Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (“PCH”)
IMEDEEN Only – Terms and Conditions of Sale
Effective 6/1/12
Updated: 10/1/13
All sales of Imedeen, which are products of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH), formerly known
as Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (WCH), are subject to PCH’s Terms and Conditions of Sale
which are incorporated herein by reference.
These terms and conditions of sale are only applicable to sales of Imedeen products.
PCH is the billing agent for Wyeth LLC.
We hereby guarantee that no article sold is adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the
Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act or is an article which may not under provisions of the
Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, be introduced into interstate commerce.
The PCH hereby certifies and warrants that all goods invoiced have been produced in compliance
with the requirements of the United States Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended.
All orders are subject to acceptance by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, a Business Unit of Pfizer,
Inc., at its principal office in Madison, New Jersey or shipping points where title passes to the
Purchaser upon shipment.
Freight terms are FOB Origin with freight prepaid and allowed.
Claims for lost or damaged product must be accompanied by the carrier agent’s freight bill,
reflecting the shortage or damage notation, within 15 days of shipment delivery. Unsupported
claims will not be considered.
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare will only consider post audits performed no later than two (2) years
prior to the current year. Example: Post audit submitted in the year 2013 cannot include any
claims prior to 2011.
(For the complete details visit www.PCHpolicies.com and click on Post Audit Claim Policy

All orders shipped in full cases.
No individual order minimum per ship.
No annual order minimum.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
All orders are subject to acceptance by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.
TERMS (Effective 4/1/05)

Customers will be authorized for the following payment terms. Receipt of payment by Pfizer
Consumer Healthcare or its bank is required by Discount or Maturity Date.
1% 30 Days, Net 31 Days from Date of Invoice (DOI)
Check or Cash
NOTE: At certain times during the year, “Special Buys” on Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
products are available. Please contact your sales representative or visit the PfizerPort web portal
for more information.

: The following are trademarks used by Pfizer:
Advil®, Advil® Cold & Sinus, Alavert®, Anbesol®, Axid®, Caltrate®, Caltrate Plus®,
Centrum®, Centrum Kids®, Centrum Performance®, Centrum Cardio®, Centrum® Silver®,
ChapStick®, Children's Advil®, Dimetapp®, Dristan®, FiberCon®, Preparation H®,
Primatene®, Robitussin®, ThermaCare®, Imedeen®

PCH will gladly accept returns of unopened, unused Imedeen product purchased via PfizerPort within 30 days of the date of INVOICE. Product must be received in pristine condition in its original unopened case. PCH does not refund shipping costs associated with returning the product. Please note that prior authorization for returns is required. Any returned items that are sent to PCH without prior return authorization will not be accepted. PCH has sole discretion of returns acceptance. Please call 1-214-345-6789 to request a Return Merchandise Authorization, or should you have any questions regarding your Imedeen purchase.

Source: http://www.pchpolicies.com/files/downloads/Imedeen-Terms-approved-v-non-DTC.pdf

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