to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Some things for you to ponder on this Feast of the Holy Family: The Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D. - Oral contraceptives cause abortions before a woman knows she’s pregnant. How many abortions are there in the US each year of this kind? A conservative estimate says 8.1 to 12.75 million. - Planned Parenthood states that the majority of women who have abortions were using contraception when they were pregnant. - Barely four years after contraceptives were first tested, researchers found that marriages in which contraceptives were used were twice as likely to end in divorce as those in which they were not used. - Abortionists themselves attest that the greater use of contraception means a greater rise in the abortion rate. - In October 2006 the Mayo Clinic published an important study finding that women using oral contraceptives had a 44% higher rate of pre- menopausal breast cancer than other women. - The results of two major studies have shown that women who take Depo-Provera for two years or more before age 25 have at least a 190% increased risk of developing breast cancer. In addition, Depo-Provera may reduce a woman’s bone density, and worsen a woman’s cholesterol level. Women who had received injectable progestins for at least five years and who had used them at least five years prior, suffered a 430% increased risk of developing cervical cancer. Several studies have shown that women who receive injectable progestins have a 240% higher rate of contracting the AIDS virus if their partner is infected. I could continue to list more stats, but you see where I am going with this: contraception kills. It kills the soul, it kills babies, it kills marriages, it kills women. Are we still so blind as to think that contraception is a This Feast of the Holy Family, let us pray for bigger and better families. The Catholic Church is not guided by the Holy Spirit for nothing! If you are struggling with this issue, come to confession, consecrate your household to the Holy Family, and leave behind the lies. You’ll never Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, make our families like yours! Pastoral Staff
Administrative Staff
Director of Pastoral Care and Social Services Music Staff
Council Coordinators
1 January
Tuesday 2
Thursday 4
5 January
Saturday 6
St. Mary’s School Admissions Announcement
An “Open House” for students and their families interested in
applying for 4-Year-Old-Kindergarten thru Grade 8 will be
held on Tuesday 23 January at 7:00 pm in Gallivan Hall. Come tour the facility, meet the faculty, and learn more about our Next Sunday Is 60:1-6/Eph 3:2-3a,5-6/Mt 2:1-12 The Application deadline is 21 February with Admissions
Testing for Grades K5 thru 8th on Saturday 24 February at
Monday 1 January is the Feast of Mary, the Mother of
9:00 am. There is no testing for K4 admission. God. Since this feast falls on a Monday this year it is not a
Holy Day of Obligation. However, you are encouraged to For admission and testing information, please contact Laura attend Mass which will be celebrated at 10:00 am. This is the Sanford in our Admission Office at 864.271.3870, ext. 15 or only Mass that will be celebrated on Monday. There will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Every Wednesday:
5:00 pm The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration 5:45 pm The Holy Rosary RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
Youth Group Schedule
Please Pray for all those who are hospitalized; and for those
The St. Mary’s High School Youth Group will not be meeting Please note: If you wish your name to be listed in the
bulletin for prayers when you are in the hospital or We will have a kick off meeting to start the New Year on
recuperating at home, please call the church office, ext. 110 Sunday 7 January in Gallivan Hall. The Group will be hosting a or 112. Due to the patient privacy act, we must have your Swing Dance for all St. Mary’s High School Youth. We will have a professional dancer providing instruction on Swing Dancing. If you have never attended one of our meetings, this Sympathy: Please pray for the repose of the souls of Faye
would be a great time to come meet Catholic Youth. Tadross, Rita Trotter, Stephen Langlais, brother of Robyn Maggio; and Jerry Foley, uncle of Joann Miller, who died For more information about the Youth Group or these this week. We extend our prayers and sympathy to their activities call Chris Stansberry, Parish Youth Director at Financial Report
Fund Drive for the Future Phase II Update
Sunday Collection
Total Donations/Outstanding Pledges 2,028,500.00 We ask every household in the parish to complete a pledge card and contribute at least 4% of your income to this capital campaign for three years as a part of your Christian Disciples of Christ (Young Adult Ministry)
Electronic Giving: Since St. Mary’s began offering the
automated giving program, many members have chosen to participate. They all like the program because of its The DOC is a Catholic Lay Ministry group for all types of convenience. They never have to worry about remembering folks: married, single, with or without children. We have a to bring their checkbook or envelope. Our members also range of activities that include: seminar series - Theology a mentioned how much they appreciate the fact that their Latte, Bible Studies (currently 5!), Rosary groups, social financial gifts to St. Mary’s continues even if they are out of events, retreats, and so much more! Come join us. For town or unable to attend Mass. If you are interested in signing up or just want to receive more information about Please email newsletter-subscribe@upstatedoc.com if you Elect ronic Givi ng, cont act Pat Perkin s at pat.perkins@stmarysgvl.org or call 271.8422, ext 118. We Welcome the following new members to St. Mary’s
Thank You Letters
Parish: Ms. Amy Cronican, Drs. Ken Webb & Jeoung-Soo Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Varga and Mr. Jason Morris. Birthright: “Thank You from Birthright for your parish’s
loving support of our work through the Baby Bottle Stephen Ministry: St. Mary’s will host a regional “Caring
Boomerang. You raised $5,684! There has been an increase Workshop”, sponsored by Stephen Ministries—St. Louis. It in abortion minded women coming to our office since we’ve will be held in Gallivan Hall on Saturday 3 February from been advertising more with your generous support. If anyone 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. Parishes and congregations from up to still has a baby bottle, please return it back to the parish as 100 miles radius will be invited to attend. As hosts of the they cost us $1.00 each. Thank you again for being a part of event, St. Mary’s parishioners, who are interested in learning this program. Keep us in your prayers and one day you will more about Stephen Ministry, may attend the workshop learn of the full effects of your generosity.” FREE. Contact Andy at apacewic@charter.net/ 268.4481 or Susanne at wolfes@charter.net/313.55896. Saturday Bag Lunch: “Thank you for making Christmas
The Gym Is Closed and will reopen on Tuesday 2 January
special to the poor and homeless in Greenville. Your 2007. This time is needed for floor refinishing and proper generosity to the poor boxes made it possible for us to serve a sit down dinner at Project Host on Saturday the 16th of December. Our record crowd enjoyed fired chicken, potato salad, fruit, rolls and dessert. Volunteers from St. Mary’s Ultreya will meet on Thursday 18 January at 7:30 pm in the
served up the hot meal and made sure each guest was library at Prince of Peace education building. Contact Tommy warmly welcomed. First Team Sports not only rolled up their Smith at 915.2275 (cell) or 967.8028 (home). sleeves to help but also donated all of the soft drinks as well as basketballs. Your donated gift bags handed out by Diane An Adult Computer Class, sponsored by St. Joseph’s
Hickey’s team were the highlight of the dinner. St. Mary’s Catholic School chapter of the National Honor Society, will parish is reaching out to make sure our brothers and sisters in be held on Saturday 20 January to teach adults and senior Christ are not neglected. Thank you so very much.” citizens the basic use of the Internet and computer programs. The seminar will be offered at the school that day from
10:00 am until 12:00 noon. There is no charge for the two-
CDS: “Thank you for St. Mary’s sponsorship of the Center
hour session; however class size is limited to twenty for Developmental Services’ 2007 Children’s Carnival. You participants. Interested adults should call Ms. Christine will be recognized as one of our sponsors in our publications Cadorniga, faculty member and advisor, at 234.9009 ext 339. and in the Greenville News.” Jason Richards SUNDAY - 31 DECEMBER
Sunday Morning for 3 and 4 Year Olds: No classes. Classes
Morning Prayers: Liturgy of the Hours, 6:15 am in the
church. Men and women are invited to join us in this Nursery: No nursery on December 31st.
beautiful prayer of the Universal Church. No Coffee & Donuts on December 31st.
Pillars of Christ - Men’s Ministry follows, 6:30-8:00 am in
Maronite Divine Liturgy: 11:00 am in Gallivan Hall.
High School Youth: No meeting.
Friday Morning Scripture Class: 10:00 am in Sacred Heart
Hall. Nursery is provided. All are welcome. Feast of Mary, the Mother of God. Mass will be celebrated at
The Church Office is closed. We will reopen on Tuesday
Guidelines for Receiving Holy Communion
Boy Scouts: No meeting.

We welcome to this Holy Mass all who share our faith in the
Lord Jesus Christ, but while all are welcome here, we TUESDAY - 2 JANUARY
cannot extend to all an invitation to receive Holy Senior Men’s Club: 1:00 pm in Sacred Heart Hall.
Communion. This is not a lack of Christian hospitality; rather, it is the recognition by the Catholic Church that real WEDNESDAY - 3 JANUARY
divisions of faith and practice do sadly exist among Christians. Practicing Catholics who go to Confession Bible Study Group: 10:15 am in Sacred Heart Hall.
whenever needed are invited to receive Holy Communion. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: 5:00 pm.
Non-Catholic Christians and those Catholics who should not Religious Education: Classes for 1-8 grade, 6:30-7:30 pm.
receive Holy Communion (including those married outside R.C.I.A: 6:30-8:00 pm in Sacred Heart Hall.
the Church and those in need of the sacrament of Penance) are asked to pray for a spiritual communion with the Lord THURSDAY - 4 DECEMBER
Jesus and for the unity of His Church. Those who are not receiving Holy Communion but who would like to receive a St. Mary’s Prayer Community: Cenacles/Rosary - 6:00 pm.
blessing are invited to indicate this desire by crossing their Prayer meeting at 7:00 pm in Sacred Heart Hall. arms across their chests in the Communion procession. Saturday, 3:30 to 4:30 pm and by appointment To have a child baptized at St. Mary’s, at least one parent must be a practicing Catholic, registered at this church for at least six months, and regularly attending Mass and participating in the life of the parish. Baptisms are administered on Saturdays at 6:15 pm after the 5:00 pm Mass. Attending a Baptism Preparation Class (approximately 2 hours) is required. The next baptism class is Tuesday, 9 January at 7:00 pm in Sacred Heart Hall. Contact Deacon George Tierney to register for the class. To be married at St. Mary’s, either the bride or groom must be a practicing Catholic, registered at this church for at least six months before beginning the six month marriage preparation, and regularly attending Mass and participating in the life of the parish. The only exception to this rule is made for Catholic children of registered and active parishioners who live outside of greater Greenville and who are practicing Catholics in their own parish. Weddings take place on Saturdays outside of Advent and Lent between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Please call Mary Hunter Gibbs, Coordinator of Marriage Preparation at 864.386.6350 or e-mail mhwylie@hotmail.com.

Source: http://www.stmarysgvl.org/files/20061231.pdf


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