughout the season next season and look forward to catching up with the which resulted in some skilful attractive hockey being players who aren't playing masters.Congratulations to played. One practice finished early when a Barnett our players who were awarded trophies at the prize Avenue resident threatened to deal to us with an iron bar because of the noise. The Police were cal ed! The team finished 3rd = in both the regular competition and the Porritt Cup which was a very good reward for their efforts during the season. The downside was having to play the Youth Men
same Hornby team five times, 3 in a matter of weeks.
This was my first year coaching the boys youth team.
A big thanks to al the players, to Nic Pul ey for her And it was a chal enge I enjoyed thoroughly.
assistance, to Dennis Cox and Dom for coming out on The boy's did very wel winning al their games (semi's cold winter nights to umpire and the additional players and the final). And the last game was great to watch that gave up their time to fil in when required.
Thanks to the manager and the parents whose support was overwhelming. It was good to see the boys gain confidence as the games progressed and I hope they Grass Women
Womens Club Captains Report
We had a hard start to the season with the passing of I would firstly like to thank al of those people that gave our umpire Graeme Cox, and then with our organiser of up their time to Coach, Manage, Umpire and Support our the team for years Noeline Cox not playing. Thank you Womens teams. And of course to al of our players who Noeline for al the work you have done for the club and turned up every week to play. Without you al we wouldn't A week before our season started the Council had our Al our Womens teams had good results in 2008. The playing field marked, rol ed, mowed and looking good at Division 3 Team got 2nd Overal in competition play and Sydenham Park, the Cricket Club decided to dig the field 1st in the Porritt Cup Competition. The Mid Week Open up to put in a new pitch. So that was the end of us Team got 3rd equal in the Competition and Porritt Cup.
playing on our own field or using the club house for the And the Youth Grade Girls won their grade. Last, but by season. The draw had us playing most games there as it no means least are the Ladies Grass Team who had a great season even though they only got to play 9 games.
We had a strong, fun team and it was nice to win most of our games with a few new players who fitted into the Summer Masters started in October 2008 and 2 of our team wel . Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side ladies players have been selected to go to the National and we only managed 9 games, with snow and rain Masters Tournament in Hamilton in March 2009.
Congratulations to Helen Keast from the Mid Week Open We're hoping for a dry 2009 season and that our Ladies team and Jessica Wilson from the Division 3 Team.
haven't been put off by such a short and wet 2008.
Hope to see you al next year for the 2009 season.
Thank you to Merv Chambers and Nicola Pul ey for umpiring. Congratulations to Nicola for being invited to accompany the Masters teams to Hamilton for the Nationals in March for umpiring duties.
We would also like to thank Dave King, who is not a club member but has volunteered many hours fund-raising, Junior Club Captains Report
not only for the Sydenham Club, also for our team, so The 2008 season was a chal enging year with the clubs junior numbers remaining at approx 70 players(7 teams).As we were not strong with players numbers in some grades the club again liaised with the Selwyn club Youth Women
to maximise teams.It was good to see an increase in The Sydenham YouthGrade team was essential y the same as the past two years with the addition of Emelia Al teams performed very wel in their individual Sanders. This continuity and camaraderie is one of the grades.This is because the juniors have remained with main strengths of the team, and helped them to win the us over the years and moved through various the grades.
Youth Grade Girl's Division 2, the first year of the Over the years we have had great support from our reorganised Secondary school hockey.
coaches/managers.This is job that requires a lot of Kiri Te Amo bravely stepped into Trevor' Crew's shoes to dedication and time.I would like to see an increase in the coach this team that had won their grade the year before.
involvement of parents as several of them are past Without that teacher's commanding voice Kiri's first player/coaches/managers.There are courses available chal enge was to make the girls stop talking long enough to listen to her. Kiri trailed coaching ideas from her Going forward the club needs to look at increasing our Sports Science course and concentrated on building base numbers so that we have al grades available and not loose players to other clubs.My recommendation She was able to guide the team to nine wins and one would be to combine with another club who is in the draw, with only about five goals scored against them and a Goal Difference of about 34 (I would like to be able to I would like to thank al the coaches,managers,helpers quote exact numbers but al the statistics disappeared and parents for their support through the 08 season and when the CHA website crashed). In fact there was so look forward to seeing everyone in the 2009 season.
little action down the goal end that some time during the season we lost our goalie, who felt that turning up just to stand out in the wind and rain for an hour was not a productive use of her Friday's night's.
Pip Middleton was awarded a cup for her steady captaincy, and Ashleigh Duncraft was presented with the Junior 8 Boys
cup for Most Improved Player. Al the girls received a We had a great start to the season winning the 3 commemorative sash from the club to mark their win of grading games by many goals. This of course meant the grade.The team farewel ed Fflur Phil ips at the end of that we were put in the top group of the Junior 8's.
the season, who is heading overseas. Eleanor Bigsby The boys played extremely wel against hard competition and Sylvia Main fil ed in for the Sydenham Women's and didn't let it get them down too much when they were team. We were very grateful to Peter Gal agher and beaten by quite a high score. They continued to improve Nicola Pul ey for acting as our Club Supply referees A disappointing aspect of the new grade was the brief A big thank you to al the parents who turned up every season. The team only played 2 grading games and two week in the freezing cold and rain and endured the many rounds of five games, a total of 12 games. We hope that early games that we seemed to have this season. If this team is kept together Sydenham wil have a great future One unique aspect of this team is the Supporters club - on the men's side as there is so much potential in the one night I counted 18 supporters. The prize for the most supporters once again goes to Pip Middleton who usual y could count on both sets of grandparents, her mother and sister, her aunt, plus her boyfriend to be there .to watch (we got reprimanded for our enthusiastic vocal Girls Intermediate 8 Black
Sydenham Intermediate Girls Black Hockey Team The girls are keen to win Division 1 next year and probably played the most hockey of any team in our delighted that Kiri wil be back to coach them.
grade this season. The Girls struggled with the increased skil and organisational levels of a higher grade this year, but a true testament to them was the way they turned up week in and week out, rain, hail and snow, yes we got them al , to play their hearts out, and then in the end to report that they enjoyed their season.
Their enthusiasm was inspirational, and we always had good numbers at practice. The weather didn't make the demands any easier for these hardy souls,and some how it seemed we got to play in the driving rain or freezing snow, then the round would be cal ed of and we'd have Girls Junior 8 Blue
to come back next week to do it al over again. At one Girls Junior 8’s 2008 Coach: Annette Bone stage being drawn to play the same team 4 weeks in a 2008 Started with some of last years team moving up, row, playing each week in inclement weather just to find and we also had about 4 new players to Sydenham out that no-one else had played and we'd have to play Junior 8’s, through some of the mini’s moving up and them the next week as wel .Congratulations to Jazz who some players coming from other clubs. This year we was our "most valuable player", anchoring the defence, focused initial y on upskil ing the new players and and Daniel e who earned the title "most improved player revising for last years players. Fol owing on from this we “real y building on last year and growing in confidence to started to work on developing some positional play and more specific roles. We also worked on some specific Sydenham Black Girls can be proud of their inner set plays for attack and defence. This proved invaluable strength and determination, I wish them al wel for the with getting the girls to work as a team and reinforced to future and hope this team wil get to build on this season them al how much more successful they were when they next year, where the results wil surely come.
In the early part of the season we had a couple of very enthusiastic parents who volunteered as assistant coaches, Dene Bristowe, Suzie Postlethwaite, and Darren Hurd This meant that we could split the practices to focus on specific areas of the team’s game, individual skil s and on team fitness. We also became the ‘opposition’ in games at the end of each practice. (With additional assistance from siblings of team members Girls Super 8 Division 1
The Girls Super 8’s had another successful year From the competition perspective, we found the level of although proving not as dominant as they had been in umpiring inconsistent and at times frustrating. I consider the whistle, at this level, as being the means to This year the team was runner-up in the early draw, demonstrate learning opportunities for al based on the losing by 1 goal in their only loss of the year to the team rules appropriate for the grade, but there were times which won that round. In the final round, the team went when players were pul ed up for matters of personal through unbeaten convincingly beating their nemesis, opinion and preference rather than rules. This caused Selwyn House, from the earlier round.
some frustration amongst the girls, particularly those in This is the 4th year that the core of the team has played their third season of hockey - who know the rules.
together this year being the third time they have won the Overal the season was pretty successful , with the girls finishing around 4th in their competition. There was This year the team was strengthened by the recruitment some real talent on display and several of the girls wil be of 3 girls from Opawa School. Their influence was moving up to intermediate level next year.
reflected by the naming of Kirsten Cupido as most Our most valuable player was: Hannah Bristowe , who valuable player and Evana Philpott as most improved joined Sydenham and the team this year.
player. Deserving a special mention though are Anna Our most improved player was: Sophie Dickison, who Wardman (who as always dominated the competition with her ability to score goals) and Caitlin Hooft (who Our sportsmanship award: Georgia Dwyer who upheld volunteered in the last round to do more than her fair the team values and sportmanship, being supportive and encouraging of other players and maintaining a positive Thanks to al the parents who turned up week after week and for their vocal support. Once again the parents were One suggestion that I would like to make is that the noisiest in their support and it was a toss-up between Sydenham consider hosting smal scale coaching during Anna’s dad and El en Heal’s dad as to who broke the the school holidays, or even a mini tournament. I would be happy to assist in organising this but I do not have the expertise or experience from a coaching perspective to do this on my own.As always - I had a great time coaching and appreciate the enthusiastic girls, parents and families, especial y those parents who were prepared to give their own time to help out with coaching.
Thanks to Steve Smith for his mentoring, support and Super 8 Girls Blue
This is the third year together for the majority of this team. We moved up a grade this year and handled it extremely wel . Our main focus for the season was Once again a big thank you to al those who volunteered positional play, which leads on to more structured, as coaches for the various teams. The club could not flowing hockey. It was a thril to see the girls develop operate without you, and your contribution is much their game from the start of the season to the end. They are a fantastic group of girls who put 100% into the game and also enjoy it. A big thank you to Tony, who looked Obituaries
after the goalie each week, a big thank you to Peter, who The club extends it’s condolences to the family members helped out with umpiring, saving me from the job. Lastly, of Ian Cummins who was a Life Member of the club and the parents have again been great on the side line with their positive encouragement and support.
We wish to thank the fol owing companies for their Mini 6 Aside Team
support. Please use their services and products where This season we had a large 6 a-side team of 10 very possible and make yourselves known as a Sydenham keen players. Some had played before and some were new. We got off to a very good start with a win in our ____________________________________________ first game which gave the children a big buzz. We spent the season working on our passing, trapping and hitting skil s and learning to share the bal around. We only lost ____________________________________________ 3 games al season and everyone in the team managed to score goals. A big thank you to Georgia Jackson who came down to practice to help with this team and to al the parents and grandparents who were on the sideline ____________________________________________ at al the games. I look forward to seeing everyone again ____________________________________________ Team- Euan Douglas, Luke Robb, Angus Lawson, Eloise Fraser, Jamin Nicol , Angus Keast, Georgia Couch, Olive Topping, Charlie May, Iona Taylor End of Season Trophy Night
Charlotte Robb- Coach
This year the senior trophy night was held at the Sandridge Hotel. I think everyone who attended agreed it was a great venue and the help provided by the hotel staff was most appreciated. The event was very www.sydenhamhockey.co.nz up to date, and wil make
successful once again and thanks to al those that this our main way of communicating with you during the attended, and helped to make it a success year, displaying any items of interest or news. You can also register your details or notify a change of address. If Life Member Nomination
you have team news, special results or any or photos I wish to nominate Rae Clarke for a Life Membership of you would like us to display complete the “Tel Us Your News” link. So keep a watch for updates and why not Rae joined the club in 1994 as a Committee Member and Manager of the Senior Womens Team, elected Junior Club Captain from 1998-99, 2000, 2001 & 2002.Elected Acknowledgements
to the Canterbury Hockey Junior Committee for 4 years, Thanks to al those, who helped out at the gift fair Club delegate to the Annual General CHAJ meeting for a fund-raiser. This once again contributed around $1800 to number of years and stil attends them. Ladies Club club funds, your time is appreciated. Hopeful y you wil Captain 3 years. Rae is stil a Committee Member, and is al be available to help again in 2009.
involved with the Youth teams. A very good fund raiser for the Club, organised the making of Pizza and Family The Last Word
The upcoming AGM is your chance to be involved in the future direction of the club, so please attend and have Trophy Winners
, who by their efforts has given the most to the club and “The individual player in the underage(u15,U18) grades whose performance was the most meritorious” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Social cup to be awarded for the purpose to be decided by the cup holder of the previous year” “The most meritorious women player in an open grade --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The goalkeeper whose performance was the most --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The most meritorious performance by a womens team” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The outstanding coach of a mens team” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Valuable : Emily Wel s --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Valuable: Abigail Til ard-Lowe ____________________________________________ mens team whose performance was most meritorious” Most Valuable : Jazmine Burling-Claridge --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The mens open grade team whose performance was Most Valuable : Hannah Bristowe --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The outstanding coach of a womens team” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The individual player of the club whose performance --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The player with the most positive attitude and best effort ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Source: http://www.sydenhamhockey.co.nz/draw/2008annualreport.pdf

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