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Instructions for assembly
Foldable footplates, new
Assemble the foldable footplates as follows: Assembly is easier if performed in steps.
Step 1 (see figure 1)
1. First assemble the plastic cover (4) on the foot support tubing using bolts M5x35 (12) and M5x30 (13) with the appropriate nuts (18).
NB! Make sure that the small hole on the lower edge of the tubing is visible on the plastic
cover. If it is not, you have selected the wrong tubing or the wrong plastic cover.
Step 2 (see figure 1)
2. Insert the spring pin (16) into the hole of the joint alu (5).
3. Then thread the middle part plastic (6) onto the joint alu (5).
4. Also thread the middle part alu (7). It may be difficult to get the middle part alu in place, if so NB! Make sure that the middle part alu is pointing in the right direction and that it covers the
5. Screw the locking bolt (11) into the joint alu (5), tighten until the locking bolt is at the bottom, 6. Screw the bushing (8) onto the locking bolt (11). Use the Loctite and tighten securely.
7. Position the footplate (3) onto the locking bolt and tighten the washer (17) and Tel +46 (8) 761 50 40 Fax +46 (8) 621 08 10 Monteringsanvisning Fällbara fotplattor ny engelsk - 2006-09-26 Artikelnummer 882 11 40 Assembly (see figure 1)
8. Hook the spring (10) in place in the lower hole of the foot tube (2), which you can see in the tracking of the plastic cover (4).
9. Position the joint alu (5) into the plastic cover (4) and tighten the bolts (15) using the bushings (9), use Loctite on the screws. Fold up the footplate (3) and insert the special tool* through the hole on the back of the joint alu (5), hook onto the spring and pull it round the 10. Spray the spring with ”White Lithium Grease” to avoid squeak.
Adjusting the angle of the foot plate (see figure 1)
1. Tighten the bolt (14) on the underside of the plate (3), about 5mm.
2. Pull the plate out and twist it into the desired position, push the plate in, so that the teeth on the middle part alu (7) fit into the teeth on the footplate (3). If the plate is difficult to pull out, use a small hammer or similar tool to knock out the screw (14).
Assembling the footplate onto the chassis (see figure 2)
1. Check that you place the correct plate on the correct side.
2. Place the end plugs (19) onto the tubing ends of the frame.
3. Place the tubing of the footplate (2) into the frame. The foot support tubing has five holes for alternative height positions. Make sure you use the same hole on both sides.
4. Tighten with the appropriate screw (20).
* The special tool could be a spoke or similar, with a small hook on the end which
allows you to manoeuvre it while attaching the spring (10).
Tel +46 (8) 761 50 40 Fax +46 (8) 621 08 10 Monteringsanvisning Fällbara fotplattor ny engelsk - 2006-09-26 Artikelnummer 882 11 40


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