Scientific Program
Sunday, April 14, 2013
Summer School

The bold number indicates abstract number.
ROOM: Plenary
CHAIRMAN: Trevor Owens

1182 Esther de Jong, Functional specialization of tissue dendritic cells
1183 Seppo Meri, The complement system in health and disease
Lunch in the exhibition area
Simon Davis, Receptor organization and signaling in T-cells 1173 Andreas Radbruch, The organization of immunological memory
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1184 Simon Fillatreau, B cell memory
1175 Anne Cooke, Type 1 diabetes- how does it arise and can it be cured?
1179 Keynote Speaker: Richard Flavell, Dendritic cells
Monday, April 15, 2013
Innate Immunity

The bold number indicates abstract number.
ROOM: Plenary
CHAIRMAN: Steffen Thiel

Coffee and tea
1174 Andrea Cerutti, B-cell
1180 Teunis B. H. Geijtenbeek, C-type lectins on cells
1186 Hanne Frøkjær, The role of signaling pathways and endocytic activities for
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1163 Felix Randow, Autophagy in host-pathogen interactions
1181 Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, The human natural killer cell response to hantavirus
Jürg Köhl, IgG glycosylation regulates complement-mediated inflammation Lunch in the exhibition area
Poster session (Innate immunity and Autoimmunity & Allergy) in the exhibition area ROOM: Nørrebros Runddel
CHAIRMEN: Thomas Vorup and Grith Lykke Sørensen

Parallel 1: Innate Immunity
1064 Ying Jie Ma, collectin-11/masp complex formation triggers activation of
the lectin complement pathway – the fifth lectin pathway initiation complex
1065 Christian Buus, exhausting natural killer cells by human cytomegalovirus as
evaluated by phosphorylation of stat1 in response to interferon-alpha
1126 Margrét Arnardóttir, prevalence of ficolin-3 and masp-2 deficiency in iceland
1047 Ninette Genster, the innate pathogen recognition molecule ficolin-1 exhibit
differential binding to leukocyte subsets, providing a novel link between innate and
adaptive immunity.
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1069 Maria Abildgaard Steffensen, suppressors of cytokine signalling 1 and 3 are
up-regulated in response to virus induced inflammation of the cns via at least two
distinctive pathways
1049 A. Inkeri Lokki, complement regulation in pre-eclamptic placenta
1117 Reza M. H. Khorooshi, tlr-signaling induces type i interferon responses in
microglia and astrocytes and regulates leukocyte infiltration to the cns
1148 Susanne Brix, gut mucosal regulation of distinct macrophage and dendritic
cell subsets during early stage salmonella infection
ROOM: Sankt Hans Torv
CHAIRMEN: Jeanette Erbo Wern and Zsolt Illes

Parallel 2: Autoimmunity and Allergy
1013 Sara Marie Atkinson, inflammation and bone remodelling in the delayed-type
hypersensitivity (DTH) arthritis model
1150 Ola Grimsholm, the precursor bcr suppresses t cell-dependent autoimmune
1122 Lisbeth Hansen, dynamics of cd11c+ cells and foxp3+ cells in progressive
autoimmune insulitis
1066 Raine Toivonen, fermentable fibers condition colon environment to promote
diabetogenesis in nod mice
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1118 Henna Kallionpää, transcriptomic changes detected prior to seroconversion in
children with hla-conferred type 1 diabetes susceptibility
1021 Lara A. Aqrawi, autoantigen-specific memory cell pattern in patients with
primary sjögren’s syndrome
1032 Roman Volchenkov, type 1 regulatory t cells and regulatory b cells induced by
dexamethasone and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 treated monocyte-derived dendritic cells
1103 Morten Milek Nielsen, allergen induced cross-talk between dendritic epidermal
t cells and keratinocytes in contact hypersensitivity
Cashbar in the exhibition area
SSI board meeting in “Kastrup Lufthavn”
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Differentiation / Regulation / Effector function

The bold number indicates abstract number. ROOM: Plenary
CHAIRMAN: Allan Randrup Thomsen

Coffee and tea
1176 Graham Anderson, Thymus development
1177 Kingston Mills, Regulation and effector function of pathogenic T cells in
Simon Davis, A unifying principle for receptor triggering by native ligands and Coffee break in the exhibition area
1185 William Agace, Dendritic cell subsets in mucosal T cell responses
1159 Annette Oxenius, T cell immunity in viral infections
1173 Andreas Radbruch, Adaptation of effector Th cells to chronic inflammation
Lunch in the exhibition area
Poster session (Therapy & Novel concepts and Diff of cells, Regulations and
ROOM: Nørrebros Runddel
CHAIRMEN: Claus H. Nielsen and Torben Barington
Parallel 1: Therapy & Novel concepts
1016 Paulina Regenthal, structural modelling provides means to understand the binding
specificity of alloreactive t cells
1107 Bo Kok Mortensen, identification of y-chromosomally encoded minor histocom-
patibility antigens using a reverse immunology approach
1121 Benjamin Anderschou Holbech Jensen, therapeutic potential in cancer using ad-
enoviral vaccine vector co-expressing tumorantigen and interleukin-2
1142 Adnan Deronic, abr-215757, an immunomodulatory compound, reduces the ac-
cumulation of cells during acute peritonitis in the presence of rage
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1129 Mikkel-Ole Skjødt, endogenous and natural complement inhibitor attenuates myo-
cardial injury and arterial thrombogenesis
1045 Karen Smith Korsholm, manipulation of vaccine-specific t-cell responses by novel
adjuvants combining cationic liposomes with non-tlr/tlr ligands and the influence of the
route of administration
1061 Helle Brander Eriksen, he effect of early bacille calmette-guérin vaccine on thymic
size in low birth weight infants
1130 Ole Hamming, the structure of il21 and its receptor
ROOM: Sankt Hans Torv
CHAIRMEN: Trevor Owens and Anne Spurkland
Parallel 2: Diff of cells,
Regulation & Effector functions
1102 Anne Louise Hansen, polarization of macrophages is caused by stimuli from
serums, csf-stimulation and the presence of tumor cells.
1058 Terkild Brink Buus, cd73 marks the commitment of Ȗ t cells in the thymus
1036 Swechha Mainali Pokharel, eicosapentaenoic acid prevents dendritic cell
maturation but enables them to direct t cells towards a th1/th17 phenotype 1092 Kristin Jakobshagen, impact of il-10 on immunopathologic reactions to acute
infection of mice with the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus Coffee break in the exhibition area
1067 Lasse Boding, mid proteins control migration, granule exocytosis and
1019 Oriane Cédile, ccl2 chemokine in central tolerance
1029 Karin Rödström, crystal structure of superantigen in complex with tcr and mhc
class ii provides insight in enterotoxin function 1156 Janne Marie Laursen, identification of a novel immunoregulatory signaling
pathway exploited by m. tuberculosis in dendritic cells Cashbar in the exhibition area
SSI General Assembly
ROOM: Sankt Hans Torv
IS General Assembly
ROOM: Nørrebros Runddel
Conference Dinner
ROOM: Østerbro
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Basic Autoimmunity / Allergy / Therapy
The bold number indicates abstract number.
Registration opens at 08:30
ROOM: Plenum
CHAIRMEN: Åsa Andersson and Christina Bartholdy

Coffee and tea
1178 Kutty Selva Nandakumar, Pathogenic versus regulatory IgG in autoimmune
1164 Matthias von Herrath, Learning from histopathology to devise optimal strategies
to prevent or treat type 1 diabetes. Speaker sponsored by NOVO Nordisk.
1184 Simon Fillatreau, B cells, plasma cells, and cytokines
Coffee break in the exhibition area
1161 Claudia Mauri, Regulatory B cells and iNKT cell interaction in the modulation of
1162 Cezmi A. Akdis, Mechanisms in immunotherapy
1165 Stefan F. Martin, Xenoinflammation of the skin: how chemicals trigger immune
Closing remarks
List of exhibitors and sponsors
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Recognising and managing mental health issues at work The rationale for training and evidence of effectiveness Introduction This paper develops some of the rationale for the effectiveness of trainingemployees in the recognition and management of mental health issues andthen explores available evidence in this area. This is not an academic paper, although references and further reading are

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Reports in Today’s Issue Thursday, 20 August 2009 MAH Macmahon Holdings Limited Buy Market Overview Market Indices Index Close US stocks closed higher on Wednesday as declining oil inventories sparked Exxon Mobil, Chevron and other energy companies higher, and Merck led health care into the green although industrials, including Deere, dented the market's g

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