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Telephone number: Home 01273 - 813674 Work 01273 - 696955 ext 4036 Marital status: Nationality: British Education: Rutlish Grammar University: 1972 - 1977 Guy's Hospital Medical School Degrees: 1977 MB BS London University 1977 MRCS LRCP Conjoint Board of Examiners UK 1994 FRCP Royal College of Physicians, UK Distinctions: 1976 Golding-Bird Gold Medal in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Accreditation: June 1989 In General Medicine and Nephrology GMC & Full Registration: 03.07.78 (no 2358152) Defence Union: MDU Member of: BMA, Medical Research Society, Renal Association, EDTA. International PREVIOUS APPOINTMENTS
June 1977 to HS General Surgery to December 1977 January 1978 to HP General Medicine to July 1978 Dr. T. M. L. Price, Lewisham Hospital. August 1978 to Locum Registrar in Geriatric Medicine September 1978 Carshalton, Surrey. October 1978 to Locum in General Practice to November 1978 July 1980 to SHO Renal Medicine,, Department of June 1981 Nephrology, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, to Drs J. C. Mackenzie and P. R. Harrison. July 1981 to Research Registrar, Renal Unit, July 1982 Southmead Hospital, Bristol. August 1982 to Registrar General Medicine & March 1984 Endocrinology, at Llandough Hospital, Penarth & University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff to Dr. J. H. Lazarus. March 1984 to Research Fellow/Honorary Registrar, May 1987 Institute of Urology & St. Peter's Hospitals, London WC2 to Dr. F. D. Thompson. June 1987 to Lecturer in Nephrology & General August 1989 Medicine, University College London, London, WC1. Rotating between the professorial medical unit at University College Hospital (Professor 0. Wrong, Dr. D. P. Brenton and Dr. S. F. D. Thompson, Dr. M. A. Mansell and Prof. G. H. Neild). CURRENT APPOINTMENT
Commenced August 1989 Consultant Physician Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust My current post is as Consultant physician in Nephrology and General Medicine employed by Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust. It is based at the Renal Unit in Brighton, but covers the East Sussex area, Mid-Downs, Worthing and the adjoining localities with a catchment population of approximately 1 million. The job involves supervision of all modalities of renal services for patients in this area including dialysis, transplantation, the investigation and treatment of acute and chronic renal failure, general nephrology, hypertension and general medical take. We have been able to undertake a number of new clinical initiatives. These included new clinics, at Bexhill Hospital, Eastbourne District General Hospital, Crawley Hospital, and joint diabetic/nephrology clinics at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and Eastbourne District General Hospital. We have set up satellite dialysis units in Bexhill, Worthing & Crawley. We have also been able to initiate modern measures of adequacy of dialysis, such as in peritoneal dialysis (the measurement of creatinine clearance, urea kinetic modelling and peritoneal equilibration test) and in haemodialysis (urea kinetic modelling). The automated peritoneal dialysis programme has been improved and extended. Over the last few years we have supervised and then taught ITU to carryout haemofiltration and haemo-diafiltration as a means of renal replacement therapy on the ITU. We designed a new renal unit, which opened in November 2003. EDUCATION
I was Royal College District Tutor for Medicine for 3 years up until April 1999, which involves overseeing and teaching junior medical staff, publicising teaching opportunities within the Medical Directorate, organising SHO Protected Teaching Time and helping the Postgraduate Tutor draw up educational contracts for the SHOs. I take part in the usual lecture programmes for GPs and Ancillary colleagues. I am co-author of the renal chapter of a standard undergraduate textbook. ((Medicine, Blackwell Science. I am an examiner for MRCP and regularly participate in teaching to prepare candidates for this exam. I am course leader of the Nephrology MSc based at BSMS. SUPERVISION OF POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS
Martin Jones, Research Registrar - MD Thesis "The Assessment and Control of Blood Pressure in Patients with Renal Disease" awarded by Bristol University 1996. Graham Davies, Senior Lecturer in School of Pharmacy - PhD "Factors Affecting Drug Clearance in Haemodiafiltration" awarded by the University of Brighton 1997. Ian Rifkin, Lecturer/Research Registrar between Addenbrooke's, Cambridge and Trafford Research Centre, Brighton - MD "Pathogenicity of ANCA" (he is mainly being supervised by Professor Simpson at Cambridge). In addition I have co-supervised three BSc projects carried out by nurses within the Department. The have all been successfully completed. NATIONAL REGISTRY OF RENAL COMPLICATIONS IN TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS I have set up this project. It has an expanding number of participants (300 currently). Its aims are to investigate the prevalence, natural history and treatment of renal complications. It also acts as an information resource for doctors, healthcare professionals, patients and families. It has been very useful in fostering co-operative research. I see an increasing number of patients with renal complications of Tuberous Sclerosis in Brighton. In combination with my radiological and urological colleagues Brighton has built up a unique (In the UK) experience in treating these problems. In spring 1997 I spent a 3-month sabbatical at the Trafford Centre for Medical Research in the University of Sussex. This was to undergo some training in molecular genetics and help further a major research project in the molecular genetics of Tuberous Sclerosis. I set up this research project in collaboration with colleagues at the Trafford Centre for Medical Research and was instrumental in raising funding for it. I have helped set-up the multidisciplinary Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at St George's Hospital (One of 6 in the UK). I participate in this clinic one morning a month. I have organised a national consensus conference to draw up clinical guidelines for the care of patients with Tuberous Sclerosis. We organised the International TSC research conference in Brighton in September 2009. MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE

Throughout my medical career I have had to polish and use the skills of managing
and motivating a team of health care professionals. As I have progressed to more
senior positions the team has become larger and more varied. In addition I have
developed the skills of effective communication, analysis of my and others
performance and career counselling/professional development. The challenges the
Renal Unit has faced in the past 10 years (Due to quadrupling of the workload.) have
given me a good understanding of the need to objectively analyse a problem in order
to develop feasible options for solving it. From this I have gained a clear
appreciation of the value of good management.
I have enjoyed being Consultant Manager of the Renal Unit from 1995 to May 2002.
I was Clinical Director of Specialised Services in the trust until April 2006. The remit
of this post was to;
1/ Supervise adherence to budgets & contracts
2/ Lead on strategic initiatives &
3/ Lead on implementation of clinical governance
In renal, cardiac, neurosciences & GUM specialities.
In addition to the expertise I have gleaned from my work within the NHS and as an
independent private practitioner, I have gained useful management experience from
some unlikely sources.
I have been a member of the Management Committee of a national charity – The
Tuberous Sclerosis Association - for the past 10 years. The charity is dedicated to
helping sufferers with Tuberous Sclerosis and their families and funding research
into the condition.
It has 1200 members and capital assets of approximately £3 million, and is very
active in fund-raising. Being a member of the 10 - 12 person Management
Committee has given me valuable experience in modern management and business
I have been on the Board of Trustees of a local charity - The Brighton Oasis Project,
which runs a drop in centre for narcotic addicts, particularly woman with children.
Lastly I am a keen sailor. Living in cramped conditions and coping with tricky
situations spiced with danger quickly teaches the value of teamwork.
Dr Kingswood works at the following NHS practices and may be contacted by any of the means listed below. Dr Kingswood also works in private practice and may be contacted by any of the means listed below. PUBLICATIONS
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