Ambulatory Phlebectomy(AP) Instructions
 Ambulatory Phlebectomy(AP) is a minimally invasive method for treating varicose veins of the leg.  Small stab incisions are made in the skin and the veins are pulled out of these incisions with a small hook.  Blood flow now returns from your leg to your heart in the deep veins of the leg. Strong stable muscles protect these veins. They are much less likely to be diseased, and the vein valves usually work much better. This makes it easier for the blood to return from your leg to the heart and lungs. Pre-Treatment Instructions:
 Avoid Aspirin and NSAIDS (eg: Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen) for 7 days prior to AP or  For those individuals who do not already have support stockings, The re*be Skin Clinic will provide Class II (30- 40mmHg) thigh-high compression stocking to be worn continuously for 7 days after the AP, then during waking hours for an additional 14 days.  No lotion should be applied to the treated leg for three days prior and for three days after AP or sclerotherapy  You are encouraged to eat a light meal before the AP procedure. Shower with soap the night before and the morning of your procedure. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes on the day of your procedure as you may be walking on a treadmill before and after the treatment. Post-Treatment Instructions:
 Walking helps to direct the blood that was flowing in the damaged varicose veins that were treated to the deep healthy veins. This also helps minimize the chances of deeper clots forming in your legs. It is not unusual for your legs throb or hurt to a minor degree for several days after the procedure. Often times additional walking improves this discomfort. You are encouraged to walk 15-20 minutes duration 3-4 times per day, especially for the first 7 days following the Ambulatory Phlebectomy(AP) procedure.  Avoid running, jumping, aerobics, swimming, and heavy lifting for 2 weeks after the AP procedure. Avoid air travel for 3 weeks after the AP procedure.  Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and hot showers for 3 weeks after AP. A lukewarm shower or bath at night just  After wearing the Class II thigh-high compression stockings or the compression wraps 24 hours a day for the initial 7 days after the AP procedure, remove the stockings at night time and wear them during waking hours for an additional 14 days at minimum. You may choose to wear the stockings until your next scheduled appointment with the staff at The re*be Skin Clinic. Please remember to always take your stocking(s) off and put them on while your legs are horizontal before you get out of bed is the best.  If you experience any signs or symptoms which are worrisome, you should contact the staff at The re*be Skin Clinic. Side effects which can be more serious include fever, chills, expanding redness or swelling at injection site, skin ulcers, and increasing pain localizing to a varicose vein segment. While deep vein thrombosis is uncommon following sclerotherapy, the development of swelling, pain unrelieved with over the counter medication, shortness of breath, dusky or blue color changes in the skin of the leg, should prompt you to contact The staff at the re*be Skin Clinic or your local emergency room immediately.


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