ViagraPoppersCrystal HHT.qxp 4/16/01 11:48 AM Page 1 Viagra,
Recovery Services(206) 461-4546 (ask for a NEON counselor) Needle Exchange(open 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year;call for times & locations) HIV/STD info line(206) 205-7837 (205-STDS) ACAP(medical and dental referrals for folks with HIV) STEP(HIV treatment and research information) You can also stop by the Needle Exchange Medical Clinic 1511 Second AveM-F 1:30-4:30 Walk-ins welcome Options for gay and bisexual men who use cry s t a l .
ViagraPoppersCrystal HHT.qxp 4/16/01 11:48 AM Page 3 Can crystal or poppers make it easierto get HIV? In many ways, the answeris yes. Here’s why: t When you’re high you may lose good
judgment. You may intend to be safe,
but in the heat of the moment, condoms
Crystal is a stimulant that sends your body into overdrive.
Poppers open blood vessels, sending
To handle this, crystal shrinks your veins, speeds up your heart rate, and increases blood pre s s u re. It also floods your ass. This makes it easier for HIV and other brain with chemicals that give you lots of energy. You may STD’s to get into your bloodstream.
feel euphoric, confident or even paranoid. Crystal can boost sex drive, delay orgasm and heighten your sense of pleasure .
Crystal, alcohol, or all-night dancing and The downsides are not so pretty. The chemicals in crystal sex can dehydrate you and dry up the
are highly toxic. Even after a few uses, crystal can cause natural lubricant in your butt. A dry,
depression, sexual dysfunction, heart problems, psychosis, cracked butt is a welcome mat for viruses and long-term brain damage. It can also be very addictive.
Some men get hooked quickly and soon need crystal to have sex or just get through a normal day. Some signs of pain of anal sex. But long, hard butt sex beyond your normal limits can c reate small
t Health, money or relationship problems tears and more openings for HIV.
t Getting high even when you don’t want to t Feeling like it “isn’t fun anymore” have more sex with more partners.
And it’s not just about HIV. There are plenty t Eat, drink plenty of water, and get some sleep. of other sexually transmitted diseases like That’s the first rule of safer speed use.
t Take frequent breaks from using. Don’t get high syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and hepatitis B every weekend or stay up past one or two days.
that are just waiting to find you. Having t If you inject, never share needles or any of your works. Always use new, clean equipment.
t Watch for signs of addiction or problem use. Don’t wait to get help (check out our resource list).
Prepare for safety BEFORE you get high or get into sex. Before any dick goes into any butt, get the condoms out. Talk about what “Crystal dick” is common among crystal users. It’s most is OK and not OK. Also, be more consistent likely the result of vein damage and changes in brain with your safety plan when you’re NOT high.
chemicals that cause an erection. Sometimes, these changes are permanent. Will Viagra™ help? Reports from For many guys, the safer they are straight crystal users vary. Sometimes taking a break from crystal edge, the safer they are high. It just becomes does the trick. Over time, many men see their erections a natural part of their sexual practice.
improve once they stop crystal for a while. Before you startpopping little blue wonder pills, talk to your doctor first! ViagraPoppersCrystal HHT.qxp 4/16/01 11:48 AM Page 7 Mixing crystal, Viagra™ or poppers at the same time can even death. Using two drugs that speed up your heart have very serious health risks. The danger lies in how can send your blood pressure zooming towards heart these drugs affect your heart rate and blood pressure.
attack or stroke. Strenuous all-night dancing, intense sex, Using two drugs together that both lower your blood dehydration, and lack of sleep could make the problem p re s s u re can cause fainting, unconsciousness, coma, or worse. So can alcohol, ecstasy, GHB, or Special K.
DON’T MIX Crystal, Vi a g r a™ and Poppers!!! meds reaand Viagdangerouable to hViagra™ Hard to breathe, possible black-outs, coma, or death “But I love all three!! I don’t want to quit any! What can I do?” You don’t have to quit any of them — just don’t In general, you have the most control over use them together! That’s your safest choice. the drug you do first. Your judgment is usually If you do choose to mix, then at least cut back better at the beginning. Once you start adding drugs on one drug. This isn’t the best option, but it or getting surprise offers of drugs, your choices may not be the best. Use less of your first drug.
Cutting back can mean using less of a drug But what if your first drug is the one you love the or using it less often. One may be easier for most and can’t cut down? Then ask, Which drug you than the other. So, how do you decide? can I say “no” to most easily? For example, ifyou can’t resist crystal, then skip or do less poppers. ViagraPoppersCrystal HHT.qxp 4/16/01 11:48 AM Page 11 t Don’t buy into “the drugs made me do it” excuse. Plenty of guys use speed and other sex drugs and still use condoms or negotiatesafety. You can too.
t Plan ahead BEFORE you get high! If you think you might have sex later, take condoms and lube. Keep them with your drugs, wallet, orkeys.
t Lube, lube, more lube – and always water- t Condoms and lube may wear out before you do. Check them often during sex, when youchange position, or withdraw.
Still have questions about safer crystal or otherdrug use? Project NEON provides reliable, peer- based information and services to gay and bisex-ual crystal users. Our staff and peer educators can answer questions about crystal, party drugs,and safer sex or needle use. If you need help withlife problems, managing your use or feel you want to quit, our speed-savvy counselors at StonewallRecovery Services can also help. And it’s FREE.
You don’t have to quit or even want to quit to gethelp. You’ll find our numbers in the Resource List.


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