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What do our members say about PPRA?
“For me PPRA means friendship, assistance, learning, fun and pride in my profession and the wonderful people who make it work. The great thing about PPRA is the generous egalitarian spirit of its members. Everyone is forthcoming, friendly and ready to help everyone else. This has made a world of difference in my career but, more importantly, it has enriched my life and inspired me to do good.” - Dan Cirucci, PPRA Hall of Fame 2003 “PPRA is the professional organization to belong to in Philadelphia. Membership brings unparalleled professional development opportunities for communications, public relations, and even planning professionals.” - Beth Archer, Regional Communications Manager “PPRA is a great networking outlet. I’ve connected with so many talented people and projects over the last 10 years as a member.” - Danielle Cohn, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau PPRA Past President 2003 - 2004 “PPRA for me has been a constant and a dependable network of friends and colleagues, who have been resources for information, collaboration and new business leads. Even though I have been a member for almost 30 years, PPRA’s speaker’s luncheons and special events provide me with new and current information that I can adapt to my business and clients.” - Lawrence Rubin, PPRA Hall of Fame 1997 President, Rubin Communications “PPRA is an excellent resource for professional development, industry networking, and camaraderie. There is something for everyone from leadership opportunities and event management to philanthropic activities and thought leader roundtables. As an agency executive and frequent undergraduate and graduate school guest lecturer, I tell all students that they should join PPRA. The benefits are endless.” - Gina F. Rubel, Esq., President/CEO Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. “Being involved in PPRA provides great value to me on both personal and professional levels. I’ve found PPRA to be very welcoming to both young and well-established professionals. As someone who lives in Philadelphia but works outside of Pennsylvania, PPRA helps to keep me “in the loop” of what’s going on in the city. PPRA offers as much as an individual wants to make of it, providing plenty of opportunities to be involved with its leadership and active with volunteering to help its committees.” - Meredith Z. Avakian, Senior Public Affairs Representative “The Association provides an incredible networking resource to its members whether it be in the form of attending meetings or the immensely valuable directory. I can’t tell you how many successes we have achieved based on our relationship and affiliation with PPRA. Anyone doing PR or marketing in Philadelphia needs to be associated with PPRA. It’s how business is getting done.” - Ike Richman, PPRA Hall of Fame 2005 Vice President of Public Relations, Comcast-Spectacor “Communication. Contacts. Colleagues. The ultimate combination for exceptional PR in an amazing market. It doesn’t get any better than PPRA.” - Bill Cowen, President Metrospective Communications, LLC “I have been a member of PPRA for over 25 years. I remember one of my first PPRA meetings. I was Director of Public Affairs of Please Touch Museum and planning a parade for the museum’s move to its new location. Funny, that was the location on 21st Street that just closed! I sat next to Anita Forman at that PPRA luncheon back in 1983. We chatted. I talked about “my” parade and she talked about her job at Check E. Cheese! She needed exposure for her mouse and I needed characters for my parade! How perfect! I came back to the museum and shared the good news – Chuck E. Cheese would march in our parade. That was it. My first lesson on how valuable it can be to network, to work side by side with other public relations professionals. I value PPRA as much today as I did then and hope to continue to build networking relationships in years to come.” - Sharla Feldscher, PPRA Hall of Fame 1995 “How lovely it has been to share my passion for public relations with nearly 400 other like-minded Philadelphians. PPRA is where you find the City’s best and brightest public relations pros. And we’re always ready to share, to build and to inspire while celebrating all that is available to us together. I get choked up thinking about how much my membership has meant to me in the nearly 20 years I’ve belonged. My credential as a Past President and Chair is one I wear with unrivaled pride.”



Letter from Members of Trinity Episcopal Church Advocating the Reform of our Healthcare System I have observed the misery of my people . . . ; and I have come down to deliver them (Exod 3:7f). The joys and the sufferings of our neighbors, and more especially of our brothers and sisters, cannot leave us indifferent. Thus it is that those of us at Trinity Episcopal Church (Troy, Ohio) hav

Sur l'abstinence L'abstinence ne peut être le résultat d'une simple prescription. J. Morenon, J .Rainaut L'ambition des médecins au sujet de l'alcoolisme se résume souvent en cette formule : Guérison = Réparation des dégâts + Abstinence. D'autres avancent l'idée contraire que l'alcoolique ne pourrait être guéri que s'il peut de nouveau consommer normale

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