Teeth Worn Out Due to Medication
The tooth decay the dentist found on the elderly man's mouth was one highly unusual black hole on oneof his front teeth. Because he gagged when he put his prescribed nitroglycerine tablets under his tongue,he decided to put it under his upper lip instead. The hole in his tooth was formed because of them. This The oral medicine specialists have stated that hundreds of commonly taken pills and tablets are direct causes oftooth decay and gum disease. Doctors are not telling their patients about the dental side effects of thesemedicines, and it's possible that they don't also know about them, oral medicine specialists state. A dentist and pharmacologist at the University of Buffalo said they urged dentists to question patients about theirgeneral health and medications. Look at each tablet and each pill with scrutiny and think about the side effectsthey may have, he tells dentists. These facts are presented by oral medicine specialists who handled classes at this week's ADA meeting.
Gum swelling is a side effect of calcium channel blockers which can be seen in about 20% of the patientswho take them. Inflammation opens gums so that they are susceptible to bacterial infection, thus developingswelling and gum disease. These medicines are some of the biggest selling drugs around. To get a closer visit this site. Drugs for epilepsy and drugs for child hyperactivity may also cause similar swellings. Cyclosporin is a drug usedto prevent organ rejection and this can cause massive gum overgrowth. The appearance of leukemia caused guminflammation is almost the same as cyclosporin caused inflammation. Dry mouth, an apparent side effect of 400 drugs, is also a side effect of radiation treatment for cancer. Dentalproblems result from lack of saliva, and those who don't have enough may need topical fluoride treatment. If thedentist does not agree with the doctor's prescription of calcium channel blockers, he would ask the doctor tochange it to another heart medicine which does not cause too much dental problems. If not, they need very strict plaque control and to see the dentist every two months, he said. You can avoid gumside effects if you just keep your mouth clean at all times, another dentist pointed out. He says that you will haveno problem to worry about if there's no plaque. Because of swollen gums, only the tips of the teeth of a Dilantin patient could be seen in the photograph heshowed. He explained that any patient on Dilantin should get dental treatment from the dentist within 10 days toavoid bacterial infection. There are other things to be concerned about aside from prescription drugs. Antacids,cough drops, and over the counter lozenges all contain sugar. In one woman's case, cavities were always showing all throughout her mouth. She avoided sweets and brushedalways, so dentists were left wondering why this happens. When the receptionist saw her taking pills, the womansaid that she consumed three packs of antacid every day. Titles =============================Lozenges, Cough Drops and Antacids are Culprits of Dental Problems You can also find this article published on , , .

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