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Robert L. (Bob) Vandergrift -- Utah
Bob Vandegrift wrote the small book “My Home is in the House of Cancer.“ The book
is available on CD directly from Bob, who also offers audio CDs of his experience and
approach. Contact Bob at, or 797 South 350 West, Bountiful,
Utah, 84010. Phone 801-295-8172.
The book covers Bob’s stage IV colon cancer battle, which began December 20, 1996,
at age 68, when he was told to “get his affairs in order” as doctors predicted he had
months to live. (Bob is alive and well today.)
“The first words I heard from Nurse One were ’Mr. Vandegrift, are you afraid of
death?’ My response was ’No, I don’t think so, but I’m not ready to die.’ The fact is, I
was afraid.” His first three doctors offered no hope.
Bob recalls: “My fortunes were beginning to turn, for over the next three weeks, I
began to locate a medical team who I had faith in and could believe in
unconditionally.” The team would be God, two MD’s, a social worker and Bob and his
family and friends.
His liver surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Kim, when asked about an American Cancer Society
book on the various stages of cancer (and death), said: “Throw that book away. You do
not have to be a statistic. Some of that is up to you.” Kim’s comments meant Hope!
Death was not certain.
“John Conlee (hospital social worker) asked me what I new about meditation and
visualization… Then, Dr. Kim said he would like to work with me on the
(visualization) project.” Visualization (imagery) became a large part of Bob’s anti-
cancer action plan which he implemented with zeal.
Dr. Saundra Buys, the oncologist recommended by Dr. Kim, suggested Bob enroll in a
clinical study of the drug Xeloda (an oral version of the drug 5-FU). Xeloda,
visualization and hope became a powerful healing force.
After the first CT scan: “She (Dr. Buys) sat down beside me and beamed, ‘It’s nothing
short of remarkable!’ as she had not seen as much reduction in cancer during her entire
practice.” Liver tumors, in remission, ever since.
If you are in a cancer battle, here’s a suggestion: give Bob a call, read his book, listen
to his CDs and visit his website ( He is a model of the
determined cancer fighter (note: all stage IV cancer survivors seem to be determined

There seems to be no debate about the accuracy of Bob’s statements in his book. Since
the late 90‘s, he has told his story in countless forums, while citing doctors and
hospitals, and dispensing his medical data, with clarity.
A common theme among advanced cancer survivors is the lack of hope they were (are)
offered; grim time limits and dismal survival statistics for advanced cancer patients
may to some extent be self-fulfilling.
Having advanced colon cancer, with 20 or so tumors in the liver, represents a tough
fight. But Dr. Benjamin Kim made Bob realize he could fight and win. Then Bob put
together the team and plan for victory that addressed the brutal facts of a tough
situation with hope and positive action.
A critical part of Bob’s victory was the clinical trial on Xeloda, as well as the mind-
body connection which he exploited with visualization and his other action steps (what
he terms “investments”).
Bob stayed on Xeloda and his support plan for five years. Wisely, he found a chemo
program he could sustain for five years, without life-threatening damage to his liver.
And he stayed on it. Not allowing the cancer to return.
Bob’s book addresses all aspects of his tough cancer battle. Prayer and God are a big
part of life for stage IV cancer patients. Bob comments on diet and exercise; gospel
music and comedy were also important to him.
Bob Vandegrift wrote the book “My Home is in the House of Cancer.“ Get the book
on CD from Bob, who also offers audio CDs of his experience. Contact him by e-mail
at, or 797 South 350 West, Bountiful, Utah, 84010.
Phone 801-295-8172.

The Bob Vandegrift case: medical review comments

Several doctors and professionals who treated Bob Vandegrift are quoted in the book
and on the website. Bob will supply significant details of his medical records upon
request, those that he has available after 13 years of battling cancer.
Stage4hope believes all aspects of the Bob Vandegrift story are true, as outlined in
Bob‘s book, “My Home is in the House of Cancer.”


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