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POWER HORSE – The ENERGY DRINK for “Real People”!
POWER HORSE backs a concept which reaped sweeping success in more than 50 countries worldwide – the myth of the „horse“, the release of our elemental energy and strength. When it comes to the effect it produces, POWER HORSE does every justice to the claim „Free your Energy“. The drink features a special mix of taurine, caffeine and the vitamins B12, B2 and B6. This is what releases the energy of the consumer, the power waiting to be set free in each and every one of us. The drink’s very appearance (a stocky and powerful can) demonstrates that POWER HORSE is not a drink for party-goers, stunt men and acrobats. It is for every day people. People, who work hard every day and having to perform. A product ideal in its taste and performance. A „concentrated form of energy“ suitable for adults. The energy drink to give you „real power“ and definitely not for party poopers!. The target group for POWER HORSE is not primarily youngsters but rather high-performing adults. In this way POWER HORSE has taken up the original positioning of the Energy Drink in Asia: to provide energy to hard working people (slogan „free your energy“). When compared with its major competitors, POWER HORSE is definitely on an equal footing: the sugar-free variant tends to come in first. POWER HORSE is the energy drink for real men, not for boys, for women, and not for little girls; packed in a can and not in a little tin. A drink for working class heroes and asphalt cowboys, those free in their thoughts and those who like to act. It is aimed at critically-minded and energetic people who have to hold their own day after day. The authentic and real concentrated form of energy for authentic and real power people. Not for virtual TV stars but for „real people“. POWER HORSE makes you mobile: situations always arise in daily life, whether it be in our leisure time or at work, in which we could do with a small „Energy-Kick“ to be able to master mental and physical demands. For a fresh start to the day, before important examinations, instead of taking a relaxing nap at lunch-time or in the afternoon when tiredness sets in (classical „After-Lunch-Lag“). An energy boost before we have to perform in sports, before embarking on a long trip on the motorway, as a reward for a hard day at work or before we go out. POWER HORSE releases the energy dormant in each and every one of us and it is a delicious and outstanding refreshment to boot. POWER HORSE clearly stands out from its competitors due to its unique positioning. The company invests in advertising and performs product promotions adequate for the market. The latest coup was pulled off by a product placement. In Angelina Jolie’s action movie WANTED POWER HORSE plays a leading role. Energy-loaded action guaranteed. And since POWER HORSE significantly enhances the powers of concentration, stamina and the reactions, movement is to be expected in the market! For more information about the POWER HORSE Energy Drink, please visit our website: POWER HORSE Energy Drinks GmbH, a sister-company of S. Spitz GmbH (active in the food and beverage industry since 1857), is a young and innovative company with its headquarters in Linz/Austria which markets its Energy Drink at international level. A company comparable with the UN: an international team of 30 employees from 12 different nations. The company has branch offices in Dubai/United Arab Emirates, San Francisco/California and Mumbai/India. It is the undisputed market leader in the premium segment in substantial leading markets. The POWER HORSE Energy Drink was developed by S. Spitz KG/Attnang-Puchheim in 1993 and is a protected trade mark.


La publicidad de la interaccin: el nuevo marketing de internet

Revista de Ciencia y Técnica de la Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 Año 3 – Número 3 (especial docentes) Junio 2010 – ISSN 1851-4790 Título: La Publicidad Interactiva: Las estrategias de Marketing en la Autor: Enrique Virdó1 Este artículo se propone mostrar que las estrategias publicitarias, a fin de lograr una penetración más efectiva en sus públicos, se mimetizar

Knowledge-based decision theory and the new evil demoni am grateful to davide fassio and errol lord for substantial help in working through the ideas of this paper, and to charity anderson and, again, davide fassio for detailed comments on an earlier draft. thanks also to matt benton, john hawthorne, maria lasonen–arnio, clayton littlejohn, nico silins, jacques vollet and tim williamson, members of the new insights for religious epistemology group in oxford and the audience at a 2013 new evil demon workshop in geneva.

The idea that being rational is doing what is best in view of what oneknows has some intuitive appeal, fits nicely with attractive views of evi-dence, reasons and the application of decision theory, and promises to bringsome theoretical unity to epistemology. However, it has hardly ever beenseriously considered, because it appears to fly in the face of what episte-mologists call the New Evil

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