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B.Sc. BI (402) (Sem - 4th)
Time : 03 Hours
Maximum Marks : 75
Instruction to Candidates:
Section - A is Compulsory
Attempt any Nine questions from Section B.
Section - A<
(15 × 2 = 30)
List at least four new operators by C ++ which aid OOP.
Why is an array called derived array type? Write a function using reference variables as arguments to swap thevalues of a pair of integers.
What are the advantages of function prototypes in C ++? What is a friend function? What are the merits and demerits of usingfriend function? What is a a constructor? Is it manadatory to use constructors in a class? What are the different forms of inheritance? Give an example for each.
Distinguish between overload functions and function templates.
What is a containership? How does it differ from inheritance? J-8210[S-9700365] P.T.O.
m) What do you mean by dynamic binding? How is it useful in OOP? What is object oriented programming? How is different from theprocedure oriented programming? List a few areas of application OOP methodology.
Section - B<
(9 × 5 = 45)
a) Define the following terms with examples: (i) Abstract data type(ii) Polymorphism(iii) Inheritance(iv) Templates Q3)
Design an EMPLOYEE base class. Define all its possible methods anddata structures. Through inheritance mechanism, create one class namelyMANAGER. Implement its data structure and important methods. Assumethat you are making this design for the purpose of making a salarystatement. Observe the following while designing classes:• Clearly indicate public and private classes• Design constructors in each class and explain its purpose• Identify data structure and methods which can be inherited• Implementation should be in C++ Q4)
Prepare object diagrams showing at least 10 relationships among thefollowing object classes. Include associations, aggregations andgeneralizations. Use qualified associations and show multiplicity balls inyour diagrams. You do not need to show attributes or operations. Useassociation names where needed. As you prepare the diagrams you mayadd additional object classes:School, playground, principal, classroom, book, student, teacher, cafeteria,rest-room, computer, desk, chair, door.
Prepare a data flow diagram for computing the volume and surface areaof a cylinder. Inputs are height and radius of cylinder. Outputs are volumeand surface area. You can use any arbitrary formula for demonstration.
Discuss several ways of implementing the DFD.
Design a template class for implementation of BINARY TREE.
Implement the following class using C++ and any other non-object-oriented language: Sorted_dictionary Q8)
Rephrase the following requirements to make them more precise. Removeany design decisions posing as requirements.
A system for distributed electronic mail over a network is needed. Eachuser of the system should be able to send mail /Tom any computer accountand receive mail on one designated account. There should be provisionsfor answering or forwarding mail, as well as saving messages in files orprinting them. Also users should be able to send messages to severalother users at once through distribution lists. Each computer on the netshould hold any messages destined for computers which are down.
Q10) Write code to implement the following:
One-to-many association, which is traversed in the direction /Tom one tomany. The association considered unordered Code should be in C++.
Q11) Design a template class for implementation of a LINKED LIST.
Q12) Implement the following class using C++ and any other non-object

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